The Book of Woke Prayer: “Help Me Hate White People”

If you are Black, you can write anti-white screeds like this and have them sold at Target, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can have a Twitter and YouTube account. You can be a professor at Mercer University. See, that’s how systematic racism holds you back in our society.


“A book containing a prayer by a Black female author calling on God to “help me hate white people” is causing a lot of controversy.

The book, A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal, was edited by Sarah Bessey and published in February and is available at major sellers such as Target, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The passage in the book by Chanequa Walker-Barnes, “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman,” seeks spiritual guidance to stop “caring” about white people who inevitably perpetuate racism.”

Dear God, Please help me to hate white people,” Walker-Barnes writes. “Or at least to want to hate them. At least, I want to stop caring about them, individually and collectively. I want to stop caring about their misguided, racist souls, to stop believing that they can be better, that they can stop being racist.” …”

Isn’t it interesting how that works?

Do you know anyone who has the “white privilege” to say something like this and get away with it in our society? Paula Deen? Papa John? I sure don’t.

I’m pretty sure that I have also never said anything nearly as hateful as this in my entire life. I can’t imagine what it is like to have the mindset of someone who would pray to God to give them the strength to hate people of another race. And yet, I am supposed to believe that I am the “hater” and the “extremist” for simply believing things which used to be completely normal in this country like the idea that race and sex exist or which most Americans still believe like there are only two genders?

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  1. The Democratic Party wants White People to DIE!!!!

    The US Military-Pentagon wants White People to DIE!!!!

    Sum it up and it all adds up to:



  2. Always make a point to blacks that only Whites give them advantages in our formerly run Countries. Tell them with out the white race blacks would be run over and Ruled by, Asians, Latinos, and Arabs etc…

    Ask them if blacks hold any governing positions in Asian countries, The Middle East, and Russia.

    And look them in the eye and tell them no black ever will hold a position of government in those countries, other than represent as a Ambassador!

    (((Get the Blacks on our Side)))

    They are a force of nature!

    Fight fire with fire

    • That isn’t really a good thing. Whites have a really messed up relationship with blacks. You can look up videos on youtube of blacks just doing innocuous normal things, and the comments will be full of White boomers praising them and telling them race doesn’t matter and things like that. One example I found recently was a music reaction channel, with two black kids who just listen to music and react to it. The comments are full of White boomers posting weird stuff like “I’m a 60 year old white woman and love these videos, skin color doesn’t matter.” That sort of thing isn’t normal.

  3. You should see her Twitter posts from April 7. They put “normal” anti-White hate on steroids.

    She says,

    “In all truth, my family and my personal experiences have given me millions of reasons to hate White people. The hatred would be justified. I could even find biblical precedent for it.”

    “This thread isn’t for the critics. They’re so wrapped in White supremacist Christianity that only God and maybe some cult deprogramming can help them.”

    “These are the stories we carry everyday. Just last week I asked a class of Black students if their families have stories of land theft & murder by White racism. We have multiple in my family.”

    Honestly, when I used to hear WN talking about a “coming race war” I used to think they were paranoid and delusional….. but now?

    It seems like the left, with this repellant, wretched Negress as an example, is itching for some kind of armed, racial conflict. All of this talk about “blood vengeance” going back to racial offenses committed 400 years ago, is like some kind of Medieval, feudal conflict that goes on for centuries.

    God help us all.

  4. It’s more than obvious this is being done to piss of white people. Letting blacks say and do whatever they want, including threatening us. But we have to walk on eggshells around them, lest anything be misunderstood as racism. It’s obvious they are provoking whites.

  5. This is what passes for “Christianity” today or what “Christians” make excuses for. Every single one of our institutions is Anti-White.

  6. I don’t believe that niggorilla needs the Lord’s help in order to hate wypipo. Too bad we can’t ask a very simple question: what causes so many racisms against the blax? Could it be…..I don’t know, the way they friggin’ behave?

    Bottom line: they hate us ’cause they ain’t us.

  7. God is not with those who hate and torment the innocent, but the Moshiach sure is.

    Blacks never tell you why they hate whites just like a Jew can never tell you why they hate Christ.

    It is the beast, the animal in them, both blacks and Jews. And it is the animal that is without reason. Both black and Jews are less civilized and less human than white Christians, they both hate without reason.

    A Jew hater like myself for example, I have a reason for hating Jews. They killed the innocent Christ. I am justified in my hatred. The Jews did an innocent man wrong and I am deeply offended by their actions.

    Tell us why you hate the innocent, Christ killers? They can’t and they never will. Because the answer, the truth is they are less than human.

    • Robert, you are not far from the Kingdom of God.But thinking God and the Messiah are not ONE God in Three persons? Nope. Brad, OTOH? His LCMS theology ‘looks’ orthodox, but his piety? And I quote: ” I can’t imagine what it is like to have the mindset of someone who would pray to God to give them the strength to hate people of another race. ”

      HW, have you even READ the Bible, from cover to cover? The ENTIRE Corpus of Inspired Scripture is one giant ACT of Divine predestination, and the Biblical Israelites SMITING GOD’S (and their/our) ENEMIES.

      Yes, from Cain to Pharaoh, to all the ‘ites’ [Perrizites, Ammonites, Amorites] in the Taking of the Promised Land, down to the Babylonian Captivity, even to the Romans and the desire of the miscegenated/Edomite bastard ‘Jews’ turning over THEIR INCARNATE MESSIAH to ‘avoid losing our place and our nation’ in Holy Week….

      the pagans who post here, seem to ‘get’ that part of the Christian message, (and usually, ONLY that!) thinking it contrary to the ‘Jesus loves me, this I know’ reductionism of the Evan-jelly-goos…

      yet you “… can’t imagine what it is like to have the mindset of someone who would pray to God to give them the strength to hate people of another race” ????

      Feminization of American Xtianity (cuz it ain’t the True Christianity of the last 2000 years!) began, as Ann Douglas noted in her book, ‘The Feminization of American Christianity,’ long before the WBTS.

      The Reformed Christian Reconstructionist wing of Protestantism revived (however briefly) the concept of IMPRECATORY PRAYER against the godless, back in the 1980’s.

      I’ve just ordered a book on that very subject-
      “Benedictine Maledictions: Liturgical Cursing in Romanesque France by L.K. Little”

      because of a spam post by the AFA (American Family Association) asking me for MONEY- and not the taking up of arms, to UTTERLY DEFEAT (which means, destroy- cf. Deut 7:2ff. (…when the LORD your God has delivered them over to you to defeat them, then you must devote them to complete destruction. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy.…”) the new ‘woke’ PAGANS out there.

      I once (also) was under the LIES of the FALSE CHURCH of the West (whether Papist or Protestant) and thought we were supposed to ‘turn the other cheek’- that is, until some “N-word” USED MY FALSE THEOLOGY, to almost have me arrested, AFTER it was HE that got up in my face so close I HAD to push him away, which prompted an IMMEDIATE call to the Po-po (possible charges of ‘assault’ was what HE told the cop). I watched that TACTIC of Niggers happen in every single interaction on the news, after that happened to me, over a decade ago: from C’ville on down, and realized it is how they USE THE SYSTEM, because we have been WUSSIFIED of our own Christian Faith!!!!!

      We are CALLED to HATE the ‘Other’- the Pagan, the Turk, the Sodomite, the Jew. And it was Orthodox hierarchs and saints who made me realize the Papist Pap… was a LIE. [Ps. 139:22]

      Here- FYI.

      “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

      And, in the Vulgate (the RC translation) “…the passage telling us to love our enemies used the work “inimicus” in the Latin translation, which means personal enemy. This word was used as opposed to the word “hostis”, which mean the public, or political enemy. So obviously Christ did not teach us to love the people who want to kill us; we are simply to love our brethren and forgive their petty transgressions.”

      5 Do good to the humble, but don’t give to the ungodly. Hold back your bread, and don’t give it to them, since by it they might gain power over you. You will encounter twice as much evil for all the good things that you have done for them. 6 The Most High also hated sinners, and he will repay the ungodly with punishment. 7 Give to good people, and don’t assist sinners. – Sirach 12:5-7

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      “Accordingly, we need exactly that: an Imperial Renaissance. Not to impose our Russian and Orthodox truth on the other peoples, cultures and civilizations, but to revive, fortify and defend our identity and to help others in their own renaissance, to fortify and defend their own as much as we can. Russia is not the only target of the “Great Reset”, although in many ways our country is the main obstacle to the execution of their plans. But this is our mission – to be the “Katechon”, “”the one who withholds”, preventing the arrival of the last evil in the world. – Alexander Dugin,

  8. Tell me again about “White” privilege. She hates (envy) Whites because she could never have our diverse looks. It must suck for her to have pubic hair growing out of her scalp.

  9. @ i look at people of color, they look back, nothing needs saying, we know where we stand, its all these judas white people, you have to stay on guard with.

  10. @ here in the metro detroit area, the witch hunt for anything confederate is intensifying, our white enemies are just as provoking as the people of color, if not more, thee other side smells blood, people across the street talking shit about my flag, these are young white guys too, this place has a ” bleeding kansas” feel about it,

  11. I don’t need to pray to some make believe thing in the sky. I hate those who hate my people, and falsely blame them for every evil.

    • It baffles me that people will praise and worship the same god they believe made blacks. How do they explain this? How is this god “all good” or “all knowing”? Is his big secret plan to have us disappear so they can take over? How do religious people rationalize this? I’ve seen some blame Satan, but if their god is all powerful, then Satan isn’t in charge. Who wants to spend eternity in heaven with them?

      “Go to heaven for the climate, and hell for the company.” -Mark Twain

      • @Pilot – Thought-provoking and outright provocative comment, whether one agrees or disagrees. THIS is why I read Occidental Dissent.

    • “I don’t need to pray to some make believe thing in the sky.”

      Oh, so you only pray to your supposed intellect in your head. Got it.

  12. “It baffles me that people will praise and worship the same god they believe made blacks.”

    Pilot. It’s not unusual. As one Orthodox cleric snarkily noted: ‘We are ALL his CREATION; we are NOT all his OFFSPRING.”

    God made other useless junk in the world- the platypus, the dodo, the dinosaurs… the Khazars. Why couldn’t he have made the bLACKs?

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