Pentagon Announces New Efforts To Weed Out “Extremism” Among Troops

For those who are still wondering why there has been such a sharp change in tone on this blog, it is because of the civil liberties issue. It has pole vaulted even past immigration to the very top of my list of concerns due to all of this talk from progressives about “domestic extremism.”

New York Times:

The Pentagon last week concluded its 60-day “stand down” to address extremism in the military. With a handful of exceptions, every unit in the armed forces has now had some sort of discussion about why white supremacy and extremism — laid bare by the number of veterans who took part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — have no place in the American military.

But as the Pentagon on Friday presented its path forward — a working group will be set up to examine how to better vet recruits and how to better educate service members who may be targeted by extremist organizations — senior Defense Department officials acknowledged that one thing is clear: Rooting out extremist views from a military of 1.3 million active-duty troops drawn from Alaska to Florida will be an uphill slog. …

The Pentagon is directing all of the military services to ask recruits a standardized set of questions about extremism in its screening questionnaires to help weed out those who might take part in extremist organizations. But that, by itself, will be difficult to enforce — because the Pentagon does not specifically ban membership in many of those groups. …”

Just to be clear here, the new progressive standard is that you are not allowed to serve in the U.S. military if you have what can be construed by commissars as “far-right domestic extremist” views. Black Lives Matter, however, is fine. Joe Biden’s “trans girls” are also permitted to serve in the military now. The idea is to monitor and police the social media of White men with populist, conservative or conventional views and purge them from the military. You can get purged for “liking” the wrong tweet.

We’re watching the Sovietization of the U.S. military:


“Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday ordered a series of “immediate actions” to address the threat of extremism in the military, including a review of the armed forces’ definition of extremist behavior, standardizing questionnaires to screen recruits and developing procedures for veterans to report extremist activities after they leave service.

Austin also established a Countering Extremist Working Group that he tasked with implementing the new actions as well as developing additional procedures over the coming months. …”

House and Senate Democrats are also trying to pass “domestic terrorism” legislation. Fortunately, it is going nowhere though to the credit of Sen. Joe Manchin.


“At issue is legislation Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has pushed since 2017. The bill is designed to counter the growing threat from domestic terrorists, which law enforcement officials have called the most lethal terror threat facing the U.S. It would set up offices at the Justice Department, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security to focus specifically on the threat, and it would have those agencies send Congress joint reports on the threat twice a year, among other provisions.

The legislation passed the House of Representatives last year but died in the Senate when Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) objected to letting it move forward under unanimous consent. …

The document, titled “Informal, Not-Officially Cleared Comments of the Department of Justice on H.R. 5602, the ‘Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2020,’” is published below in full. It refers to the bill by the title of its 2020 House version. …”

I didn’t know that about Sen. Ron Johnson.

I harshly criticized Sen. Ron Johnson for filibustering the $2,000 stimulus check back in December. This is more important than a mere $2,000 though. We’re good now.

The definition of “domestic extremism” is broader than being affiliated with an alleged “white supremacist” group. Apparently, it also applies to Patriot groups. In other words, progressives want to purge the U.S. military of everyone who has political views which they don’t like.

USA Today:

“The Pentagon’s decision to update its definition of extremism will allow it to address the changing nature of extremism in America in 2021, said Daryl Johnson, a security consultant and former senior analyst for domestic terrorism at the Department of Homeland Security.

“They’re closing loopholes by looking at all forms of extremism, not just white supremacy,” Johnson said. “Broadening the definition of extremism beyond white nationalism to include things like militia extremism and sovereign citizen extremism is very important.” …”

Who is advising the Pentagon?

The SPLC and ADL are already in charge of who deciding who has the right to speak on television, to speak on social media platforms or to hold a job. Why shouldn’t they be in charge of deciding who is an “extremist” and who can serve in the U.S. military?

“The memo was met with cautious optimism by several experts on extremism. 

“Overall, this seems like a pretty good plan,” said Heidi Beirich, chief strategy officer of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, who has tracked extremist organizations for more than 20 years. “It’s relatively thorough and hits things I have been worried about for a long time.”

Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, concurred. “We’ll have to see how this all works out in process, but overall it’s very positive,” Pitcavage said. …

Lapan said it will be crucial for the new working group to gather intelligence from federal law enforcement agencies and organizations that monitor extremism, like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. …

To help implement the proposed changes, the Pentagon will create a “Countering Extremism Working Group.” Its subcommittees will meet weekly and will report its progress monthly. …”

A Jewish Democrat from Michigan wants the Biden administration to classify foreign nationalist groups like the Nordic Resistance Movement as a foreign terrorist organization. This would empower progressives in the federal government to attack “white supremacists” like ISIS or al-Qaeda.


“Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) is pushing the Biden administration to designate overseas white supremacist groups as foreign terrorists, Reuters reported Friday.

What she’s saying: Placing white supremacists on the U.S. list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) would give the government tools to “engage and flag the Americans who contact, support, train, and join” these groups, Slotkin wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. …”

Whose idea is this shit?

Mother Jones:

“Since before he was even sworn into office, Joe Biden has made it clear that fighting the spate of right-wing extremism would be a top priority for his administration. The day after the Capitol insurrection, in announcing his Justice Department nominees, Biden said he wanted to take the department back to its original roots “to stand up to the Klan, to stand up to racism, to take on domestic terrorism,” he vowed. “This original spirit must again guide and animate its work.”

Though the Biden presidency is still nascent, the fight against domestic terrorism and extremism has been at the center of the administration’s work so far. Immediately after he was sworn in, Biden ordered his just-appointed director of national intelligence, Avril Haines, to work with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to put together a top-to-bottom assessment of the threat from violent extremists. …

After an unprecedented attack like the one on the Capitol on January 6, simply denouncing extremism might not seem like radical action, but Heidi Beirich, co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, says it goes a long way.  …

Prior to Biden’s swearing in, Beirich’s organization issued a series of policy recommendations for the administration to address extremism. Among them was for the Defense Department to immediately adopt a system to screen white supremacists out of the military and law enforcement agencies. While such a policy has yet to be implemented, the department has initiated an effort to crack down on extremism within its ranks, starting with Austin’s “stand down” order. It’s an important first step, Beirich says, but “the proof will be in the pudding in terms of what policy changes they do.” …”

This policy recommendation … came from Heidi Beirich.

In other words, progressives are putting people affiliated with the ADL and SPLC in charge of determining who can and cannot serve in the U.S. military. They also want the power to vet and purge all of their political enemies from law enforcement agencies. What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve saved the best for last though.

PBS Newshour recently investigated “microaggressions” in the U.S. military:

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  1. The general looks like something out of Liberia. A cannibal war chief. No doubt his incompetence is off the scales but being covered up by his staff.

    • “developing procedures for veterans to report extremist activities after they leave service.”

      Germany did this, after WW1. They sent a soldier to spy on “extremist organization”, his name was Hitler.

    • Political control and indoctrination, such as the above , will cause so much resentment in the military.
      HW, prepare for a flood of new posters.

    • ” members who may be targeted by extremist organizations”

      This is such a joke.
      After being in the military, members seek pro-WHITE organizations.
      The schmuck goy doesn’t always stay the schmuck.

      The above articles are so loaded with SJW counter-logic, they are nonsense.

    • Homo erectus in a suit. They are not us, and we are not them. Even the average Southerner in the Antebellum South knew this.

  2. “Domestic extremism” means White people. I’m sure Israel will be thrilled when the US military goes 100% “Diversity”.

    • Look for the military to fill up with affirmative action tards and a lot of angry WHITES.
      Actions, like this, will cause a surge in disaffected WHITES.

      A black West Point graduate ! Yeah, carried through on the satin pillow of affirmative action.

  3. They are going to weed out White Southerners, arguably the world’s greatest and most natural soldiers?!?

    In doing this they are doing us, White Southerners, a favour, because no White Southerner ought serve an empire that treats us the way it does.

    They are not, however, doing themselves a favour, because when they send their minority city-slicker soldier-boys against them White Russian Rural boys no technological advantage, slim to none over the Russians at this point, will alter the inevitable result.

    • @Ivan,

      Have you thought of being a comedy writer? Some of your statements are hilarious unintentionally.

      • Technically you can shut down the US with a superflu. Just release the thing near a pig farm in Ohio and watch the entire country stampede.

        • @Captain john…

          Sadly, how right you are.

          The TV-oriented Baby Boomers are clearly the easiest to control, if what I have seen over the last year is any indication.

      • @November…

        You are very intuitive, Sir.

        I am a novelist, currently finishing my 6th novel and, yes, I use a lot of farce and irony to reinforce the eerieness of my macabre writing.

        Be well!

      • @Heartland….

        That would be a terrible moment for me, because though I deeply respect Vladimir Putin as the greatest leader in the world, love The Russian People & The Russian Orthodox Church, and feel that Russia is now the vanguard of what is good in the International Realm, and our country what is bad, very bad, the fact remains that I love our boys and I could never root against them.

        I just pray it never happens.

        But, if President Biden,and other unseen powers behind the EU, are successful in egging on another fight in The Ukraine, or in Syria, they are in for a rude awakening – very rude.

        Be well!

        • Ivan,

          Most of my family is okay. Another relative named R. Alvarez died recently with his wife dying shortly afterwards. In the USA. In Texas. My elderly American relatives are dying out but do not fret for I have almost 100 first cousins alone. There is strength in numbers.

          Thank you for asking about my family. I hope all yours are healthy.

          • @Cristina…

            I guess R. Alvarez and wife were true soulmates, unlike many spouses, for they could not live without each other.

            My wife and I are like that, too. I cannot imagine life without her, her lovely face, voice, and the fascinating amount of personalities she has!

            Glad to hear your family is well.

            Yes, we are all very well here – busy in the garden, enjoying the massive blooms and colour. April is a month of glory in the Upper Confederacy.

            Ever exploring new recipes, my wife made an ole-timey Southern pie that turned out delicious – Black Rum/Chocolate pie. Today we are doing another obscure antique Southern pie – Sherry pie with almond slivers.

            Things are very busy here, above all of which I am having to repair some of the huge columns to our porch, which have developed rotten bottoms.

            I reckon that will be a part of my days for the coming months, as will be spraying homemade organic fungicide to keep our Roses, Japonica, and Cedar trees from being consumed.

            In the last year we finally beat the infestation of fleas on our property, and are very very happy to be flea free – both in the house, under the house, and throughout the yard.

            We’re also busy with our Hungarian studies, and, as well, working on our investments, to hedge the inflation we expect. We do not have faith in fiat currency, especially that of the debt-ridden United States. This year we are putting money into copper and silver mines, and an old family-run spirit making company by the name of Brown-Forman.

            All the best to you, Young Lady!

    • “technological advantage”

      Have you ever watched POC work on anything technically advanced ?
      In jewywood movies they are ever so brilliant, reality is otherwise.
      There are going to be a lot more angry WHITES, when they have to carry the weight of affirmative action.

    • Ivan,

      It seems like I am always thanking you for your help. Well you deserve it. No chance for me to snap and rant this time. I am getting harder. I just responded to November in order to thank him for his support as well.

      And while one person laughed at the idea I have a strict father I see nothing funny about it. As long as I live at home rather 13 or 60 years my father is head of household and is the king.

      I do not have any brilliant observations on politics now except to state the obvious in that the USA is unraveling fast. I own to laughing at the idea of southern independence in the current century but with fragmentation who knows?

      I just watched an epic called Lawrence of Arabia for free on youtube. Hollywood in the past could really put on a spectacular film.

      • @Cristina…

        Thank you so much for this thoughtful remark.

        I am glad to be of service to you, Young lady.

        Yes, Peter O’Toole was splendid in David Lean’s production of Lawrence.

        David Lean, like my fellow Tarheel, Cecille B. Demille, had a knack for the epic, so, a note here is that these, though financed by Hollywood Jewish moguls, were essentially Anglo productions.

        Yes, Hollywood had a lot of merit, in former days.

        That said, most of the institutions of this country have been destroyed because those that own them have decided to use them to make a war on the country, instead of serving and delighting it.

        Thank you for your political observation. I cannot disagree.

        Good that you are getting harder, for one day you will be queen of your own flock!

  4. Speaking of weeding out, Ivan must be rubbing his hands in glee like a typical rabbi who wants to deceive and divide Gentiles as seen below LOL

    Ivan Turgenev
    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 12:00 PM
    The Establishment gives me 2 choices for 2020 – Vice-President Biden and President Trump.
    The former is a New Englander who actually is honest enough, despite his glaring grafting corruption, to admit that he wants to ‘restore’ the policies of recent decades – as if, somehow, President Trump has really altered them!

    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 1:10 PM
    Biden is not a New Englander.

    Ivan Turgenev
    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 2:12 PM
    Thank you, Dear Atbotl, but, as Joe Biden represents their ideals about what this nation ought be, and they accept him doing such, I will regard him in that New England light, just as I regard Jewry’s foremost advocate in this country as President Trump, even though he has not a drop of their blood.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    MARCH 14, 2020 AT 3:59 PM
    “I’m factually wrong, but I’m just going to make stuff up to fit my paranoid narrative so I can avoid talking about how Southern people voted en masse for Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman and JFK.”

    Ivan Turgenev
    July 19, 2020 at 12:08 pm
    young New England Yankee Supremacist who normally goes by the handle, ‘ATBOTL’.
    He came here thinking that this was a generic White Nationalist site that would entirely focus on ‘The Jewish Question’, and, thus, as he came face to face with Southern criticisms of his own Yankee Race, he became embittered.
    He is profoundly anti-Southern, unless we agree to adopt his particular form of New England White Supremacy, and often tries to bait Southerners, here on a Southerner Nationalist blog of all places, to engage with him.

    • @Republican tears make my day

      That’s pretty hilarious.

      What happened to the Traditionalist Latina Schoolgirl? It was rather hilarious reading various handles getting all flirty with “her” when “she” posted, “oh I have to go study now or my strict father will be angry!”

      That was top notch entertainment. I speculated they might be the same person, I assume some SPLC intern.

      • @BannedHipster,

        You and Ivan could be cast in a remake of The Dick Van Dyke Show. You could play Dick (hee. hee.), and Ivan would be Morty Sorrell of obvious reasons.

        Christina isn’t a ADL or SPLC intern. That was the steaming pile of BS that Denice was selling, and up until now, I thought no one bought that load of manure. Oh well, you know the famous quote that P.T. Barnum is attributed with, right?

        • November,

          I am trying hard to keep my promise to not be active on here and only read some of the articles/comments and only make a rare comment myself. But this has to be a rare exception.

          So someone thinks I am a Jewish intern on here for 2 years and that I am now a man called Republican Tears make My Day? You could not make this up. I have practically laid crumbs to my door when a while back I mentioned a dead relative and his mother. I could say lots of personal things about them obviously not found in an orbituary.

          In keeping with my policy of trying hard to ignore fools and provocateurs I will only respond to you or any other favorable comment.

          I have been mostly gone since January and yet people still attack me. I hope no one wonders why I will never be active on here again. Also, why would anyone care who I am anyway for I do not even know most people’s names on here.

          And I have never even pretended to be a WASP/white nationalist/southern nationalist/populist etc.

          • @ Cristina Romana Alva. H.

            You’ll have to have a thick skin, to post on board like this.
            The more civil and rational you are, the more you’ll be attacked.
            There are trolls.

          • @Cristina…

            So good to see you, Girl!

            There will always be people who despise you, so learn now, while you are young, to pay it no mind, just as you would walk around dog doo on the sidewalk.

            Don’t step in it, when you could so clearly avoid it. It’s not worth your energy or time.

            What are you doing with yourself these days? How about the family?

          • @Cristina – My strategy on this site has been to not read the replies to my comments… Screw them! I’m just here for the last gasp of free speech.

          • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother…

            “My strategy on this site has been to not read the replies to my comments… Screw them! I’m just here for the last gasp of free speech.”

            You can always read my replies to you.

            I may politely disagree, but, I won’t abuse you.

          • Cristina or whatever personality you are today,

            Funny how you constantly put down this country yet refuse to leave like so many other Mexicans and minorities living off this great nation. Nobody cares so don’t let the door hit you on the way out, SPLC informant/transient catfish crow fool!

        • @November

          If I know my Mexican schoolgirls they always use terms like “WASP” – not, say, “gringo” or “Anglo” or even “guero.” And they love nothing more than to engage in fake “movement debates” like Catholic vs. Protestant with trolls like Olde Dutch. (Hey, maybe if you sneak into her DMs she’ll send you pictures of her in her uniform!)

          Just like all of the half Jewish North Carolinians who worship Putin and Russia while writing like Yosemite Sam. That is totally not a ridiculous ShareBlue stereotype, no not at all. I say, I say, I am a true Kentucky gentleman unlike y’all Yankees!

          It’s non stop laughs for sure but maybe I’m just easily amused.

          • Mestiza schoolgirl Cristina and Ashkenazi neoconfederate Ivan are as authentic as a three dollar bill. You really think a supposed high school girl and Jewish novelist would frequent all the alt-right websites (search their names to see for yourself) and have enough genuine interest to post all day? How many high school kids are aware or even interested in this stuff? They’re busy texting, on Youtube or Tik Tok, gaming and doing other typical teen activities. They’re SPLC plants/trolls or an overweight transient hag with multiple personalities using a computer at the homeless shelter or public library that brags about Mexico yet chooses to remain in our country. Either way, total idiotic losers that are a total waste of time and should be ignored by everyone here.

    • My favorite Ivan turdenev was the one he dropped about George Washington learning his military strategy from the French in the French and Indian War, forgetting or never knowing that the French lost that one.

  5. That this venue won’t specifically name the Jewish impetus behind virtually all it complains about is unsettling, to say the least. I fear we’re looking at controlled opposition or extreme ignorance in that regard. Either way, it’s a bad sign. You can be shot by a determined assassin or by a two year old with a loaded weapon, what’s the effective difference?

  6. >The SPLC and ADL

    Both are “front groups.” The SPLC is merely the “lite” version of the ADL and the ADL is a front for Jewish organized crime – the “Mishpucka.”

    Think I’m exaggerating? Think it’s a “conspiracy theory?” Just go read up on the “Supermob” that got its start in Chicago with Meyer Lansky and their close working relationship with Hollywood.

    In the last couple of years the ADL has had to just admit they are never going to distance themselves from Zionism – Jewish racism and apartheid – but they are still going to attack Americans as “racist” and “nazis.”

    The ADL prefers Black people attack Whites but if the Blacks get too uppity – like Louis Farrakhan – the ADL will go after them, too.

    So, the ADL is a bunch of openly supremacist Zionist Jews, who openly support a racial apartheid state in Palestine, going around calling OTHER people “racists” and “fascists” and “far-right.”

    At the same time this ADL has been taking money to cover for Jewish organized crime since their very founding, including up to just a few years ago when they gave an award to Barry Krischer for helping to cover up the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Israeli child sex trafficking and political blackmail operation.

    That is what they call chutzpuh! Alan Dershowitz is proud.

  7. Great! So now the decadent white-hating Left has come up with a new word to define those on the Right: “extremists.” The old “deplorables” label just had to go.

    I believe Robert E. Lee and the South were Right! I wear my “extremist” label with pride.

    May God Save the South!

    • @Banned For Life…

      Yes, R.E. Lee was right, as was Jeff’ Davis and Bedford Forrest.

      Yes, let’s pray The Good Lord saves The South, or, perhaps better said : we go about saving it and He blesses those efforts.

  8. White men should no longer serve in and defend an establishment that despises them and wishes to get rid of them. Problem is, a “diverse” military will be much more likely to turn its weapons on White Americans if asked to do so. Maybe that’s the plan.

    • @Powell…

      Yes, absolutely – our boys ought not serve The Evil Empire, but, the fact is that they continue to.

      As to a ‘plan’, The Empire has all sorts of endless contingencies, for every sort of scenario, but, that does not mean that they know what they are doing or are in control of events.

  9. Here are some “strange coincidences” that I just happen to come across in the past few years. Lessons to warn native Southerners (now labeled “extremists”) and anti-South critics about being too friendly with the enemy/attacking the South and their heroes — bad things just may come on you!

    1. Don’t accept a “stolen horse” from General William T. Sherman, it just might kill you one day.

    2. Don’t attack Robert E. Lee or some nut who is hallucinating that his car is flying just might come out of nowhere and rear-end and kill you one day.

    (There may be more but these two come to mind at the moment.)

    1. Poor misguided NC Governor Swain

    That afternoon a Union cavalry unit under the command of Gen. Smith Dykins Atkins entered Chapel Hill with approximately 450 soldiers. Assuring Gov. Swain and others that citizens would be treated with courtesy, Atkins posted guards from the Ninth Michigan Regiment at all houses requesting such protection … [Union General William T.] Sherman also presented a horse to Gov. Swain, a gift that earned him local resentment because people assumed that it had been stolen from some southern family on Sherman’s route to North Carolina.

    The occupation of Chapel Hill by Union troops lasted for seventeen days, from April 17th until May 3rd. … Once the soldiers and townspeople understood that the hostilities were over, they mingled freely, if somewhat uncomfortably, and became less anxious as time passed. … a courtship was developing between Gen. Atkins and Gov. Swain’s daughter Eleanor, known as Ellie. Atkins was mustered out of the Union army on June 21st, and on August 23rd he married Ellie Swain in Chapel Hill. The wedding understandably caused a sensation. Many invited guests boycotted the festivities, and students tolled the college bell for three hours, then hung Gov. Swain and Gen. Atkins in effigy (Henderson 186).
    — Lindemann, Erika, “Civil War”

    …Swain died on August [27], 1868 after being injured in a bizarre buggy accident. He was thrown from a buggy pulled by A HORSE THAT GENERAL SHERMAN HAD GIVEN HIM. Though confined to bed due to shock and weakness, Swain appeared to be recovering, but he succumbed to his injuries on August 27. He was buried in the garden of his home in Chapel Hill, but was later reinterred in the Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, N.C.”
    — Wikipedia: “David Lowry Swain”

    2. An attack by historical revisionist on General Lee gets “repulsed” and attacker is killed when car is rear-ended by a nut-case who thinks his car is flying

    An author who was given access to hundreds of previously unpublished private letters by Robert E. Lee printed the letters but added her own anti-Lee perceptions and conclusions criticizing Lee and falsely claiming Lee was a cruel slave owner. She was later rear-ended by a nut in Richmond who thought his car was flying and he smashed into the rear end of this historical revisionist author’s car and killed her.

    Elizabeth Brown Pryor’s Lee biography, “Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters.

    In 2008, Pryor was awarded the Lincoln Prize for Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee through his Private Letters. She shared the honor with James Oakes, who won for The Radical and the Republican: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the Triumph of Antislavery Politics. Pryor’s book is notable for using hundreds of Lee’s previously unpublished private letters to create a fresh biography of the Confederate general. Pryor is also the author of the biography Clara Barton: Professional Angel about the founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton…

    Pryor was killed in a rear end vehicle accident caused by a speeding car driven by Robert Stevens Gentil in Richmond, Virginia on April 13, 2015. Gentil’s long term mental health issues led to episodes of manic delusions, including the belief on this occasion that his car was flying.
    — Wikipedia: “Elizabeth Brown Pryor”

  10. “That this venue won’t specifically name the Jewish impetus behind virtually all it complains about is unsettling, to say the least.”

    If this blog ranted about Jews all day long, it would probably get banned and removed. The people Hunter wants to reach aren’t going to be comfortable getting assaulted with “Jew! Jew! Jew!” all day long (in fact, MOST people will immediately run the other way). This is a taboo subject (due to endless Jewish brainwashing, [I know, the irony, considering what I just said]), and it’s best to ease into it. His strategy of talking about the social and cultural issues average people can identify with, is the correct strategy.

    The average person will not connect the problems of his day to day life with a Jewish banker on the other side of the country, even if that Jew is literally pulling every single puppet string.

      • That’s what I was just trying to say, Hunter. Obsessing about The JQ will just turn off a lot of people who could otherwise become strong allies. Yes, Jews control or influence practically everything to some degree. But none of that can be attacked from the top. You need to start from the bottom up, and at the bottom, it’s a lot more white people, rather than Jews, running those mini, local tyrannies. Trying to start off by “let’s arrest Jared Kushner and George Soros!” is analogous to starting construction of a skyscraper at the 50th floor, rather than with a solid foundation.

  11. @ colonel david hackworth, a true patriot , too this republic and our people, whom i had thee honor of speaking with, america’s most highly decorated soldier, would have referred to this fake, the same way he did colin powell, phony perfumed princess…

  12. Any White man that joins today’s military should have his head examined. Why would you fight for a country that despises you?

      • They’re consuming themselves. Typical revolutionary behavior, and highly beneficial for the rest of us.

    • @John…

      “Any White man that joins today’s military should have his head examined. Why would you fight for a country that despises you?”

      Sir, your question is based off the reality that you are well-informed and, as well, have the courage to see things as they are.

      There still are a lot of folks who lack either one, and or both, of those things.

      Just as the Frazier Clan of Scotland used to be The British Empire most inveterate martial foes, and have been their best and most reliable soldiers for 2 1/2 centuries, The Rural South has served The New England United States’ Empire.

      At the core is the fact that we are born soldiers, and, that so, we will often fight for whoever presents us with a gun.

      Complicating matters is that our economy has been destroyed by the government we serve, and so there is still a pull to go serve for 20 years, to escape the dearth of opportunity down here.

      Lastly, we come back to this : you have educated yourself as to what is going on. My Average Southern Brother has not.

      That said, in the last several years, particularly the last one, there has been an awakening in Dixie about what is going on and I would not be surprised that, as a fallout from what White Southerners overwhelmingly regard as the conspiracy to deprive President Trump of a second term, that recruitment drops progressively lower, from here on out.

      To my mind, this is all part of a lengthy process of the reorganization of this country, or, as I would prefer to say : a return to what this country started out as : a confederacy of sovereign states, or, indeed, several confederacies of reorganized states like what Oregon and California are undergoing.

  13. Hey Heidi, the Moshiach is an extremist too. He is extremely large. Extremely in charge. Extremely girthy and extremely fond of that jumbo over sized rear end of yours. Seriously Heidi.

  14. 40 republican senate confirmed the nomination Zimbabwe general.

    GOP needs to go like dodo bird.

  15. Had those policies been in effect at D-Day it would have shrunk the American army to the point of non-existence. Amazing that social justice warriors, who have no military background, get to decide who can and who cannot enter the military. If America starts WWIII in the Ukraine I want red state America to boycott the military and let only soy boys from blue state America fight her wars.

      • Arrian,

        Thank you for your kind and helpful comment above. Yes, you are correct in that being on this website is mental combat all the time at least for me. While it may surprise some of the old people here but young people are on the computer a lot and that includes political/religious websites such as this.

    • The Nazi Prince Phillip was on HMS Valiant and lit the searchlights on the Italian Naval squadron in the night battle of Cape Matapan. Sinks half the Italian fleet in 4 minutes and you are still a Nazi to SJW. No good deed!

      • So, Prince Phillip and his Aryan British boys dispatched the Italian wogs to the bottom of the sea. This proves that the British were the real Nazis! LOL.

        • Brits were the first use torpedo fighter plane.Japanese copy that and attacked Pearl Harbor and sunk U.S. battle ships.

  16. “We’re watching the Sovietization of the U.S. military:”

    The Soviet Army had men, and weapons that actually worked.

  17. Old Enough to be Your Mother,

    Thank you for your advice. That is actually a good idea. I did not see a reply button so you might not ever read this.

  18. Piss on the Pentagon & the (((government))) they serve. Stay far away from it, young White men. If you want to learn how to make war, read their field manuals.

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