Chris Hedges: Who Cancel Culture Really Serves

Chris Hedges deserves credit for speaking out.

Everyone hates these little tyrants. It is not just people on the Right or Center. It is also people on the Left who are worried about getting in trouble for saying the wrong thing.

It was a series of events that raised my awareness about civil liberties issue. The first was the way that the political establishment went after Julian Assange. The second was the trap that we walked into in Charlottesville when the city government and the police just stood aside and allowed Antifa to violently disrupt our rally and the media lied about it. The third was the Biden administration.

Note: BTW, it is in everyone’s interest that the GOP “wins” this battle in the culture war. It will be a win for everyone and the whole country to challenge and get rid of this poisonous shit.

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  1. Chris Hedges “deserves credit”. Really?

    Chris Hedges has a long history of advocating for the suppression of free speech for conservatives. In one of his books he advocated that corporations use their power to suppress conservative voices. I mean “conservative” in its broadest sense, any opposition to Liberalism, which is communism spelled differently. In this broadcast he defends the genocide of white people in S. Africa.

    This anti-white mad dog does not deserve “credit” for anything. He is a double talking snake who is no friend of white people and no supporter of free speech.

  2. Hmm. Mrs Forlano sure looks like a Yid. So maybe Don’s claims are not far off? This guy is all over the map with his behavior and ideology. This is from his wiki page:

    “Hedges has repudiated the view that the Founding Fathers of the United States represented a legitimate form of democracy, writing that they rigged America’s electoral process to thwart direct democracy and to protect the property rights of the aristocracy. He has written that the Electoral College has served to disenfranchise women, Native Americans, African-Americans, and men who do not own property. Hedges stated during the US labor wars, hundreds of workers were killed and thousands were wounded. He has praised the abolitionists, workers, civil rights movements, women’s suffragists, and anti-war activists for helping change the initial structure of the U.S. government.[83]”

  3. Cancel culture is a reflection of the pathology that is Jewish “culture”. They are obsessed with squashing every vestige of opposition to their behavior, and it’s going to backfire.

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