Joe Biden Promises To Withdraw All Troops From Afghanistan By September 11

Joe Biden is ripping up the peace deal that Trump negotiated with the Taliban and is kicking the can down the road on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.


“President Joe Biden plans to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that drew America into its longest war, according to two congressional aides briefed on the plans.

The decision, which Biden is expected to announce this week, means the U.S. will keep troops in Afghanistan past the May 1 deadline agreed to in a deal between the Trump administration and the Taliban signed last February.

The move will likely prompt the Taliban to renew attacks on American forces there, which have largely halted since the February 2020 agreement. …”

We’re not pulling the troops out of Afghanistan at the actual deadline in May because we want to break the deal, prod the Taliban to resume their attacks and have an excuse to remain stuck there for another generation. Joe requested the largest military budget in history this week.

Note: BTW, Lloyd Austin announced today that we are deploying an additional 500 troops to Germany. The situation is said to be deteriorating on the ground there.

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  1. How can the situation on ground n Germany be deteriorating? Does Dresden need to be fire bombed again? Does Berlin need to be occupied? Come on! There is no threat to Germany except from the hordes of immigrants pouring in – and the USA will only encourage Germany to take in even more of them.

  2. @ if you think, thee satanic american intelligence machine is giving up the dope trade in asscrackistan, think again, i wager, pr biden, will be out of office by then.

  3. I like the image of Joe you used. Biden has had about 30 facelifts it seems. Stretch Face Joe.

    Moving 500 troops to Germany is a strictly anti-white gesture. It is a symbolic gesture against “white supremacism.” That is how deep we got under their skin; five years later the DOD is making symbolic global troop arrangements purely to try and get a metaphysical revenge on the “white supremacist domestic terrorists” by further occupying Hitler. It is a “own.” That is how triggered they still are.

    And of course Biden is postponing the withdrawal so that US troops will get killed and we can then re-rationalize staying there another 20 years. Richard Spencer says “at least it is a real possibility with Democrats.” Can someone tell this guy that veering to the total opposite of the GOP doesn’t mean he is automatically right? It is really embarrassing at this point.

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