Jimmy Dore: Dr. Fauci Confronted Over His Multiple Lies

It is funny watching Fauci starting to take heat from the Left. Shouldn’t people be allowed to move on with their lives after getting vaccinated? What else can you really do?

The COVID-19 pandemic played out almost entirely at the state level. It was state and local officials who were in charge of everything. Virtually nothing changed here in Alabama except for about four weeks last April. We don’t have to wear masks anymore here. Meanwhile in Oregon though, the state government is adopting a “permanent” COVID mask rule even as the vaccine is widely available.

Note: The CDC recently declared that racism is the new pandemic.

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  1. The word is, you can still catch Covid, even if vaccinated. That makes no sense. If you are vaccinated, you’re supposed to be immune. They can draw titers. That’s how real vaccines work.

    • In theory, yes (I got vaccinated). In practice, viruses (especially if we didn’t quarantine and allowed it to spread) can mutate /evolve. And a vaccine may not work for a different strain. I believe Covid has several strains now.

  2. Faucistein should have his medical license revoked. He is nothing but a politician masquerading a doctor.

    • He should be on trial for murder.
      He’s the one who authorized paying Wuhan viral labs to synthesize this new virus.

      He’s a mass murderer !

  3. It is difficult to see Dr. Fauci in any other light than grandfatherly dæmon, who is employed by those who will stop at nothing to control people in this country.

    What amazes me about that however, is that they would choose someone who would lie so plainly, practically without artifice, and that, beyond that, he would change his story practically every other week.

    I have never witnesst a publick figure so quickly undermine his own credibility and then, as if that was not enough, continually do it, over and over again.

    • “I have never witnesst a publick figure so quickly undermine his own credibility ”

      He’s a chronic liar.

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, absolutely.

        In fact, Dr. Fauci. is such a habituated dissembler I think he no longer knows the difference between what is bull in him and what is not.

  4. Speaking of science, I wouldn’t be shocked if Hunter and most of his devotees believe in creationism or intelligent design.

      • Their rationale is that since “gender dysphoria” has been declared a real thing by trained professionals the new gender identity is backed by “science”.

    • @Vegan WWE Gamer

      That’s me, I’m a Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian Patriarch. I believe in domestic discipline as men are created by Jesus to be the head of the household, which means spankings when gals gets lippy.

      You can see my blog for more spanking scenarios and other naughty scenes of female submission and rebellious liberal gals turned over the knee and administered the proper punishment until she learns her lesson. Handmaid’s Tale, 50SOG, Big Love, Ann Rice, etc.

      I take requests if you want me to tailor the scenario for you. Considering you hang out here, I assume you’re into race play, let me know the details and I’ll consider it.

    • I’m a full fedora. Woke institutions like the Smithsonian claim objectivity, rationality, self-discipline, merit, long-term planning, understanding cause and effect, etc. are manifestations of white male supremacy. Are they right? lol

  5. Frankly the conspiracy theorists were more right than the panic crowd. Say, what happened to that “stats” website that was all of a sudden spammed all over the internet, with the daily counts?

    Remember those videos of Wuhan where everyone was collapsing in the streets due to Covid? The mass graves in Manhattan? The hospitals overflowing with Tik Tok nurses?

    Looking back it was pretty farcical wasn’t it? They never even stopped international travel which would have been far more effective than “lock downs” and closing coffee shops. It really was “just the flu, bro.” Well, really – it’s a coronavirus, that is not the flu, that is the common cold.

    Too bad though because I was kind of hoping it would last forever. I hope we can still wear masks in public and they never re-open the public schools.

    I’m fine with exaggerating the statistics if it keeps people from “immigrating” – we’re full – of Covid-19! Better not come here, shelter in place where you are.

  6. I sympathize with Fauci. Masks are needed for medical professionals. In the long run, lying ruins distrust in your medical system. But it’s also needs to be said that the population is also just as shit as the medical professionals who lie to them. After all, we all know what Fauci said was right. People would buy all the masks. This is a population that when a pandemic hit everyone turned supermarkets into husks and bought a bunch of toilet paper like retards.

    The fact is that both the elites and the population deserve each other. In their own way, each are failures.

    • Plus what he says isn’t a total lie. It’s a white lie. A lot of masks don’t work. Surgical masks don’t work. The bandana I’ve seen some wear, don’t work. There are specific masks for this stuff.

  7. Who could have possibly seen “racism is the new pandemic” coming? Every scam our Anti-White overlords run is designed to hurt White people and eventually eliminate us.

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