Antony Blinken Authorizes U.S. Embassies To Fly The LGBTQ Flag

In my view, the Biden administration should just fly the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ flags. It would be a more accurate reflection of the true beliefs and values of the political establishment and their degenerate global neoliberal empire. It is not like these people represent or even like their own country.

New York Post:

“Secretary of State Tony Blinken has authorized US diplomatic missions to fly the LGBTQ pride flag on the same pole as the American flag at embassies and consulates, a department official confirmed to The Post Friday.

News of the authorization was first revealed by Foreign Policy magazine, which reported on a confidential cable sent by Blinken to diplomatic posts worldwide authorizing the policy change.

The nation’s top diplomat said in the cable that the flag, which is flown to symbolize support and pride for the LGBTQ community, will not be required to be added to the flagpole in front of each mission. …”

The Chinese laughed in Blinken’s face and told him he was weak and wasn’t going to boss them around anymore. He responded by hoisting the Baizou flag at all U.S. embassies all over the world.

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    • We all need to BURN THE RAINBOW FLAG in protest as White Americans.

      Throughout the entire month of June.

  1. ZOG is promoting faggotry in countries whose governments won’t submit to Washington in order to destabilize them.

    • Spawn- Do you understand what that means (what you just said)? It is a conscious attempt to CONTROL THOUGHT… AND RELIGION. You see? No one can EVER be ‘religiously neutral’. You HAVE to serve ‘a’ god…. or you serve THE God. There are no other options.


  2. (((Blinkin))) says it all. Another subversive degenerate jew. He and his tribe did the same thing in Berlin until the Germans said no more.

  3. “In my view, the Biden administration should just fly the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ flags.”

    I agree with that, though, to my thinking – a more complete representation of the United States’ Government would be to fly not only the BLM & LGBTQ flags, but, the Star of David flag, the Masonick flag, and, above all those, the Chamber of Commerce flag.

    • > “the Masonick flag”

      Oh good god not this shit again. Even E. Michael Jones admits that the Masons haven’t been relevant since the 1700’s

      Also why the purposeful misspelling of “Christ” as “Chryst?” “Chryst” is NOT some sort of traditional Southern spelling.

      Is this like how Jews won’t use the “+” sign in math class because it looks to much like a cross, like you can’t spell out “Christ” because of some Jew curse?

      • @Banned Hipster…

        Thank you for reading my thoughts and commenting upon them, Sir.

        That said, I am too old, too busy, and too disinterested to either spend time justifying myself to you, or, conversely, ask you to justify yourself to me, or, beyond that, to invest in personal emnity.

        I accept that fact that you dislike me and that, but, for my part, I do not dislike you.

        I think you have an excellent mind and I wish you the very best of weekends!

  4. Moshiach is queer. Moshiach is the Jew God of rectal love. I am telling you, and it is no joke, the Jews rejected Christ because he would not give them the great gay anal, all Jews need, want, and must have. It is like a sacrament to them. Taking it in the pooper brings Jews closer to God. Seriously, don’t laugh.

    • You’re a vulgar bastard, or a jew, or a queer yourself. But, above all, your posts show you are a Christophobe. Go to hell.

  5. I see a lot of middle-aged and elderly people scapegoating minorities here, which is pitiful considering that’s what younger people tend to do before learning the facts. As an educated, mixed race, professional, millennial female who’s an independent with generally socially progressive and fiscally conservative views, I probably have very little in common with most of the bitter folks here. I hope the Republicans nominate someone like Nikki Haley to rub salt in your wounds. I sure don’t mind an Asian-American female Republican President who will cut my taxes and slash your welfare checks.
    Why don’t all of you get jobs, vote, and volunteer?

    Things will worsen in your eyes and it makes me chuckle that none of you will ever possess the wealth, influence, and power to do anything about it. It’s 2021, not 1921, and you can’t do anything about it.
    Keep whining as I snigger at your misery and enjoy my suburban life living with my amazing European boyfriend! LOL

    • > “As an educated, mixed race, professional, millennial female”

      Hey, all you naughty racist Christian white nazi bad boys, look at me! I’m hot and smart you could never have me!

      Hey why aren’t you looking at me? Pay attention! Anti-semites!

    • Thanks agent mulatto. You can take a break and sodomize one agent of your choice. This is the new FBI after all.

    • When the non-Whites/non-Christians are in the ascendancy they spend all their time obsessing over and vilifying White people who are leading normal, decent, unremarkable lives. Ignoring politics, providing for and taking care of family, enjoying healthy, normal things and being decent people is normal for Whites. This apparently is anathema to these wogs. The colored people can’t stand successful White people in everyday life and try their best to destroy White society.

      When the colored people and the Usual Suspects leading them inevitably bring about disaster that affects them personally then they change their tune, now “We’re all in ‘it’ together.” The U.S. has been in the death grip of the Left for years now and with Dementia Joe and President Kuntmala Harris in charge they will wreck the country big time. Expect to hear the usual shit: “We’re all in this together” when they need White people to fix things.

      They need us but we don’t need them, they are just a burden. This is what the Usual Suspects and their dangerous pets know and it drives them crazy. Fuck ’em, let things crash. Everyone for himself, devil take the hindmost needs to be the attitude of White people now.

    • @Jewish mulatta American laughs at you:

      No, honey, you need to hurry up, marry your “amazing European boyfriend,” have a couple of mystery meat children and run on the GOP ticket YOURSELF. Why should the GOP settle for “an Asian-American” female who will cut taxes and slash entitlements, when we already have President Harris large and in charge, courtesy of the DNC?! Been there, done that, got the Tee Shirt.

      No, to really up their woke, kewl, “happening” status to compete with Democrats R The Real Racists, the GOP needs YOU and your guy and hopefully, at least one Cute Little Baby What The Hell IS THAT since, being the Woke, With-It Millennial Progressive fiscally conservative social liberal couple that you are, you’re not going to declare its race, gender, pronouns, leaving it up to IT to decide what it is, hopefully, by the time you vacate the White House.

      I’d be so on board for this, I’d actively work on your campaign, because I LOATHE the Party of Lincoln and I can’t even visualize of a better, more perfect emblem to represent Republican establishment, further cementing the GOP’s place in history as what the late, great Sam Francis called THE STUPID PARTY,

      The Democrats have already made this country the laughing stock of the world and the Republicans need YOU to help catch up with them, to even outdo them. Get busy now. Do your BAIZOU duty so a more sane country (like Russia or China) can rescue the world from this stupidity. I guarantee there’s at least a Khalergi Medal in it for you.

      Go, Jewish, mulatta! You GO, girl! GIRRRL Power. Paint the White House PINKO!

      • Anything that crowns out of her birth canal will be a goblin pegging the needle on maladaptive mutations that would only be allowed to live in a civilization experiencing a death spiral of judaic degeneracy and decadence.

        The world’s racial subspecies need White European gentiles, but White European gentiles do not need them. We are the ‘Golden Goose” of mankind.

  6. Biden, Trump, Obama allow(ed) same-sex marriage

    Putin forbids it and has signed into law a constitutional amendment that forbids it.

    Vladimir Putin solidifies Russia’s same-sex marriage ban for generations to come

    7 April 2021, Lily Wakefield

    Vladimir Putin has signed into law a constitutional amendment that formally bans same-sex marriage in Russia.

    The ban on marriage equality, defining marriage as exclusive “between a man and a woman” is one of a group of constitutional reforms which were voted on by the Russian public on 1 July, 2020.

    The changes, backed by nearly 78 per cent of Russians in the vote, also included giving Putin the power to run for president two more times, meaning he could potentially remain Russia’s leader until 2036.

    They also give the president lifetime immunity from prosecution, placing Russian law above international norms, and specify “a belief in God” as a core value of the country, according to AP News.

    On Monday (5 April), Putin officially signed the constitutional amendments into law.

    Same-sex marriage is already illegal in Russia, so the new wording in the constitution simply makes it even harder for marriage equality to ever become a reality.

    This latest attack on the LGBT+ community is no surprise in Putin’s Russia, where the queer community faces frequent violence and discrimination, and a notorious “gay propaganda” ban, prohibiting the distribution of anything viewed as vaguely pro-LGBT+, has been in place since 2013.

    In the run-up to the nationwide vote on the constitutional amendments, which critics say was rigged, a pro-Kremlin propaganda group run by allies of the Russian president produced an advert featuring an orphan being adopted by two dads, who then put him in a dress and makeup.

    The ad told viewers: “Decide the future of the country. Vote for the amendments to the constitution.”

    At the time of the vote, Alphonso David, president of the Human Rights Campaign, described Putin as a “threat to the human rights of all”.

    He said: “Russia is tripling down on its attacks on the basic human rights and dignity of LGBT+ people by adding constitutional prohibitions against marriage equality.

    “Putin and his administration used propaganda brochures leading up to the election promising a return to ‘traditional family values’, using marriage between loving couples as a wedge to push through his nefarious agenda.

    “It is shameful, manipulative and malicious.”

    The USA should outlaw homosexuality and same-sex marraige with laws just as strong as Russia’s constitutional amendment.

  7. @ they fly thee fag flag and villify and outlaw thee most beautiful flag in history, thee international symbol of defiance against tyranny, thee noble flag of freedom, thee Cross of st.andrew. and now thee empire has hoisted its satanic lgbtq .Rag, Its right there before thee eyes of thee world, thee rebel flag, thee flag of ” Free america”, their flag , the flag of wickedness of sin and death, thee flag of thee empire, the flag of “SLAVERY”, i am sure thee” Party of lincoln”, will wrap itself up in it also.

  8. Speaking of foreign affairs, let’s see how Jewkraine is doing. Looks like the Jewish run government is not even trying to hide that Jewkraine is a colony if Israel now:

    Ukraine asks Israel’s PM Netanyahu to act as intermediary in talks with Russia

    This is the government that the Jewkrainian hollywood style nazis and some other clowns in Eastern Europe who have glommed onto white nationalism want us to support.

  9. Hot take:

    “LGBT” is a kind of imperialism. There are various shades of homosexuality in all populations – so by networking all those people in a semi-secret network, you have a network of people in the foreign target that are more or less loyal to you. They also have to support your Empire taking over their country because they have been sort of half-“outed” and are now subject to blackmail.

    In the modern era they discovered the phenomenon with the Cambridge Five spy scandal in Britain, when the Communists had infiltrated the gay network in England and turned some well placed and important people into spies.

    Also the US State Department has been heavily “Queer” since the 1960’s, just like the Republican party.

    This isn’t about sexual morality, it’s a very cynical imperial tactic that has proven to be quite effective.

    • The World Domination Handbook advised the aspirant World Tyrant to employ lesbians as his crack troops.

    • @Banned…

      ““LGBT” is a kind of imperialism.”

      Indeed, there can be no doubt of that, when you listen to their goals for society.




    Anthony Blinken


    Anthony Blinken

    • True. By any rational standard, the man is nothing more than a New York liberal. The Democrats’ visceral hate for him is only due to the fact they are utterly intolerant of dissenting opinion. Being 95 percent in agreement with them is not enough for them not to wish agonizing death on you.

  11. Don’t forget who was President when the embassies hoisted both BLM and LGTBPQRSZF flags. This country is a joke meanwhile China banned feminism due to low birth and marriage rates. I’m not falling for the China bad racebaiting like I kinda did with Trump anymore.

  12. I can’t wait to walk into one of the ugly, rainbow-bedecked little fortresses in order to renounce my US citizenship. It’s hard to see how any White man who is not a sodomite is not embarrassed to be connected to such an entity.

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