Trans Billionaire Threatens To Leave Tennessee Over LBGTQ Laws

The Tennessee state legislature better fall in line now like Gov. Kristi Noem in South Dakota, Gov. Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas, Gov. Doug Burgum in North Dakota, the Florida Senate and the Texas state legislature. It is clear who makes the laws now and it ISN’T the voters anymore. The Queen of Tennessee is a very rich and powerful person who ought to be the rightful sovereign of the state.

Star Observer:

“The world’s first trans billionaire, Jennifer Pritzker has warned she will likely move her private family trust out of Nashville if Tennessee Republican lawmakers continue their ongoing attacks on the rights of LGBTQI+ individuals and communities through the enactment of discriminatory laws.

Transgender businesswoman Pritzker, is a retired U.S Army lieutenant colonel, and is on the Forbes Billionaires list, with a personal net worth of $2 billion.

Pritzker’s family started the Hyatt Hotels Group, and her warning is no empty threat. …”

What do you call this system of government?

Are we so degraded that we are going to submit to being ruled by trans plutocrats? Is that what we want? NO! Are we going to Make Tennessee Great Again? Is that we want? YES!

Note: I prefer our old fashioned heroes, not the modern “progressive” ones.

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  1. “Trans Billionaire Threatens To Leave Tennessee Over LBGTQ Laws”

    No matter who does what, as this next decade or two play out, many folks on both sides of the fence will leave where they are currently living.

    Gays in the coming Dixie will be left alone to be, as it is and always was, but, those who wish to aggressively foment a new queer nation will quickly grow frustrated, with what they will regard as our prehistoric resurfacing culture, and leave.

    A dear friend of mine is coming to live with us and resettle in North Carolina, he a native Californian who is very Conservative and a fundamentalist.

    So, clearly this process, The Great Resettlement, has already commenced.

    • Banned- ” It’s a GOD-DAMNED Jew.”

      And now, Brucie Jenner is running AS A REPUBLICAN, AND AS A WOMAN, for Newsom’s contested seat in CALIFORNICATION! LET ALL THE GOD-DAMNED SODOMITES AND TRANSFAGS move OUT OF THE HEARTLAND, before the populace DOES TAKE UP STONES (or gain some) to remove them, ‘by any means necessary.”

  2. You can bet the will of the people will be ignored so some sick mental billionaire can call the shots.

  3. Doomsday clock with Russia cold war of nuclear Holocaust? Kept the gentile distracted.Dooms days demographic collapse.

  4. “Note: I prefer our old fashioned heroes, not the modern “progressive” ones.”

    Me, too – real Southern heroes in a time when there were many!

    P.S. My wife swooned over this early war photograph of Forrest!

    • Seriously, why are so many on the extreme right like the ones here usually uneducated and poor? Since I’m objective, I recognize the far left like antifa is equally repulsive. You never see middle and high class people associating openly with white nationalists, black nationalists, communists, or skinheads. I suppose it makes sense because why would somebody with a respectable profession and reputation want to associate with riff raff who preach violence, conspiracy theories, and blame others for their lackluster lives?

      I can respect someone like Jared Taylor because unlike most of you, he’s well educated, bright, multilingual, and more reasonable. He wants to return to pre-1960s employment, educational, immigration, and housing laws without reinstating anti-miscegenation laws, Jim Crow, or create an ethnostate by repatriating nonwhite American citizens.
      He criticizes whites themselves for the state the West is in, because he realizes the Jews and other minorities can’t advance their interests if a unified white majority obstructs them. I’ll cite his direct words:

      Some people likewise insist that Jews are to blame for the poisoned state of mind common among whites. It is true that disproportionate numbers of Jews have promoted the forces of dispossession: non-white immigration, affirmative action, denial of racial differences, forced integration, and the dismantling of ancient distinctions of all kinds.

      However, they have found more than willing accomplices among non-Jews, and to blame Jews for white capitulation is a little like blaming whites for all the failures of blacks. A group that is only three percent of the U.S. population cannot denature a people all by itself. Many of those who have encouraged whites in their suicidal proclivities have been Jews, but those proclivities had to exist before they could be encouraged.

      Moreover, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway, have only tiny populations of Jews, but are among the most relentlessly egalitarian nations on earth. They have pushed the welfare state the farthest, and as a percentage of GNP, their foreign aid budgets are much larger than that of the United States. They were also early and generous supporters of the black movements in South Africa that fought against the white government. Jews had essentially no influence on these policies.

      What was it, though, that precipitated the white man’s sudden cancer of egalitarianism? Representative government, rule of law, and other forms of public morality evolved slowly. Why have racial and other distinctions been struck down only in the last few decades?

      The Second World War was certainly a factor. The victors, the Soviet Union and the United States, were the most ideologically egalitarian nations on earth. Whatever else it stood for, the Axis fought for distinctions — national, racial, cultural, biological. Its defeat discredited eugenics and racial consciousness. It even discredited nationalism, and the victorious allies founded the United Nations with the express intent of eliminating nationalism and national conflicts.

      Material progress has also played a role in the destruction of distinctions. “Luxury is more ruthless than war,” said the Roman satirist, Juvenal. The affluence of the post-war years made it easier to cover up the disastrous results of social policy. Great wealth, forcibly redistributed to the non-productive, created the illusion of social as well as material progress. Higher standards of living were an excuse to ignore unspeakable degeneracy. Increasing wealth made it possible to believe that the rules of human nature had changed, and that society could be perfected.

      • @Jewish – Like so many who disparage this site and its readers (and feel strangely compelled to lecture to the so-called “losers”) you are simply talking to your own self in the bathroom mirror. Acting for an audience of one, yourself, on how you will “own” the “Nazis”. It’s all the same old deliberate misrepresentation and deliberate misunderstanding to arrive at an anti-White conclusion.
        SO tiresome. And your speech has already evaporated from my mind.

      • @Jewish Mulatta…

        “Seriously, why are so many on the extreme right like the ones here usually uneducated and poor?”

        I fulfill none of your criteria, M’am, and, in wishing to have Southern Heroes who embody the values of our culture, who, in turn, would help us free our land, I do not feel in the slightest ‘extreme’.

        No, M’am, to me, any Southerner who would make peace with the dæmonick tyranny that has long been occupying us is ‘the Extremist’.

        I am simply as the majority of most people in the world are, and, indeed, ever have been – proud of my own kind and yearning for us to come out from under being systemically disenfranchised.

        After all, in Israel they put up statues of Jewish heroes, in Mongolia monuments to Ghengis Khan are everywhere, just as in Russia they have entire facilities celebrating Russian saints and statues of literary heroes, like Pushkin and Lermontov, or martial figures, such as Suvorov, Kutuzov, and Zhukov, dot the landscape.

      • “why are so many on the extreme right like the ones here usually uneducated and poor?”

        Watch a lot of t.v. ?

      • @Jewish Mulatta:

        What precipitated the White Man’s “cancer of egalitarianism?” The need to justify allowing their countries to be contacted by The Usual Suspects to take part in “slaughtering the wrong pig,” as Winston Churchill put it, as he watched the sun finally set on The British Empire. The saying that
        it is easy to con people, but nigh impossible to get the conned to admit … even to themselves … that they were conned.

        YOUR media won’t cover it, but occasionally, there’s been a screw up and when WWII veterans of D Day and Dunkirk are asked if they would do it again, many of them honestly admit that they would have stood down and let Germany win even if it meant having to learn German than result in what has befallen their countries after the Jew won WWII.I imagine that if they had an inkling how Pyrrhic their victory would be that Winston Churchill AND FDR would be lamppost ornaments and then JOINED Nazi Germany if they could see the future.

        “Seriously, why are so many on the extreme right like the ones here usually uneducated and poor?”

        I could answer that question by asking YOU like to visit boards like these? When I don’t care for people or their ideology, I shun them and places they frequent. I’m not drawn there like a heat-seeking missile and I don’t chase them all over hell’s half acre like some deranged stalker. I’ve got But you even pull your subversive, nation-wrecking stunts on Whites of good will who are willing to give you the benefit of a doubt until you inevitably go too far and are shocked, shocked, I tell ya(!) to find yourself having to flee yet another pogrom or expulsion. What is the count now? If Google is correct ,it’s over one thousand to date.

        There is no doubt in MY mind that many of these “extreme right educated and poor posters” are actually YOUR “Fellow White People” who like to LARP as far right wing fascists (must be those RAD Hugo Boss uniforms). The Skokie, IL Fuhrer, Frank Collin AKA Joseph Frances COHEN comes immediately to mind. Funny how the ACLU went Balls to the Wall defending HIS right to LARP, er MARCH through Skokie (when he wasn’t molesting little boys) but squeaked out, backed down, apologized and refused to defend those marchers in Charlottesville who were physically attacked even though they obtained a lawful permit to demonstrate against a monument being torn down and even as they tried to peacefully obey orders to leave the city.

        I guess “Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others” as Orwell put it.

  5. Jennifer Pritzker is a cousin of Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker, a man who, because of his ample figure, is also known as J.B. The Hutt.

    What makes some unattractive men hell-bent to die as unattractive “women”?

  6. I think this is also the same creature that has in fact been making Soros look like a tightass when it comes to spending money on causes. In its case, all the trans shit. There was a good article on Unz’s site some months ago about “her.”

    Tens of millions and more (each, not in sum) in donations to medical schools and colleges to persuade them to see the light on all the new “science” we hear so much about affirming gender and queer issues. This has been going on for over ten years or more. I think “she” gave some medical schools as much as a hundred million at a time. And this one is not the only one in that family making these kind of donations. So it is no wonder so many of them are on this train.

    Strange we are not as familiar with this name as we are with Soros, considering they seem to be, like is said, maybe even outspending him.

  7. This is some real funny farm world we are living in right now

    LGBTI laws what laws are they talking about exactly? Ongoing attacks on trans communities rights? wtf Trannies basically are a protected class now thanks to GOP if anything but Trans people need to imagine their enemies republicucks the big villians oppressing them

  8. When I saw this thing’s surname, I thought, is it related to our governor? Sadly it is. Well, when it moves, I hope it doesn’t move to Illinois. We have enough Pritzkers already!

  9. Tennessee is a great state and it will only get better when this thing moves out. Go, take your money with you, just don’t live near me. How about moving 6,000 miles east across the Atlantic and Mediterranean?

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