Snitch Culture: Capitol Stormer Turned Over To Feds By Bumble Match

We now live in East Germany.

This is what a real totalitarian police state looks like. It isn’t Donald Trump owning the libs on Twitter or people sharing edgy memes and having a good time on image boards.

We’re training people to be spies and hall monitors for the surveillance state and have created a whole snitch culture based on ratting people out to “journalists” and the feds. Supposedly, we are the “fascists” and “authoritarians,” but we’re not the ones who are using facial recognition software and dating apps to bust people and turn them over to the government for strolling through their own Capitol.

No one who stormed the Iowa State Capitol or Oklahoma State Capitol will be arrested by Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice, demonized as an “insurrectionist” or paraded in triumph to front of the bloodthirsty mob of bootlickers on PMC TV and its late night comedy shows.

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  1. There are those that says we don’t live under communism, I disagree. Turn in your neighbors, friends and family if they don’t conform to the party line. Maybe not full blown communism yet but we are living under soft communism. If they ever find a way to totally disarm us, than you will see full blown communism.

    • Those guns will not save you. Was there any uprising after Waco or after any other mass violence ? No and it means that such things can repeat as many times as they need.

      • America is armed to teeth, yet we live under Political Correctness which abolished free speech and is abolishing the White race. Political Correctness is our Anti-White state religion.

  2. The average Democrat believes that “thousands” of unarmed Black men are killed by the police every year. It’s actually more like 45 a year, in a country with 45 million Black people meaning a total of 0.000001% of Black people are killed unarmed by the police every year.

    But these Democrats spend all day watching TV and reading Twitter so they believe it is thousands, maybe tens of thousands.

    These people do not live in reality – they live in the mass media/social media fantasy world.

  3. The New York City FBI office is infested with Irish filth. Infested. Understand what this guy is being charge with, trespass in a public building. How is that possible? Answer me Mick.

  4. Don’t believe we aren’t being herded toward a Bolshevik (i.e., Jewish Communist) Racist State?

    Just question the G-D ‘masks’ or the ‘quackcine’ or say, “Sorry, I believe in Ivermectin.” Too we will have ‘non-compliance with the ‘prick’ as THE determiner of employment. Colleges are MANDATING students (kids under 22, who have almost NO fear of death by the FLU) have the ‘quackcine’ before being ALLOWED (umm, aren’t we paying YOU for this ‘privilege, schmucks@?) to go to school FOR THE FALL!!?


    Even on this site, we came perilously close to that sort of lemming-like behavior….. HW.

  5. Call me crazy and most of you think I am?

    Are we still British Subjects?

    Can we criticize the Royal Family?

    Yes! (((Why)))

    Why is that???????

  6. Meanwhile Anti-White screamers and thugs continue to riot and terrorize but “white supremacists” are the real terrorists. I’ll bet Jews in 1930’s Germany felt the same way we feel now.

  7. Going by how poorly the case against the people who broke into the capitol has been going, the charges keep getting reduced, by now mostly trespassing, he may night have much to worry about. The irony is, it they start a culture of snitching, it likely to bite the self righteous idiots themselves in the rear end. Since they do most of the snitching on each other.

    • I don’t think the object is to put them in prison, but bankrupt them after paying very expensive criminal attorney fees even after putting their livelihoods at risk. If they throw them in prison and/or execute them, they risk turning them into martyrs which might fuel a White Civil Rights Movement. So they go to the limits of “Soft Power” to prosecute them in order to hammer home the point that Resisting is More Trouble Than Its Worth.

      Had MLK not been “martyred,” he’d be just another GibsMeDat race hustler like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Even his own immediate family don’t believe that James Earl Ray killed him. MLK ran afoul of the Usual Suspects by being both Pro-Palestinian and Anti-War. Once he started slipping their control and management to pursue his own People of Color sympathies, it was time to wack him especially since his death would further his work as the Gateway Drug to Antiracism culminating in Anti-White WOKE Cancel Culture.

      What can WN do? Give YKW enough rope to piss off enough of the Normies that they cannot be guilt-tripped into backing their agendas. Where they refuse to fight their wars even though Cannon Fodder is the only career choice that offers a middle class lifestyle. Where they refuse to keep the ENGiNES of their power maintained and leave them at the mercy of the people they want to replace us with anyway. People who are far more collective and assertive about pursuing their own interests.

      The only thing we should be focused on is developing our own independent systems that effectively educate and skill our own people to the point that they are the only Sighted in the Land of the Blind. Let’s put our effort to positive proactive stuff rather than getting too distracted by TNB and TJB to be effective..

      Slightly OT, instead of kneejerk reactions by stockpiling more and more ammo and guns for FEDGOV to confiscate, put more of your money into fortifying your homes and vehicles against vandalism and burglaries. Find ways to reinforce your back yards, your doors and windows. Stronger door hinges, door clubs, storm windows and unobtrustive window jambs that make it difficult to open. It never ceases to surprise me the number of perfectly high grade cars are parked in the driveway rather than safely parked in locked garages when not in use.

      Don’t make the mistake of thinking you live in a safe, sane White neighborhood. Assume that there are many Section 8 rentals in your area and make plans accordingly. Don’t find out that your neighborhood has been infiltrated the hard way by waking to find an uninvited visitor looming over you. Where crime is concerned, an ounce of prevention (i.e. reinforced locks, etc. is worth a pound of cure; police investigations and paying for legal aid to justify why you had to shoot someone who felt compelled to jimmy your lock and jog through your home in the dead of night.

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