Rising: Inside The Democrat Plan To Give Massive Tax Cut To The Rich

I’m too populist and nationalist to be a Republican:

I hate the oligarchs who are buying the politicians.

I hate globalization for undermining the American worker.

I agree that having all of these ultra billionaires is a massive problem.

I think we should be taking a sledgehammer to Big Tech monopolies.

I think we should be raising taxes on Wall Street and Corporate America.

I would love to see a redistribution of wealth which would foster greater social stability.

This has always been my view while the traditional Republican view has always been trusting our precious “free market principles.” As a matter of high principle, we have to coddle the richest and most powerful people in America and subsidize Big Business and give them veto power over legislation and make life easier for private equity and hedge fund billionaires and suck up to Big Tech and pass comprehensive immigration reform for wealthy donors and import cheap labor for them from India.

Note: William Jennings Bryan was the populist version of Ronald Reagan. The “populist stool” is social conservatism, foreign policy restraint and economic fairness.

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  1. The only reason to hold an asset longer than a year is the low cap gains rate. You can be sure that it won’t be just the rich and the super rich who will get hurt by the higher cap gains rate.

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