INSURRECTION! Black Lives Matter Storms Oklahoma State Capitol

I’m experiencing déjà vu.

Black Lives Matter stormed the Iowa State Capitol two weeks ago. The insurrection in Iowa was greeted with total silence by the corporate media. PMC TV isn’t covering this one either.

FOX News:

Demonstrators chanting “Black Lives Matter” stormed the Oklahoma Capitol on Wednesday, forcing the state House of Representatives into lockdown, in order to protest several Republican-backed bills, including one that provides legal protections to motorists fleeing riots.

More than two dozen protesters filled the gallery on the fifth floor while the Oklahoma House in the chamber below was in session. Video showed demonstrators chanting, “Stand united against all hate,” and “We will use our voices to stand against corruption, to fight hate, to defend Black and Brown lives.” The disturbance interrupted the session for several minutes. …”

Will someone please get Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Social Justice on the phone? He was just there the other day to look for violent domestic extremists.

Oh wait … After checking and verifying their race and politics, we have determined that this *was not* an “insurrection.” These “insurrectionists” are the good guys. They work for us. It is not “domestic extremism” when Black Lives Matter does this. We don’t need “online sleuths” working with the FBI to hunt down these people while they are mocked by late night comedians like Stephen Colbert.

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  1. Well, looks like extremists are getting what they deserved. Trump supporters are not extremist and are left alone.

  2. “More than two dozen protesters”

    Wow, what a populist movement, all 25.

    Soros must be getting cheap on his payments to ‘hire a mob’.

  3. We should just join Black Lives Matter and demand African Americans get their own spaces safe from white supremacist violence. That way we can go around rioting and looting too.

  4. @ Once again ! Elected officials not doing their job, borders wide open, streets and highways unsafe, food,water , taxes all going up.censorship, radical satanic, ideologies dictating policy, Autocratic legislative and juidical branches of goverment , Who really is thee president today, he or she know that they are bumbling and stumbling into world war three!?

    • A third world war would be fine with me, if it meant the annihilation of the US government and the Zionist state in Palestine.

      • “…if it meant the annihilation of the US government and the Zionist state in Palestine.”
        And every g-d obese N-word in these United States.

        God did NOT send His Son, to save ANY but ‘His People.’ [Matt. 1:21]
        And they AIN’T n-words, slants, or burrito squatemalans!

        “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.” – Hilaire Belloc, RC author, 1920’s

        – which means, WHITE FOLKS ARE THE ISRAEL OF GOD, and the only ISRAEL which GOD CARES FOR… THAT is the WHITE EUROPEANS. [Amos, 3:2 Gal. 6:16]

        And ANYONE who says otherwise, is in league with Satan, who is as ‘black as night’. (Sound like any race you know?)

  5. Oklahoma is not a real state, it’s the place where President Jackson sent those Cherokee Injuns in 1836.

  6. It would be so damn easy to put those uppity niggras back in their place. Remember how we dealt with ’em in that Tulsa race riot back in ’21? Those were the good ol’ days.

  7. I doubt 25 protesters really scared anybody. Oklahoma, might have it’s problems, but it ain’t minnesota either.

    • Mark, we once said that same about Minnesota…. “we’re all Lutheran White Bread Scandinavians and some Germans…we’re safe”. And then, look what LSS, Catholic Charities, and other ‘social aid’ agencies have done to us/it?! In less than thirty years..

      WE MUST BE WILLING TO DEFEND OUR STATE BORDERS FROM THE HORDE, if we cannot defend our national borders.
      14 Words is the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, in miniature.

      Some American (i.e., non-ethnic White) Orthodox are finally speaking up.

  8. The media will keep quiet on this. They can’t have anyone comparing how BLM gets treated to the right wing Capitol event.

  9. BLM and their commie counterparts are incapable of being insurrectionists. They are peaceful protestors, and don’t you forget that “racists” and “White” supremacists.

  10. How are they oppressed when they woke capital and the jewsmedia on their side.

    Whites form moral communities, yet some condone, encourage, and participate in this prelude to the French Revolution in Santa Domingo. Their moral compasses have been tampered with by pernicious jewish subversion gaslighting.

  11. We all know the story(?), Jefferson Davis and his evil band of cutthroats stormed the US Capitol and this violent insurrection triggered the American “Civil” War. But then again, maybe we all don’t know the real story. Maybe the South never stormed the Capitol in an insurrection to overthrow the US government … Maybe the anti-South people have been just plain lying for the past 150 years.

    True to our traditions of peace and our love of justice, we sent commissioners to the United States to propose a fair and amicable settlement of all questions of public debt or property which might be in dispute. But the Government at Washington, denying our right to self-government, refused even to listen to any proposals for a peaceful separation. Nothing was then left to do but to prepare for war.
    — President Jefferson Davis, Second Inaugural Address, Virginia Capitol, Richmond, 02/22/1862.

    “… I tried all in my power to avert this war. I saw it coming, for twelve years I worked night and day to prevent it, but I could not. The North was mad and blind; it would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came, and now it must go on … unless you acknowledge our right to self government. WE ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR SLAVERY. WE ARE FIGHTING FOR INDEPENDENCE.
    — President Jefferson Davis, In interview by journalist James R. Gilmore accompanied by Colonel James Jaquess of the Seventy-third Illinois, 07/17/1864. This interview appeared in an article in the September 1864 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, under the title “Our Visit to Richmond.”

    • Thanks, Banned. Copied and will distribute.

      I never knew ANY history of the South, growing up. I never saw a N-ger until I was almost 11. My mother knew and feared what they represented, and she kept moving us further and further away from the center of the City. My parents voted for Nixon in ’68, because of what LBJew did in ’65, and what HHH had ALREADY done to Minnesota- which culminated in the Damned Geo. Floyd’s purposeful descent into hell, by God’s amanuensis, Derek Chauvin, last year.

      I may have been born a Yankee, but I am one no longer. God DAMN THE DEMOCRATS, and the UNITED STATES OF SODOMY!

  12. I just heard this song for the first time yesterday (sorry for the dinosaur Boomer music but for me it is brand new), It seems I went through that era and missed this one but it sort of hit me like a ton of bricks, not the music as much as the words though I did read a statement by someone on the internet about the song: “… it starts out with a driving acoustic guitar which is then joined by one of the most perfect bass lines to hit the top 40. ” For musicians out there which I am not this may be true…

    But as the world crumbles around us we know we must persevere and hold on to the truths we know to be true… so on a national level I pray fhat the South will hold on as well and repent of all of its sins and God will Save the South from all of the evil coming our way…

    We all do need to hold on…

    • Banned- Never heard of the song at all, and never heard the song (that I can remember- I was already nearing 30 in 1979) until you mentioned it…. but just remember one thing.

      ALL of the ‘pop music’ was created for ONE Reason, and one reason only, as McGowan noted, over a decade ago-

      The only song that encapsulates our sorry state these days, is this one…. for me.
      (Apart from Christ, of course)

      And it’s only as the South (and/or the ‘Red States) come out from the LIES of Trumpism, and we repent before the Living God of our many sins, will we even be GRANTED the chance to live…. Exaudi Oratione Nobis, Domine.

      • Yes, I am aware how perverse music can really be. I remember a member in church back when I was in my thirties was detailing the verses in pop tunes and telling me what the lyrics really meant. After he went through a few, I told him, don’t go on, to me they mean something totally different and if you tell me what the author was really singing about that will come in my mind instead of better things every time I hear the music.

        Just like people will try to destroy icons such as flags by destroying the character of the creator to turn people away from what the symbol came to mean.

        You might think classical music is pretty safe, but no, some of the best classical music I have ever heard was written by a sex pervert and the music actually pictures demonic things in his probably drug altered mind.

        For about 10 years the only music I listened to were hymns that were written by a member in the church to express only the words written Psalms 1-150 and other scriptures. No modern doctrines but only doctrines that were written down in the Bible itself. And some were quite beautiful but soon I got tired of listening to them over and over and I feared that I should never get tired of the things of God but should only listen to them at the appropriate times as form of worship to God and not make them so common place that I despised listening to them. But growing up I did not like heavy rock so I tend to listen to easy listening music.

        But when I opened a health club in my 20’s of course the guys who worked out wanted music to work out to — the most driving beat possible — and it had to be loud to help them get through their workouts so you can imagine what a whole day of listening to that music can be like (today, we have earbuds and everyone can have their own music).

        I watched a documentary about the Beach Boys (Wilson) and soon you got the idea that the only creative energy that he and other groups The Beatles had came from the drugs they took and soon its effects finally dulled their minds when the high they wanted to achieve just wasn’t good enough to produce the quality music their earlier highs could. They sounded like spaced out zombies in their normal speech.

        I like the lyrics of “Hold On”. THAT is the song to me, not necessarily the bass, drums, sax.

        I am not a musician but I think this this song could maybe be “ported” over to bluegrass and played with some traditional folk instruments:

        The fiddle, five-string banjo, guitar, mandolin, and upright bass (string bass) are often joined by the resonator guitar (also referred to as a Dobro) and (occasionally) harmonica or Jew’s harp. This instrumentation originated in rural dance bands and is the basis on which the earliest bluegrass bands were formed.
        — Wikipedia: “Bluegrass music”

        I guess the port would involve some heavy tweaking (might not be possible). The upright bass would pickup the bass part with no drums. Maybe the fiddle could do the sax part. If I was a musician (played a trumpet decades ago) and younger I might try it but I don’t think I will be able to do it especially while this world comes crashing down.

        Here is the Petersens bluegrass band playing a James Taylor (he did take a few drugs, “I think”) tune:

        (you can hear the bass)

        Maybe there is a little hope for modern music.

        I heard this earlier in my life and forgot about it but now as I see a USA about to be nuked and all of our green Septembers “burned away” and nuclear winter coming — this country destroyed forever — this melancholy song seems very prophetic to me now:

      • More and more money is diverted to them, so they can breed effortlessly and enjoy life. I read in the future, they will be the largest group on this planet (of the apes).

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