Joe Biden Isn’t Really Ending The War In Afghanistan

We’re rearranging troop deployments again.


“The chief of the Pentagon’s Central Command said on Tuesday the U.S. military may keep troops near Afghanistan after the delayed withdrawal planned for September 11, 2021. …

“It’s time for American troops to come home,” Biden declared.

McKenzie’s remarks suggested that the American troops may not be returning home, but relocating elsewhere in central Asia.

“USCENTCOM remains steadfast in support of ongoing interagency and diplomatic efforts to achieve a negotiated political settlement, and is committed to working with our regional partners to ensure our ability to counter a potential reemergence of terrorist threats against the homeland,” McKenzie’s prepared statement read in part, vowing that, “while we will not stay involved in Afghanistan militarily, we will continue to support the government of Afghanistan and keep providing assistance to the ANDSF [Afghan armed forces].” …”

We’re also breaking the peace deal with the Taliban.

The Pentagon and Afghan government have six months to come up with an excuse to stay there for another 20 years. The only thing that has really changed is that we are not withdrawing in May.

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  1. Afghanistan is too important of a strategic location for ZOG to ever abandon it due its proximity to Iran, China and the oil-rich -stans. If I was China I would send those goat-herders every piece of military equipment they wanted for free in order to fuck with the ZOG Armed Forces.

    • There’s no way Russia and China aren’t involved somehow in the Afghanistan conflict. Are they receiving assurances from Washington that American troops won’t threaten Sino-Soviet interests in the region?

  2. We were never withdrawing in May. And mercenaries outnumber the LGTG troops 8 to 1. The only significant change this year is, China is preparing to move a few thousand troops inside Afghanistan, along the Chinese border. The American drone and pulse weapon bases in Afghanistan concern the Chinese. They are establishing a position to attack them. Because chink lives matter. And the graveyard of empires and all that

  3. Joe Biden has voted for every single war he could since his first day in office decades ago. Biden has killed more brown people than the Ku Klux Klan did in its entire history – by orders of magnitude.

    Joe Biden has killed more people that Jeffrey Dahmer. Joe Biden is a serial killer and a war criminal To the Hague with him!

    • Yep. WMD as a phrase is largely his coin. It’s quite extraordinary that the left voted him in. Also college loans. That’s Biden. War and Debt yet they voted him in because of Trump being rude to Mexicans.

    • Notice in the picture all the Afghan troops have red blank adapters on the ends of their rifles. They can’t fire live ammo with those on the ends of the barrels of their rifles, the barrel would explode thus they are painted red to avoid mistakes. Only blank ammo can be used with a blank adapter attached to the end of an M-16 type rifle.

      This shows that the Afghan troops can’t be trusted, they might open fire on Dementia Joe if given the chance. What kind of ally is it when you are afraid they may open fire on you at any time? Even Saddam Hussein walked amongst his people without fear even though all Iraqis owned all kinds of weapons.

  4. All we have to do is look at a map of the area with US bases on it, to understand why the US establishment is obsessed with a shithole like Afghanistan. With the US controlling Afghanistan, they have Iran surrounded by its neighboring countries. Israel wants Iran annihilated, because Iran is the last country that could stop their Greater Israel Project. So it doesn’t matter which puppet is made President of the USA, the USA will not leave Afghanistan.

    • Afghanistan is the center of the World Island. It is always going to be overrun by an imperial giant.

  5. We need to just withdraw from the Middle East, decouple from China, and ban all third world immigration. The result:- no terrorism, dieversity or unemployment. Most here know this……and we’re not even politicians!
    You keep Americans safe, by having troops at home……..not in dust bowlistan.
    The Afghans can stan on their own!

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