Jimmy Dore: YouTube CEO Admits Suppressing Independent News

YouTube has become TheyTube.

We’re the ones who are spreading “misinformation” though.

BTW, the reason that there is all of this censorship now is because half the country hates “journalists” and automatically assumes they are lying. We would crush the “journalists” on an even playing field. This is why these people are getting rid of YouTube dislikes and comments and throttling independent media with its own algorithm. They hate the feedback which they are receiving from the public.

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  1. Imagine the chutzpah of those yids! 2% of the population dictating to the other 98% what they can see, hear and read. Their ways are not our ways. No freedom of speech for you, goyim. We feel threatened by it.

  2. The Jews do not believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own point of view. The Jews do not respect others and do not treat others in the ways they would like to be treated. Maybe if the kyke accepted Christ and his teachings they would be better off.

    • Brother Nathanel, Mordecai Vanunu, Bobby Fischer and Bob Novak all converted to Christianity and appeared to spiritually benefit from doing so.

  3. Jimmy is absolutely wrong about one thing….masks do very little. Masks are a conditioning tool, not a preventative tool. If anything they promote bad health.

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