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  1. Yes, let’s remove a child-veteran of The Revolutionary War, the hero of The War of 1812, and the president who managed to successfully wrestle against the sovereignty-usurping Corporate/Globalist Jewish World Order of his day, that 8 year battle a benefit to all Americans until Woodrow Wilson, who, in his infinite wisdom, turned against his campaign promises and handed us back over to The Moneychangers.

    Oh, yes, and we’ll replace this hero of heroes with a Negro, whose life memorials achievement were criminality, hooliganism, race-mixing, publick temper tantrums, and an addiction to drug use that ranged from Pot to Fentanyl.

    Yes, let’s do it, because what better represents the America of today than George Floyd – self-destruction, lawlessness, and borderline intelligence futility?

    • “veteran of The Revolutionary War, ”

      “Destroy the images of the gentiles”…… torah
      “It’s mitzvah, goy.”

    • Andrew Jackson’s portrait on the Banksteins’ counterfeit 20-dollah note dishonors him. By all means replace it with St. George of Fentanyl’s ape-like visage. Maybe they should do a series of Saints: George of Fentanyl, Trayvon of Skittles, Swisher the Sweet (Gentle Giant of Fergudishu), Orcrah Winfree, and of course Michal Lootah Kang.

  2. You neo-fascists have more in common with the liberals than you’d like to admit. You both want educated industrious contributors to society like my boyfriend and myself to subsidize more generous welfare spending on parasites like yourselves. Unfortunately for you but fortunately for us, you’re so repelled by Democratic stances on social and cultural issues that you’d prefer to vote for the other party that will cut my taxes and your welfare programs. You’re too feeble-minded to even realize it and it delights us that Democrats like Biden aren’t willing to increase your welfare that much. As a more socially progressive and fiscally conservative voter, I guffaw at the fact that neither major party is willing to drastically alter our economic structure to help lower class people like you and most people in your socioeconomic status are too ignorant to vote for a third party. LOL!

    Haley/Desantis 2024

    • @ ugly woman, you need too leave, your alien presence is detestable, nothing worse than a arrogant skank, such as yourself, condescending pretentious skagbag, nobody likes you people, you can’t hide what you have done, the time will come when you have to meet him face too face, we will how much shit you talk then, lake of fire bitch.

    • 1 nobody needs welfare here 2 if you let them continue amassing their wealth because you do not want to raise “our” welfare(which we don t have),they are going to destroy what s left of your third world shithole you call USA. 3 what you call “neo fascist” is just a buzzword for “thinking beings”

    • Typical cosmopolitan arrogance and ignorance on display. I would guess that very few people who read this site are on welfare. That European boyfriend of yours isn’t going to be enough of an improvement to whatever goblin offspring you might spawn.

    • Mulatta Jewess: The only thing you wrote that genuinely annoyed me was your support for Namrata Randhawa, an anti-white, anti-American Israel First SLUT. Desantis has more sense than to pick her as a running mate.

  3. The leebral Larrys, he no fonny. He no make me laff the seex meelion times. I no like the Jeemy Dores neether.

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