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  1. Alternate titles:

    Tucker Carlson pretends to be on our side again

    Tucker Carlson steals our narrative again

    Tucker Carlson takes wind out of WN sails again

    Tucker Carlson releases pressure from safety valve again

    • My God you’re cynical beyond reason. Jesus could return and give a blind man sight and you’d accuse Jesus of being a sunglasses peddler who just wants to sell his wares.

      Not in my entire life have I ever seen a mainstream news figure go as far as Tucker has gone. Certainly his bosses keep him confined on a leash, but the length of that leash has grown day by day. He moves people TOWARD our narrative, he doesn’t lead them away.

      • Memebro- Wake up! Listen to FashtheNation, or just read this column…


        Tucker is a rich exclusionist, who is telling you ‘just enough’ but will NEVER SAY, ‘JEWISH POWER’ …Therefore, he’s NOT ‘our guy.’

        But maybe enough people will start with Tucker and MOVE FURTHER “RIGHT” to fully wake up.
        Deo Volente.

        • I guess Tucker is just going to have to decorate his set with tattoo lampshades and start advertising his own brand of special ingredient kosher soap to make y’all satisfied that he’s “our guy”.

          • False dichotomy. You don’t have to be a goosestepping Nazi to tell the truth about Jewish power and Zionism.

            And please don’t tell me he just wants to keep his job. Tucker Carlson is rich enough to live comfortably for the rest of his life if he got fired. There is nothing stopping him from telling the truth if he was really “our guy”.

    • If Tucker Carlson agrees with our positions and elevates our views to the largest news audience on cable television, I don’t see that as a problem. It is more like an opportunity. Everyone thought the CIA video was wokeness gone mad. Even leftists are making fun of it.

      • The Zionists at Fox are not stupid, they didn’t accidentally hire a quasi White Nationalist. That leaves only one possible scenario: Carlson was a carefully considered decision from the very top. There is simply no way powerful Zionist Jews would do that if it helps us, their ideological enemies. That would defy all logic and common sense. It might seem like a positive development to see someone on TV espousing a toned down version of our views, but it is crafted by our nemesis, it is therefore poison. Total leftist domination is better than controlled opposition in the form of Tucker Carlson. At least then it is clear we have no friends on the inside.

        This is the same mistake the pro-White community made with Trump. We are not infiltrating them, they are infiltrating us.

        • Once again, I always ask myself the following question: what is my position on an issue? Then I write that issue. That’s what I do here. I have the posts filed into categories.

          Tucker Carlson is trying to appeal to a populist and nationalist audience. Inevitably, this means having similar takes on various issues. If Tucker Carlson agrees with our position on an issue and elevates our position, why should we care?

          I think we have gotten away from articulating our positions on various issues and our agenda. I don’t know what a lot of people stand for anymore. What are outsiders thinking when they look at this?

          I’m always trying to write about a specific issue whether it is foreign policy or civil liberties or stimulus checks or guns or race or political correctness or immigration, etc.

          • I often get a little aggravated at you when you get hyper-focused on something (like COVID), but I do appreciate that you don’t get bogged down with autistic purity spiraling and can see the bigger picture and nuance.

            To reply to Butt-Goy, if Tucker Carlson went full stop on the JQ, he would immediately get a hooked staff from the side stage (like in the old vaudeville acts) and they’d drag him off the set and kick him swiftly out the door. Money isn’t the issue. It is having an AUDIENCE. And I don’t mean an audience of about 100k white/southern nationalists and nationalist populists in the US who already get the JQ. (Because that’s what he’d be left with if he jumped the shark on Fox News) He has to speak to the audience in front of him, and these are people who have to be spoon fed a bit at a time. They are moving our way. They most likely wouldn’t be moving our way if not for Carlson and Trump and the aftermath of the Trump presidency.

            You need to learn how to play the hand you are dealt instead of bitching that you didn’t get dealt a Royal Flush. A straight beats a pair, so when you get a straight; play it and be patient. That Royal Flush may come to you the next round. But if it doesn’t, a straight flush is going to beat a pair too.

  2. “Woke” is a form of Imperialism. Specifically, it’s a form of Anglo-American imperialism, which means it is a form of white supremacy. It’s an ideological descendant of Unitarianism by way of Universalism. “All men’s souls are equal.” Or as Yarvin memorably put it, “All Dogs go to Heaven.”

    It’s white supremacy because it demands all people, of all races, to mimic the cognition and social patterns of Northwestern European people, such as the Laws of Jante. All this stuff about turning in your parents to the authorities for wrong think is to take the side of the Duke of Sheh against Confucius in the story from the Analects.

    This could have worked for Americans except these instincts and ideologies have been hijacked to be anti-white and to favor mass immigration to replace Americans.

    So if we were to deal with the anti-whites, this sort of thing would work for us, as it leads to Liberalism, which is a white privilege.

  3. “It’s an ideological descendant of Unitarianism by way of Universalism. “All men’s souls are equal.”

    It’s BOTH an ideological, as well as a theological HERESY.
    And it must be stopped… BAMN.

    “We are all His Creation, but we are NOT all His OFFSPRING.” – Russian Orthodox Bishop

  4. If you want to genuinely understand something, begin by calling it by its correct name or give it a name that correctly reflects what it is. So from those advertisements, it appears time to rename that agency “The Soy-I-A.”

  5. I wonder when garlands doj will arrest tucker for making fun of And speaking out against the regime??

  6. Did anyone else notice that Sean Hannity was wearing a CIA lapel pin along with this dumb American flag pin? He was honoring the “patriots” who work in Langley to “defend” us.

    Sean Hannity: cuck of cucks.

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