Chris Hayes: Tennessee GOP Wants To Ban Lessons On Systematic Racism

What is systematic racism?

It can’t be the three-fifths compromise or the fugitive slave clause of the Constitution or the Dred Scott decision. This is all null and void in the 21st century.

It can’t be slavery which hasn’t existed as an institution in the United States since 1865. No one alive today has ever been a slave. No one alive today has great-grandparents that were slaves.

It can’t be Jim Crow segregation which hasn’t existed as an institution in the United States since 1965. The vast majority of Americans have never lived under segregation.

It can’t be White racism or prejudice. The polls show this has diminished to record lows and that the overwhelming majority of White Americans desperately want blacks to succeed.

It can’t be racists who control American institutions and who are conspiring to oppress blacks. If that were the case, it would be easy enough to identify the racists. Instead, American institutions are antiracist and discriminate against Whites and in favor of blacks and have done so for decades.

My best answer is that systematic racism is the stubborn persistence of racial inequality in our times in spite of the demise of slavery and segregation, the diminishing of White racism and prejudice, forced integration, decades of affirmative action and diversity ideology, trillions of dollars in social spending, a black president, the cult of White guilt and the stigmatization and marginalization of “racists” in all American institutions. Woke progressives have been flummoxed by reality itself and systematic racism is the mysterious, insidious force that has defeated them and kept blacks in their place in spite of their best efforts. It is an invisible conspiracy that permeates our system like translucent aether.

Progressives aren’t mature enough to accept reality and acknowledge that racial differences and differences between the sexes are hereditary and there is nothing that can be done about it. It is no one’s fault. This would demolish the foundation of their own ideology which is that human beings are equal and interchangeable units and that reality should conform to our will rather than accepting that our will should conform to reality. If racial inequality is natural, then there is no reason to believe it is a problem.

Note: The strongest argument against “antiracism” is that this progressive obsession has CONSUMED our country and literally everything has been thrown at tackling the problem and has miserably failed. Racial equality is by far the greatest monumental project ever undertaken by a civilization in all of world history. The problem is reality itself. These people are unable to come to grips with defeat. Colonizing Mars or traveling to Proxima Centauri is a far easier task than achieving racial equality.

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  1. It is no one’s fault??

    God made people different from one another, with different attributes and capabilities. It is Gods fault. The left is at war with God, the creator of all life.

    • @Mr. Browning…

      I totally agree – God made us, tribes, our psyches, and everything else, so, yes, The Left is at war with God, which makes them what?

      Moreover, The Left is just a convenient front, an uninformed mercenary force, if you will, for those who wish this war against Whites to be waged…

  2. The world must come to admit the segregationists were right all along. Look how more insane these Lefties are becoming each day. They can’t make racial integration work no matter what crazy schemes they come up with. Need a special day each year to honor those who warned us so we will never forget. I will remember my former minister who said that integration is from Satan and that segregation is from God. He condemned mixed race marriages and refused to perform the marriage ceremony for mixed race couples.

    By the way, this nation is headed for nuclear destruction because of all of our sins against God so all your crazy schemes are coming to an abrupt end soon. May God speed that day.

    May God Save the South!

    • @Banned…

      Yes, you are absolutely right – forcet integration not only has NOT workt, it has failed because the overwhelming majority of folks to not wish to integrate with those not of their tribe. I see this everyday in my small town – overwhelmingly the social interactions are Negro with Negro/White with White. Nothing has changed. In fact, in Jim Crow days we used to be far more integrated than we are now!

      What an irony!

      But, you cannot tell the Spirit of New England, which is the driving force behind The Modern United States, that they are trying to stick a square peg in a round hole.

      Nope, you cannot, because, when you do, they not only don’t listen, nor look, they flail away at you for being what they, ostensibly, regard as a ‘monster’.

      Yes, May God save the South!

  3. “cult of White guilt”…….good phrase!

    “Systematic Racism”…..just a covert term to instill more WHITE guilt, WHITE suppression and justify more black privilege.

    The mass brainwashing continues with intensity and subtilty.

  4. “There was no good in slavery”

    Uh….it saved many blacks from their African destiny to be cannibalized.

    Among WHITES, slaves were labor.
    Among blacks, slaves were food.

  5. “There was no good in slavery””

    Slavery also offered Blacks in North Carolina a better standard of living than they would have had otherwise.

    What folks do not take into account is that, when more than half of Whites had no idea where their next meal was coming from, if they could pay their rent, or buy sufficient quantities of firewood, much less hire a doctor, (in case of getting sick) Southern Negroes had a godly labour, a place where they were respected to be, guaranteed quality food and sufficient clothing, a rent free place to live, and always a doctor close at hand, without any consideration as to cost.

    We know all this by reading the plethora of comments left by those who lived through those eras, both White & Black.

    Folks today cannot think straight, for what Southern Negroes had is exactly what the Jew England Yankee United States’ Government is trying to give Whites today – guaranteed everything, but, with little say in anything.

    Think people, think…

  6. “Systemic Racism” is whatever systems are in place that enable Whites to exist separately from Blacks.

    The no-longer existent tracking system where children were separated by their ability and skill sets, i.e. mechanically inclined children were taken off the Academic track and steered towards shop, cosmetology, etc. Those with great scientific and mathematical acuity were steered towards courses we now describe as STEM. Those with great Academic skills were steered to AP and Social Sciences.

    This was ended when it was discovered that more Whites and Asians ended up in STEM, more Whites ended up in AP courses which would fast-track them to administrative positions that would create policy, and though Whites were represented well enough in trade classes, more “Latinx” and Blacks ended up there.

    That, for some mysterious reason only Our “Fellow Whites” can explain, Little Black children not being able to learn ANYTHING effectively unless they were “learning” in the same classes as little White children, is why we started in-sourcing our STEM jobs to Chinese spies and Hindus. Of course, once BIG CORP found Asians willing to work for less than any White males who still managed to learn ANYTHING, cheek to jowl, with Diversity…the more VIBRANT the better… they stopped hiring them, leaving them to settle for lower-paying jobs that would either keep them or push them back into poorer neighborhoods. WHO could have foreseen THAT?!

    Single Family Suburbs with Good Schools. Never mind that they exclude poor Whites, it is anathema that lack of affordability should be a barrier to ANY Black out there. Push that section 8. Whoops, not enough diversity to make formerly Bland White-Bread Neighborhoods REALLY vibrant, i.e. White teenage girls pushing strollers with mulattoes. Affordable dense housing is the way to go!

    Private schools. Here’s where we have to watch the Grand Old Stupid “Democrats R The REAL Racists” Party of Lincoln and their School Choice Vouchers. Here is where any White Race Realist should get down on the hands and knees thank GAWED ALMIGHTY for the Teachers Unions. Private schools will never pay them what they are currently being paid and they don’t get time off if they don’t show up and work in person. Safe…so far.

    Speaking of which … Federal, State, and Local Government Merit-Based Tests to qualify for a job for which one is applying. Got burned up long before tests qualifying firefighters did by The Wise Latina.

    Conversely acknowledging “White Privilege” is putting ANY system in place that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Whites to exist separately from Blacks and if THAT cannot be done hard enough to turn all Whites into Mulattoes, than they can be encouraged to run away from Whiteness by marrying some OTHER Non-White. Critical Race Theory is one of those measures to make sure that if any White does NOT want to be with Blacks, his life will be made so miserable as a White that s/he will, at least, not create MORE Whites or end up intermarrying with some OTHER Non-White.

    There is a part of me that thinks that the big push to bring all of Latin American into the country is not only about supplying another Wedge Group to blunt the threat/force of a Black Voting Bloc, but to give Whites a less different-looking race of Non-Whites to mix with. Surely, I’m not the only person out there who notices that the largest Non-White group Whites (both male and female) are mixing with are the “Latinx.”

    One reason is that the specter of CASTIZO grandchildren is less jarring to Whites than the specter of MULATTO grandchildren and, I also think, pragmatically speaking, for protection. Whites are not permitted to collectivize and form their own gangs that will protect them from Black aggressions. “Latinx” are not interfered with. One of California’s Mexican Mafia founders was a White male living in “vibrantly diverse” (at the time) Los Angeles before formerly White enclaves like Compton and Watts became formerly Black enclaves which were purged by groups like those.

    Don’t believe that “Latinx” don’t have to put up with any nonsense with the more VIBRANTS of Diversity. A couple of years ago a Black councilwoman in Florida tried to slap a White-looking man with the race card after he confronted her about using the ten item limit lane when she had a basket full of groceries:

    She should have sensed that SOMETHING was up, because, lets face it, rare is the White who will confront Diversity over anti-social behavior these days due to fears about the small stuff like Job Security, etc. But she didn’t.

    Instead of the usual groveling apology expected from a “racist cracka,” this “White” man defended himself!

    The result:

    The Black female professor who kept trying to provoke a “Latinx” police officer into being fired by taunting him by calling him a murderer and when THAT didn’t work called him a “Mexican racist cop” who wanted to be White and never would be was doxxed, outed and may have put her job in jeopardy.

    My guess is that the Sir Skittles, Trayvon Martin” BS would have never gone down if George Zimmerman had just changed his first name to Jorge and hyphenated Zimmerman to incorporate his mother’s “Afro-Peruvian” maiden name, we wouldn’t know who this innocent little Black boy was.

    So, MY suggestion is that any young White with small White children find a way to change their surnames to something Spanish and get very, very, VERY fluent in Spanish. The assumption will be that they are light-skinned Castizos like Eric Sparkes and be left alone and even benefit by getting jobs who want to score the Minority-Hiring points without actually having to deal with problems from the people for whom these points were created.

    • @Clytemnestra…

      “So, MY suggestion is that any young White with small White children find a way to change their surnames to something Spanish and get very, very, VERY fluent in Spanish.”

      I am not so sure that, if I were a parent today, that I would have children with my wife.

      More likely that I would move somewhere to Hungary or Russia, if I wanted to have a truly Southern family, sad to say.

    • There is a part of me that thinks that the big push to bring all of Latin American into the country is not only about supplying another Wedge Group to blunt the threat/force of a Black Voting Bloc, but to give Whites a less different-looking race of Non-Whites to mix with. Surely, I’m not the only person out there who notices that the largest Non-White group Whites (both male and female) are mixing with are the “Latinx.”

      Only a part of you thinks this? It is the primary reason. Whites are marked for dissolution.

  7. “Systemic” racism is used on Whites on a daily basis. No other race has been demonized more than Whites in the past or the the present.

  8. Secession.

    Honest Christendom, (no cults, sects, whack job ‘religions), death penalty for sodomy/lesbianism, OVERT White Supremacy, solid borders, non-usurious banking, maternity leave and a bonus for every child over two, every man employed (but put in positions where their IQ, Skills, and temperaments suit them) and women encouraged to either homeschool, or parochial schoolm(no more religiously ‘neutral’ BS) and term limits on any and ALL politicians…..

    Thy Kingdom come ON EARTH, as it is in Heaven.

    • @Father John…

      No to punishing people for exercising the sexual freewill The Good Lord gave them, Sir, but, yes, to the economick ideas, policies protecting the majority in the land, and, yes, to secession.

  9. Think about what is a Chris Hayes? Basically a dorky weird guy who was brainwashed along the way to hate himself and White people in general. He probably went to heavily White schools and was not in the league of the jocks or cute girls liking him much. He then goes into journalism where you are told what to say and how to think even more so.

    Suddenly ” gotcha journalism” becomes a reality where going after Republicans and White people gets better ratings than the previous nice guy liberal approach. Now it’s all scorched earth anti normalcy and pro everything black. Hayes simply rides that gravy train like the lunatic Chris Cuomo and others. Of course all know that without Whites the country is done and the fact they live in White areas while attacking Whites proves that point. They figure they will be dead or too old to care if the Us literally becomes like Guatemala or Rwanda. Just keep cashing them checks is their motto.

    All the media does is stick a nobody face in the camera and that face then blabbers away. Suddenly the great act is what Chris Hayes or Chris Cuomo or Joy Reid says actually means something. As individuals they are overrated and grossly overpaid to hate on America. But the power of the television does mean something. It makes our world seem much smaller.

    I remember many years ago seeing Johnny Cochran on the street walking with a friend of his. I decided I wanted to say ” Fu” to Johnny. Suddenly just watching him and his friend walking into a sea of people with virtually zero eyes even glancing at him or knowing who he was taught me a lesson on the powers of television and real life. Television made him huge. Reality on the street had no idea who he was or did not care. That hit me big and I simply decided to turn off and not curse out Cochran.

    Chris Hayes and Joy Reid are nothing but shit stirrers. They do nothing good and only look to bring problems. Their overlords see there is money in never ending dissention. Years back such overlords would be jailed or fined out of existence for seditious acts. Now they take in big bucks by doing it. This is what happens when too much diversity is allowed to flourish.

  10. Clytemnestra – agreed and well said.

    Going Whiter Hispanic is a very viable option .

    The beloved American racist cowboy actor John Wayne had 3 wives all Latinas .

    His children and grandchildren look and act great,

    Our German/Nordic genes are strong – mate with a somewhat White Latina and your children should look and sing like Linda Rhonstadt.

    White Hispanics in Spain and Chile , Uruguay did a lot better that our White Anglos in England, USA did in the 20th century .

  11. @Jaye – What!? Voluntarily genocide our bloodlines?? NO. I can, however, understand something covert, like a name change as suggested. I personally stopped checking the “White” box a long time ago.

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