Rising: GOP Account Owns Moms To Own The Libs

I haven’t been been able to keep tabs on these people since I was banned from Twitter where I mocked them for years. I’m not alone though in my belief that the GOP own themselves by clinging to an antiquated ideology and an unpopular policy agenda that is out of sync with the electorate.

Note: I spent years making fun of Trump and the GOP to the point where I really got bored with it. Making fun of shitlibs has been a refreshing change of pace. It is a turkey shoot on both sides.

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  1. This tweet show perfectly the internal antagonism between social conservatism and big business interests within the GOP of the last several decades. And when the two have come into conflict, the big business side always wins.

    Back in the 70s and into the early 80s people still voiced concerns over mothers going to the work force and spending all of their time working. They talked about the latchkey kid generation and how without parental interaction the kids would all grow up to be maladjusted psychopaths or whatever. Now it’s so normal that the “conservative” party tries to shame mothers into going to work.

    • How dare women take care of their own children. They should be working to take care of the children of the elite, providing them goods and services they may want.

      Peasants are so selfish these days. It’s so hard to get good help.

  2. Not surprised the GOP would be pushing for women to get back to work over being mothers, wife’s and homemakers. The GOP does not stand for traditional values.

  3. Maybe they’ll realize that working a job sucks and it’s much more fulfilling to raise their children. The term RINO is meaningless, because “Republican” is also meaningless. They stand for nothing, other than shekel-grabbing..

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