Jesus Statue Toppled, American Flag Burned At Catholic Church In Brooklyn

Impeccable timing.

This occurred less than 24 hours after Joe Biden gave the signal to his base that he was on the side of the Antifa and BLM mobs who go around vandalizing and toppling statues.

New York Post:

“A statue of Jesus was smashed and an American flag burned outside a Catholic church in Brooklyn — in what cops are calling a possible hate crime.

The incident occurred around 10 p.m. Thursday when an unknown person hopped the fence at St. Athanasius Church on Bay Parkway at 61st Street in Bensonhurst, police said.

The vandal pushed over a statue of Jesus’s crucifixion, breaking it into pieces, and torched an American flag hanging outside the rectory, according to cops.

The church’s pastor, Msgr. David Cassato, noticed the act of vandalism around 8 a.m. Friday and reported it to the NYPD, the Diocese of Brooklyn said in a statement. …”

BTW, why would he do that anyway?

Why would Joe Biden be against building statues of these people? Why does he have a problem with George Washington? It is because of his base who are largely college-educated, middle class people who are atheists drunk on social justice ideology who despise their own race and country.

I will point you to this recent study which confirms everything I have said about how political polarization is being driven by attitudes toward modernism, cosmopolitanism, antiracism or wokeness.

Pew Research Center:

Progressive activists succeeded in achieving their goal of “Defund the Police” in New York City last summer. At the height of the George Floyd mania in early June, they had the police hugging them and kneeling before the mob. Naturally, this display of weakness was rewarded by a massive explosion in violent crime with a 97% increase in shootings and a 45% increase in homicide.

Note: It is getting really bad in New York City.

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  1. Lots of pissed of Catholics out there with sore a-holes from encounters with Priests and Nuns. But, being Brooklyn, New Yawk, it could be a Jew waging war on Christians like those in Palestine.

    I doubt there is a White Protestant in 40 miles of Brooklyn. LOL.

      • Just like the “Roberts” family. LOL. The estimate is that there are only 2% or 3% White Protestants in the entire New York City, and, they are mostly confined to Manhattan.

        • You are a damn moron and a troll. It’s an objective fact that Brooklyn Heights is the richest neighborhood in Brooklyn and that it is still mostly white Protestant. Those houses almost never go to market, they are owned by the same rich liberal WASP families who owned them a hundred years ago.

          Why is this troll allowed to comment here? Hunter, can you give a direct answer please about this specific long term troll? Allowing outrageous lies and slander of about a third of white Americans and the third largest white ethnic group in the country is harmful to our movement. Please address this now.

          • It’s my opinion that some of the commenters have no real life experience outside of their own neighborhood. You notice that…the longest posts have nothing to say. They just like to take up as much space on a site as they can.

            Some of them are fans of the old Paleo-conservatives, that turned a blind eye, and didn’t do a damn thing about all of the “immigrant” invasion and anti-white agenda, because it never affected them personally.

            Just ignore the trolls. They can’t take your knowledge from you, and I think some of them are allowed to post because they either donate money, or it’s for theatrical entertainment on here.

    • I am half a mile away jackass. The neighborhood was all Italian for generations. Clean, no crime, and families everywhere. Church bells rang and people were happy. Now instead of heading to Bensonhurst to pick up ravioli we pick up curry. Brooklyn was a paradise for almost two hundred years for half my family now they have all fled leaving just my two elderly parents and a very pissed off 30 something white guy.

      When did Protestants and Anglos become the standard bearers for the West. It seems if there is a trannie, gay or woke statement made by non tribe members it is a fellow protestant Anglo

      • @Captain Shill…

        I left my childhood home for the very same things that have befallen your community.

        It was painful, but, more painful would have been staying.

        In every large city I know of, in Dixie, Southern Culture and ways have been ousted, and those who attempted to stop that, reviled.

        So, I live in deep Rural Dixie, where the culture is so isolated and inward it is largely impregnable to the draconian forces of post WWII America at play.

        By the way, I have every respect for Italian Americans, for I have found them to be a very honourable, loyal, and reliable people.

        • @Ivan at what point do we stop fleeing is the question. My family comes from the deep deep South on one side and on the East coast on the other. They have all fled and now when I go to visit in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland it actually looks worse in parts. At least the ghettos tend to stay in the ghettos I am more concerned about these world bazaar hellscapes where Indians own all the small shops, Asians own all the markets, Hispanics take every jobs from the ones we did in high school stocking shelves to bank tellers. A world bazaar where I am a permanent guest despite riding down streets I remember walking to purchase baseball cards and candy with my great grandfather… while he would tell me about his grandfather also on the same streets

    • Also Krafty why do you post here. are you a Fed or just a provocateur who likes causing infighting and disharmony as a means of keeping us distant and unorganized. Your comments always suck and you are just an all around shit person whose Catholic and various European bashing makes you unwanted in my opinion. I come here to be with my brothers not some angry little weasal

      • @Captain Shill…

        Krafty is neither a Fed nor a provacateur, he is just an old Anglo Southerner who attributes everything good to those of us with his blood and everything bad to those who do not have it.

        He lives in that world, as he is entitled to do, but, now you know, so you do not have to get vext.

        • @Ivan you dont explicitly agree with all my views nor do I with yours but you are always well spoken, informed and respectful. You and everyone else here are family to me and although I blackpill i never do this purity spiraling bullshit because looking around I dont see many allies trying to preserve culture and Faith. Renegade, TRS and almost everyone outside of Brad and Sven Longshanks does the same think as Krafty claiming Christians are all fools or you need to be exiled if your great grandmother was Jewish, and that none of us are pure enough.

          Glenn Greenwald isnt our enemy and neither is an Irish Catholic or an old Anglican Scot. After a day of seeing all my ancestors built now a slum of bodegas Sikh temples, check cashing joints and Dominican hair salons which resembles the Star Wars cantina I dont need to come here and have half my German Catholic family called child molesters and perverts. If you arent willing to use your real name then atleast try and be supportive of each other.

        • He’s a troll. The last white nationalist who thought like that about Catholics died 50 years ago. He is some kind of anti-white imitating a “bigoted” Protestant from the 1800’s to sow division among whites.

          • Atbotl,

            You and Captain Shill are to be commended for what you wrote. While I am not a white nationalist I do share some mutual enemies with your cause. The current rulers of the USA are demented and deranged and pose a moral and temporal threat to all sane humanity.

          • It makes perfect sense to be anti-catholic. The Roman catholic church is doctrinally liberal and globalist. Papism is not merely a set of apolitical religious beliefs, but a political worldview as well. And since the first Vatican council, that worldview has been explicitly liberal and globalist, which is why the Roman catholic church has supported every liberal globalist initiative from the league of nations onward. Before the first Vatican council, it was still possible for papism to be otherwise, but that council permanently altered the constitution of the church itself such that it can only be pure evil from that point onward.

            All Roman catholics are members of the largest anti-White organization in the entire world. When they give their money to the pope, they are funding anti-whiteness and globalist liberalism. Therefore, they are our enemies. It is not possible to be both Roman catholic and pro-White.

          • While the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy has been dismal from the Twentieth Century on, it wasn’t the RCC laypeople or clergy that lost the West. It was two WASPs (Churchill and FDR) and a Georgian atheist communist (Stalin) that pulled that most anti-white endeavor in history off.

          • Some of these comments make me so incredibly sad. Those of you who seek to make more enemies than you already have which is the entire power structure. Good luck. Anyone that supports a vast majority European State with Christian Western values is my friend. Thanks to,Cristina and ATBOL for being decent rational people. If we stood together we would be a lot stronger than this nonsense.

        • @ Captain Shill…

          “Anyone that supports a vast majority European State with Christian Western values is my friend. ”

          I totally agree.

          Yes, ATBOTL & Miss Cristina deserve praise for being constructive!

  2. I don’t much care about American flag, but why do they topple Jesus statues? Why would anyone hate Jesus Christ? Who are these people that hate Christ?

    • Are you serious? The Jews hate Christ and have for 2,000 years. Christ was the son of God. He had the power of God in the palm of his hand. The Jews wanted Christ to enslave and subjugate all non-Jews on the face of this earth and proclaim worldwide Jew rule. Christ refused and chose to die instead. And he been hated for his refusal by the Jews ever since.

    • @VP…

      They see Christ as a symbol of The White West, so that is why he gets knockt down.

  3. Jew Power on display in Gaza

    Jew Power on display in Brooklyn

    The Antifa=Jew Power on full display

    1967….The USS Liberty…Jew Power on full display

    9/11…Dancing Israeli Art Students on a NJ Roof top…Jew Power on full display

    What is happening in Gaza today?

  4. Why ?

    It is relatively simple. Keep the brats distracted and busy. Also hope that Trumpenreich let itself provoked and joins the fight.

    So The Swamp gets the war of their dream where Trumpenreich fights with brats and both enemies will destroy each other. Same shit with races. Defund the police, then Negro will loot, sooner or later whites start shooting for self defense and long awaited race war is here. Also both sides get destroyed, while The Swamp sits back and laughs.

    But thanks to wise leader Donald, Trumpenreich keeps low profile after the 6th January, So it is very difficult to provoke Trumpenreich into fight and this means that The Swamp must deal with brats by itself.

    Until now Donald plan works. Keep own supporters safe and away and let both enemies rip themselves apart.

  5. As long as the murders are contained among blacks BLM is like a self cleaning oven.

  6. I know where this church is. I have went by it many times. It’s on the edge of the Orthodox Jewish section of Brooklyn and a Chinese/Mexican/Russian neighborhood that used to be Italian. It’s miles away from the hipster part of BK and those people literally never go to Bensonhurst. Zero chance any kind of antifa did this. There are a lot ex-USSR muslims in that area including people from Uzbekistan, who are in IMO, the most likely culprits. There are also muslim Arabs, especially from Yemen, near there.

  7. Iimagine that, in Broiklyn *yiddish accent*.
    statue of Jesus was smashed , a jewish wet dream.

    • I doubt it was Orthodox Jews, they would not burn an American flag. It could have been some moron juvenile delinquent with no particular agenda. It could have been a drunk Mexican or Central American retard gangbanger type. Could be a mentally ill person. Statue vandalizers who are caught are often diagnosed schizos. Or could it be a muslim.

  8. “college-educated, middle class people who are atheists drunk on social justice ideology who despise their own race”

    but who steers their opinions, in the media ?
    Who indoctrinates them in college ?

    Sure they are dirty, they swim in the mud of kosher persuasion.

  9. I love the NYC subway. Once when I was a teenager, I was on a Broadway BMT – a relatively safe line that goes to mostly white areas and avoids all the black areas – after 4AM when the clubs get out and there were these really drunk British guys with mullets saying stuff like “This is NYC, mate? Where are the real hard men at!?” I pointed on the map to Pennsylvania Ave. in East New York and told them “go there and act just like you’re acting now.” Some old black lady coming from work as a office cleaner was like “no, no, no!”

    Of course I had a knife as did at all times then. I used to take knives into clubs, I would wear two pairs of underwear to trap the knife where a pat down from the bouncers couldn’t feel it. One time they had a metal detector so I hid my knife in a garbage can and the garbage got taken out by the time I came back. That was a nice German made Leopard too. Real criminals back then only carried cheap knifes from Chinatown in case they had to ditch it. They had stores on Canal St. that sold only knives, illegal fireworks and porn tapes.

    This was the Club MTV era and the countless underage girls with fake ID’s at the clubs were looking fine in spandex minis, cycling outfits and long, long hair. My friends smoked a joint with Bud Bundy at the Palladium once at the height of his career, but I never smoked weed or even drank. I only went to clubs for the music. That was a crazy time. There were some good things about it. The crime and filth kept certain kinds of annoying people away. It would be hilarious to see modern hipsters dropped into circa 1991 NYC. I used to go to metal shows where almost everyone there was a biker, skinhead or hispanic gang member with neck tattoos. The kind of hipsters who listen to that music now would have been beat up immediately by people who just didn’t like how they looked.

  10. Woke Progressives are simply permanently stuck in their teenage period – they merely against anything that is, or ever has been, American.

    That’s bad enough, but, when you start to think how The United States’ Government Complex uses them, it gets downright sinistre.

  11. Possible hate crime? If it was a synagogue or a Mosque, the FBI would would spare no resources to find the culprits.

  12. Bensonhurst used to be solidly Italian Catholic; now it’s an uglified mess old homes that once housed big Italian families with gardens in the backyards, mostly bought by greedy rich Chinese and Russian Jew speculators and slumlords, and rented/sold to other 1965-“Americans”.

    New York City was for much of its history* a >90% White supermajority, falling rapidly by late 1960s with White Flight as crime began to skyrocket as new 1965 immigrants and illegals moved in… Not only overwhelmingly White, NYC was rather culturally conservative. West Coast-style radical leftist progressivism is new phenomenon to NYC. In 1861, after the South had seceded, ‘Copperhead’ bastion NYC under Mayor Fernando Wood tried to secede from the Union. In 1863, Lincoln had to send in federal troops to put down the “Draft Riots” from poor Irish/ethnic White Catholic types being drafted to go invade the South paying the price in blood to make rich abolitionist Yankee Puritan women feel righteous…

    During Easter Week this year, an image went viral of 1956 New York City skyline lit up with crosses for Easter.

    As recently as 1970s-1980s, Jewish producer Norman Lear didn’t have to go deep down South to make a show depicting crude stereotypes of backward bigoted racist White man with exaggerated ‘unsophisticated’ accents–just to Donald Trump’s home borough of Queens, New York for old school ‘politically incorrrect’ working class white “Archie Bunker” archetype once typical of NYC, particularly in Outer Boros Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island.

    Today, of the 5 boroughs, only ‘Red Boro’ Staten Island still stands as conservative White-majority ‘old stock’ New Yorker stronghold where Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Bozo won 20% of the vote (almost all from the deep blue housing projects along the North Shore whither rich white and Jewish Manhattan liberals shipped inner city blacks without asking SI locals, so their own Manhattan property values could go up…)

    *In 1910 Census, NYC was 98.0% White. In 1920 Census, NYC was 97.1% White.
    ??In 1930 Census, NYC was 95.1% White. In 1940 Census, NYC was 93.7% White.??
    In 1950 Census, NYC was 90.2% White. In 1960 Census, NYC was 85.3% White.
    In 1970 Census, NYC was 77.2% White and 64.2% White, No Hispanic or Latino.??
    In 1980 Census, NYC was 61.5% White and 52.4% White, No Hispanic or Latino.??
    In 1990 Census, NYC was 52.3% White and 43.4% White, No Hispanic or Latino.
    ??In 2000 Census, NYC was 44.7% White and 35.1% White, No Hispanic or Latino.??
    In 2010 Census, NYC was 44.0% White and 33.3% White, No Hispanic or Latino.?…?
    ?In 2015 ACS, NYC estimated 43.4% White and 32.5% White, No Hispanic or Latino.? ?

  13. November,

    Thank you for your comment up above. Yes, the 20th/21st century Catholic hierarchy is disgusting beyond words but the Faith and the Dogmas do not change. There are millions like me. If white nationalists were smart they would tone down their anti-catholicism but they are not smart.

    I will continue to here and there check in.

    • Hello, Dear Cristina!

      A couple of notes –

      #1. There are tens and tens of millions of ‘White Nationalists’ in this country, of every size, shape, and form.

      Most of them are underspoken, civil, hard working, and respectful people – not at all like some of the venomous churlish gabpies you can find online.

      Please do not judge all those people by the dark lights of a few wingnuts.

      #2. The Roman Catholick Church is just great. That the upper heirarchy has largely gone to hell, is not indicative of oh, so many many parishes, where priest, deacons, and parishioners embody godliness, and do, so much godly work.

      My wife is a Roman Catholick convert, and the two of us have oft attended one of those churches, most of which we have greatly appreciated.

      Be well!

      • Ivan,

        Thank you for your kind words and sensible response. Nowadays I mostly just ignore certain comments. I only made a comment in support of Atbotl and Captain Shill because they deserved a compliment.

        It is as you wrote. Most people on this website are here for racial and moral reasons not for religious infighting.

        As you can see I am now so used to certain types of comments on here that I am fairly calm. At this point the anti-Catholic comments on this website seem forced and artificial as if they are just baiting rather than true fanaticism.

        Oh, and my compliments to your wife.

    • The dogma did change, in the first and second Vatican councils (and has been theologically flawed since the scholastic period). It’s time to face reality. Roman catholicism is a provably false religion.

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