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    • You mean, another JEW years?

      Yup. Bet your matzo balls….

      Secession. Towards a White, Christian, Anglo Ethnostate. And nothing less.

  1. The rise in fuel prices doesn’t only effect transportation costs, farm equipment requires fuel too!

  2. “Stew Leonard’s CEO, rising consumer prices are being caused by 1.)…..?

    BS. BS. BS.

    inflation is caused by unsound money policies.
    Artificially low interest.
    Fed buying gov debt.
    Fake gov stats, ie inflation, unemployment, no m3 stats
    Massive money printing.

    Lies stacked upon lies.

    • Inflation is also caused by a collapse in the supply chain. A lot of businesses were destroyed by the reaction to the pandemic, so now demand isn’t being met. So now the businesses that survived can get away with charging more for their produce, because there isn’t as much competition in the market place.

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