WND: Woman Shocked By Woke Books In Baby Section At Barnes and Noble

I recently had an old friend and longtime commentator here contact me about this very issue.

World Net Daily:

“BOCA RATON, Florida – A South Florida woman was so shocked recently by “woke” and “cancel culture” books being sold in the baby section of Barnes & Noble, she recorded the titles and posted them on Facebook.

“OH MY LORD. Parents please wake up and see what is happening!” says Renee Times, a Republican precinct committeewoman in Palm Beach County.

“I took a trip to #barnesandnoble to buy a children’s gift check out some of these titles and how our children are being indoctrinated into this #woke Cancel Culture we are witnessing right before our eyes.”

“You gotta be kidding me. I’m at Barnes & Noble. Look at these books!” Times says in the video as she peruses titles, even flipping some to see what’s on the back. …”

NBC Narratives:

“Some — usually straight — women I know turn themselves inside out to set a feminist agenda for their children: They refuse to let their kids watch Disney movies and eschew all things pink and princessy for their daughters; they adopt gender neutral wardrobes for themselves and their children; they carefully purchase books starring strong female protagonists. …

Even though some women have reaped the hard-fought rewards of more than a century of feminism — for instance, women as a whole earn more college degrees than men and we sit in more congressional seats than ever before in U.S. history — we can’t seem to rid our homes of the gross inequalities that persist between mothers and fathers, especially in the age of Covid-19, even though men today do more housework and child care than in previous generations. …”

Yes, if you go into your local Barnes and Noble, you will find this garbage on prominent display. They will usually have a display full of “antiracist” books Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility and Ibram X. Kendi’s How To Be An Antiracist out front. There are also books like this in the kids section.

It is never too early to start to teaching your kid how to protest for social justice or why they should hate themselves for being White or why they should resent men or why they are “trans.” Wokeness is a pseudo-religion for college-educated professionals who are atheists. This is their equivalent of devotional literature. The same stores have large sections for Christian books here in the South.

Most Americans are only dimly aware of what is going on in progressive marriages and families. They may have heard about drag queen story hour, but they haven’t heard yet about the trans men who are getting ghosted on dates, polyamory, young men being taught how to wear makeup by Jeffree Star, the trend of non-monogamy, chest feeding progressive dads and people who are raising their children as genderless theybies or how public schools are promoting miscegenation in sex education. Progressive men also have all kinds of bizarre fetishes like letting black men fuck their wives.

Note: It is not just progressives. Jerry Falwell, Jr., for example, liked to watch the pool boy have sex with his wife. This poison like gender fluidity eventually seeps out into the wider culture.

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    • Yessir. Antibodies arose out of Weimar to combat the cancer. I have little hope such a thing will happen here.

  1. How better to learn protest and how to fight power than buying a twenty five dollar elitist approved book from a corporate bookstore. Really speaks about being an underdog and oppressed

  2. We bought hundreds of older children’s books, mostly at thrift stores. Pre-1970 children’s books are wholesome with Christian values and you have the added bonus that in most of them all of the children and characters are white.

    • @Rex Stetson – I did the same over the years. Also some luck still finding them on e-bay, though they are pricier there. It is getting hard to find them other than on-line, at least in my region of the country.

  3. Meanwhile, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian parents are steeping their children in high culture, (theirs and other peoples’), science, literature, music and mathematics, as ours are deliberately turned into imbeciles.

    We are so screwed. God help us when the next major war comes. People will fight and die for family and home. But who wants to fight and die for tranny rights, tatooed Nu-males, 300 pound bull dykes or sjw’s who torch cities over the self-induced death of a middle-aged fentanyl addict?

  4. Who needs a JQ when the much more looming question is the WQ? The White Question. Or the AQ, although that doesn’t semantically work here, because “Aryan” means “Noble One,” and the last thing whites are these days is noble.

      • Re: “The smarter whites aren’t reproducing”: Depends on what you mean by “smarter.” The birth rate for self-identified conservative Americans is something like 3.3 kids per family, whereas the birth rate for self-identified liberal Americans is something like 1.8 kids per family, largely due to liberal women’s love of abortion and choosing to pursue careers. (1.8 actually seems to be a bit too high, based on my observations of the majority of lib women being promiscuous, self-absorbed, childless “wine aunts” / “fur moms” into their 40s.) And despite the welfare queen stereotype, the black American birth rate is dwindling, due to their women having an even stronger love of abortion than liberal white women do, due to having even more casual sex and due to the extremely high occurrence of rape by black males. Everyone should look up the absolutely mind-boggling STD rates of black women.
        My point is that, if not for mass immigration, conservatives would be dramatically increasing their share of the population every year, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

  5. She won’t call out the jews writing/illustrating these books (Mermberg, Lukashevsky etc.) because the bible sez that god stands with those who stand with Israel.

    And they wonder why they always lose.

    • Yep. They are all saints, all of them Jesus himself. It’s clear how they just choose to look past the source of the problems.

  6. It’s not that new. What about Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the like. Would you have your boy read that? They want to turn white boys into betas and girls into men. Smells like feminism. Agree with prior commenters about older books: the wholesome material is out there, you just have to search for it.

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