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  1. Our Friend Israel!!!

    The slaughter of the crew of the USS LIBERTY IN 1967…

    Our Friend Israel!!

    The ADL

    13 year Mary Phagan’s corpse

    Leo Frank

    Our friend Israel!!!

    Dancing Israeli Art Students on a New Jersey rooftop…9/11..

  2. Human rights don’t matter when it comes to Israel. They are exempt from those charges under US policy.

  3. Remember Hamas wanted to send a group to Whitefish and how fast that thing got shut down? Remember?? You can’t have whites uniting Muslims that would be a disaster for the Jews. That is why the Irish are so useful for the Jews they stir the pot of Muslim hatred for their Jew masters and keep two Jew enemies from uniting.

    And by the way, no American government representative from Biden on down will even talk to Hamas. They will speak not one word to these people, that is how totally controlled Biden and his group are.

    • >Remember Hamas wanted to send a group to Whitefish and how fast that thing got shut down?

      That never happened – that was called a “troll.” Frankly, it was a pretty damn hilarious troll – they even printed it in the newspaper – but of course Anglin was just making it up.

      Do you REALLY believe that Anglin ever spoke with anyone from Hamas, or that Hamas would ever come to Montana because of a real estate dispute with Richard Spencer’s mom and a local anti-white Jew?

      Of course you don’t believe that – you are trolling.

      >That is why the Irish are so useful for the Jews

      Just like your fellow troll whats-his-name – you’re probably the same person – is always talking about “the Roman Catholics” you are always talking about “the Irish” because those are the largest groups of Whites in America so you and your trolls always try to start fights.

      It’s not working, Chaim. It actually just makes everyone even more interested in why people like you – SPLC interns one assumes – are so obsessed with regular white Americans getting together and discussing things with a Jew Minder.

      That really gets your goat, doesn’t it? Ha ha!

      • It bothers the living crap out of you that I see you as you really are, doesn’t it Mick? Don’t worry Mick, the Jews will protect you. You are safe from the hand of God. They will protect you.

        • Anglin was joking. Amazingly the woman there thought it was serious.

  4. If we had a “corporate” media, it might have a somewhat wider variety of takes. What we have is a jewish controlled media.

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