Tucker Carlson: The UFO Threat

Editor’s Note: The dam is bursting on the UFO issue. Make of that what you will. It is all over the media. It might be a godsend for the media.

We’ve got all the ingredients for a ripe fall.

  • A Roman Empire-level of cultural degeneration
  • A senile, doddering president who is little more than a figurehead
  • A Democrat hack from Raytheon in charge of the Pentagon
  • A military which is focused on recruiting trans girls and women who have two moms who fight for social justice
  • A military which has been overwhelmed by political correctness and transformed by progressive activists into an arena for social experiments and persecuting normal people

Oh … and this is the best part.

Washington Post:

“When the Navy pilot first spotted the strange object hovering in restricted airspace off the Atlantic Coast, he was stunned — no exhaust plume, no visible engine and all the makings of something secret, something mysterious or dangerous.

But years later, Ryan Graves sounded almost bored as he recounted for a national television audience his history with unidentified aerial phenomena — UAPs, better known as UFOs.

Perhaps because for him and some of his former Navy colleagues, such a sighting became a regular occurrence.

“Every day,” Graves said in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday. “Every day for at least a couple years.” …”

You have all these things buzzing aircraft carriers, submarines, missile silos, nuclear installations, etc. It is nothing new and has been going on in plain sight for decades. It just seems to be getting harder not to notice. It is happening more frequently and being captured on video now. Supposedly, we are starting to see them like every day now. These things are diving in and out of the ocean.

What are they?

It is definitely not a drone. It was going on long before drones existed and these things are said to be capable of doing things which are far beyond the capabilities of any known drones.

Is it Russian or Chinese technology? If the Russians or Chinese had this technology, I think it is safe to say that we would have been booted out of Eurasia a long time ago by them.

Is it an elaborate hoax as some conspiracy theorists suspect that is being rolled out now for some reason? Maybe because of our advanced state of national disintegration? Maybe things have gotten so bad in recent years that sharing the news about these things makes more sense than covering it up?

Is it Louis Farrakhan’s Mother Wheel or John de Nugent’s Fourth Reich?

Seriously though, if these things were up to something at, say, the bottom of the ocean in international waters and had the ability not to disturb the natives of this planet, would we ever know?

Anton has a cool new video on our galactic neighborhood.

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  1. Didn’t “Report From Iron Mountain” consider UFOs/extraterrestrials as a potential replacement of war? I remember Paul Krugman suggesting they would be a good economic stimulus.

    What Zi wonder is what are they trying to distract our attention away from.

  2. Here’s a story that you should running: White 4 year old kidnapped and killed by nigger while sleeping in his house. Where’s the outrage by the jew media or Whites for that matter? Either we wake up and start acting like strong Whites and stop worrying about optics and what the jew media thinks and says, we will continue to see these stories.


    • “Where’s the outrage by the jew media or Whites for that matter?”


      The very reason we need all WHITE medias.

    • @ john, i just read thee story about thee little boy, i am seething, my rage is quiet, this early morning, thee only thought, i have , too give me or anyone else, that would care any comfort, is knowing my god, had his soldiers there, as thee young child drew his last breath, he was gathered up, he is with our lord, now he knows, joy unspeakable, i cry out too you lord, avenge his blood, they war against us, father in heaven, my blood has risen in my face, we trust you father, comfort thee little boys mother father, i ask you , too protect our young, our weak and vulnerable, your innocent ones, father in heaven, i hate with everything in me, what has been done too this young one and thee rest of my people, our children, are not safe in their wombs, their not even safe in their beds, how long father, how long, i trust you father, your will be done.

    • I wonder why that story wasn’t on CBS, NBC, or ABC? White lives don’t matter to jewish media bosses, and blacks must be portrayed as eternal victims and saints.

    • Indeed. The aliens we should worry about have pubic hair on their heads, an average IQ of 70, and lives that greatly matter. Liberal cockroaches are now helping them take over the country. I’d rather live under the rule of aliens from Alpha Centauri. Presumably, they would at least be smart.

  3. >What are they?

    Transparent Pentagon propaganda, which they trot out every decade or so. It’s a lie. Why believe in this crap anymore than “Saddam’s WMDs” and “Iraqis did OKC” and the rest of the lies?

    It’s all 100% complete bullshit.

  4. Reports of UFO sitings occur with astonishingly high frequency within the borders of the USA. Yet outside the USA not so much. Apparently there’s something about the USA that attracts UFOS. 😉

    In the UK they had their biggest UFO incident called the Rendlesham Forest Incident. A UFO appeared near a RAF airbase, which was occupied at the time by the *US Airforce*. Again those dastardly UFOs following Americans.

    Another thing, convincing but always blurry footage, of UFOs has only started being released after computers got good at CGI (computer generated imagery). Before CGI, if they released any footage of UFOs at all, it was nothing but hubcaps suspended on wires. Despite the gun cameras that have been installed on all US warplanes since WW2, there was never any footage of UFOs released by the government until CGI.

    What did Fox Mulder’s UFO poster in his office say?

    I want to believe.

    The real truth is

    (((They))) want you to believe.

    • Andrew Anglin speculates that if the great retarded masses are receptive to the hoax, then (((they))) will produce an actual alien encounter. And the aliens will, of course, say that we must have a one-world government, take drastic steps to counter global warming, and allow trannies total freedom of action.

    • @Alien Jay

      “On 3rd August 1965, Rex Heflin took three photographs of a UFO, using a Polaroid camera, through the windscreen of his truck (he was a highway traffic inspector) near Santa Ana, California.”

      What most people don’t know, is that Rex Heflin was a model railroader, who’s O gauge layout had appeared at least twice, in Model Railroader Magazine. The UFO was actually an O gauge railroad wheel, suspended on a thread. Rex used his skill as a modeller and photographer to fool a lot of people. His pics of railroad models looked like the real thing, too.

    • @Spahnranch1970

      Interdimensional hypercraft, as Vallee calls them.

      If there’s bleed through between dimensions, then our aircraft are somebody else’s UFOs.

    • You think all these people are lying? Maybe, but I doubt it.

      The accounts are all similar. I’m seeing a real pattern.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are visited by others. I don’t care for the media accounts, but some pilots are on record. I knew an Aussie pilot years ago and asked him if he saw anything out there.

    I haven’t but I know others who have. Could be distraction, but some people have seen wild stuff in the skies.

    We will probably never know. Very unfortunate.

  6. I’m disappointed in Tucker for taking this UFO quackery seriously. These are artifacts within the camera, they “move” as fast as you can move the camera around. Another one is clearly an out of focus image of a standard beacon flashing on a civilian aircraft. No there are no aliens coming here on the sly. We know enough about the laws of physics to know the serious engineering challenge of interstellar travel and the massive energies involved would be detectable by our technologies. Nor is intelligent life nearly as probable as fiction has duped the public into believing it to be. I am more inclined to favor the “Rare Earth” hypothesis. We need the professional UFO debunkers like the late Phillip Klass to show that these are optical illusions within the camera, or jittery out of focus images of ordinary phenomenon. The broadcast started out so well by letting this generation of fatherless bastards ponder the consequences of a new Chinese boss telling them what to do and went on to show the craziness of a new woke military of little girls that is joke. Too bad it degenerated into UFO quackery.

    • If these were extraterrestrial craft of some sort, even with spectacularly advanced propulsion/navigation systems they would still be governed by the laws of science. They just would have very advanced scientific knowledge that these outer space people had exploited beyond our present knowledge. An analogy might be if P-51 fighter planes from WWII/Korea were seen flying over the U.S. in the 1850’s, the decade before the Civil War.

      The people of the 1850’s in U.S East Coast cities with universities with scientific establishments would be baffled at first. Lighter than air balloon flight with hydrogen as the lifting agent was well understood and heat engines using steam were also well known. The mathematics of lifting surfaces (wings) and propellers weren’t well known but if such an aircraft were to be studied by scientific minds of the 1850’s they would be able to relate the “advanced” 1940’s technology to their own and see it as simply the application of advanced knowledge, not black magic.

      Apparently none of the UFOs show any displacement of the atmosphere or ocean as they make their travels over the U.S. Atmospheric turbulence is detectable on radar and craft moving underwater, just like aircraft displace their own volume as they move. This phenomenon is also detectable under water with synthetic aperture radar used to detect travelling submarines underwater. There is never any mention of atmospheric or underwater displacement from these UFOs, something consistent with light which does not displace its volume as it’s projected.

      These phenomena seem more closely related to light i.e. reflections, atmospheric disturbance, illusion and mirage more than a real outer space vehicle.

    • Thank God, the Earth is flat, and the universe revolves around it. It really is still the 5th century. Forever.

      Interesting that you would want that retard Phil Klass around…

  7. Most likely optical illusions plus US Military psyops….The number one threat to the Native Born White American Working Class are the Hindus…Sikhs…Chinese….Muslims….Koreans…who are coming to America Legally who along with their US born nonwhite children nullify the White Vote on POTUS Election Day-like they did on Nov 3 2020….

    The late great physicist John Wheeler wrote an essay about UFOs…go google it and read it…it represents my point of view on the matter…..

  8. When the little green men step out of the spacecraft and command that Whites must White mix or else we can be sure those little green men didn’t come from another planet.

  9. I understand this is happening now because Trump ordered all UFOs files to be de classified. There is more to this then you know if you study it deeply. Even NASA knows something is strange because in the sixties a relative worked for NASA during the glory years and tracked a UFO going 4200 MPH on radar (just for the record 3600 is a mile per second) Planes were sent up and the craft did a 90 turn while still going 4200. There is much conspiracy theory out their but also solid research if you know where to look. I do not believe this is man made. I once talked to a Christian pastor who said there is no life anywhere but on Earth as God would have told us. He dismissed UFO’s as demons and Satantic activity. That is insane! I can recommended some solid book if you want.

  10. I wonder if this UFO hype could be an Establishment ruse to promote One World: “We’re not alone. We must stand together as a united humanity and planet against these aliens.”

    • Maybe.

      Personally, I think it has been going on for decades, but we are just seeing it now more because of better technology like smartphones. It is more likely they have always known about this, but circumstances like growing political division has changed the politics of the issue. If people are worried about UFOs, it could dampen polarization.

      • @Brad 60 some years ago Chuck Yeager, nearly put the X-15 into orbit, almost beating John Glenn by a few years. Today we have the super secret X-37 series of rocket planes doing it on a regular basis.

    • THIS is what you come back to comment on? (Speaks the Jew Novus Ordo ‘convert’)

      Aliens (as the Fathers have noted) are problably demons, sent to get us to believe the lie that only THIS EARTH is the center of the Universe, because Christ incarnated ONLY ONCE – “…for US MEN and for OUR salvation.” As the Creed says.

      All of the Sci-fi peddled since Jules Verne died, has been overwhelmingly the product of JEWISH MINDS, anathematized by YHWH GOD to spiritual blindness in perpetuity.

      With that ‘genealogy’ I gave up Sci-fi, when I grew up…

  11. How can any sane person believe this shit?

    If these “beings” are so technologically advanced and capable of interstellar travel why would they choose to remain hidden?

    This is ridiculous and frankly, depressing

  12. This is a bit long but there’s a point to be made. The whole ufo thing is nonsense. Not that there are not things flying around but that it MUST mean they are aliens. That is the story they are trying to push without directly coming out and saying,”Aliens are invading”. At some point that’s probably exactly what they will do.

    The reason I know this is that there are several devices that show what I call “inertia drive” type actions. The general idea is the same as electromagnetic waves. If you shake electrons it gives off electromagnetic waves. Matter does much the same. There is a specific time that matter can be moved in that if too fast it creates “inertia waves” as I call them.

    I first heard about this from G. Harry Stine. He was a physicist that wrote for “Analog Science Fiction Science Fact”. He heard about a device made by guy called Norman Dean. Dean Drive. He went and tested it. He said that was driven by an electric drill and had rollers on it and when the drill ran it would roll forward without expelling matter. Stine put his hand on it and could feel it push.

    Stine and another guy tried to gets rights for it from Dean but were not able to make this happen but he and another physicist worked out the mathematics for how it worked. Called Davis Mechanics.

    What it amounts to is that bodies accelerating that are then given further acceleration or a big surge emit what I call inertia waves. Inertia waves in that it pushes the body against the inertial properties of the universe.

    The Dean drive was two counter rotating weights on a platform that surged the platform forward in one direction the slowly released it to the other direction. Acceleration of an accelerated body. Here’s a page where they say it’s all nonsense but they show the counter weights.


    Here’s a page with a description of how it works.


    Now you might say this is all bull but the Dean Drive is not the only thing that shows this type behavior.

    A smart guy named Professor Eric Laithwaite. He also invented the linear drive motor to levitate trains and was famous and widely respected until he started talking about gyroscopes. Here’s a video where Laithwaite shows gyroscopes acting very strangely. About half way through the video he remarks that the effect is the same as what Stine reasoned. Change in in an accelerated object a gyroscope, causes the effect. [rotating it changes it’s acceleration]

    Professor Eric Laithwaite Explains Gyroscopes with Demonstrations (1974) – Part 4 of 5


    In other videos Professor Laithwaite shows him lifting a 50 lb. gyroscope with light pressure to the handle. He showed this to the Royal Society and they weren’t impressed. I am. Where is the force of the 50 lb. gyroscope plus the force of it’s ascension going to? I know it supposed to be the torque channeling the force elsewhere but 50lbs. is 50lbs. and if you hold it up the 50lbs. doesn’t disappear. The standard line is that you just “think” you’re not holding up 50lbs.. So it “seems” easier. I’m not buying it. This simple experiment is absolute proof that you can have an inertia drive that pushes against, the universe/gravity/I don’t know/???.

    Now people say gyroscopes change the torque but they can’t explain how you can lift a heavy weight with no strain when it’s spinning but is hard to when it’s not.

    The problem with their explanation is that no matter what the torque is doing if you are the sole holder of a spinning gyro and you lift it up then you should have all the force on your hands. “If” their explanation about torque being redirected is correct then what is it pushing against??? They then refuse to notice something odd is going on and cover it up with math equations.

    Now here’s a guy that gives you the standard line. Look at 1:48 how he has so much trouble lifting the gyro when it is not spinning yet he can not bring himself to notice that in front of his own eyes that the entire weight of the gyro is NOT being forced on him when he has it spinning. It’s easier to pick up yet he denies this anything special and exclaims the “torque” is being redirected. The point is it is not an equal reaction to the force he is placing on it when he tries to lift it spinning. The system is different when it is spinning and is no longer the same.

    He even says,”it feels incredibly light as I do that” but then flunks completely when he tries to explain it.(I’ve seen his other video’s where he explains and gets it wrong)


    Later on in his life Professor Eric Laithwaite would give lectures to kids and you can see why. He realized that none of his colleges could “get it”. They refuse to understand. Kids just see what is and ask,”how is that happening”?

    There’s more than just gyros.

    Here’s one that’s a sort of twist on the gyroscope. Instead of a gyro moving to affect something this one spins up a gyro to affect something. Lagiewka Bumper. Look at this extraordinary video. If that’s not a inertia control device I would be extraordinarily surprised.


    It works on the same principle as all the others. It has a straight “rack” gear linked to a flywheel that when the front hits something the gears spin the flywheel very fast. He says it’s redirecting the force but what it’s really doing is the flywheel is giving out “Inertia????” waves. That this sort of strong force is shown with such a low frequency is a good sign that it can be controlled. He also has lots of other videos. One he runs a Fiat into a wall with his bumper on it and it doesn’t hurt the driver at all.


    Here’s a link to more info from the magnificent Rex Research.


    Now this device has been stolen by formula one race car drivers. They’re making a shock absorber out of it. If you could use inertia to bleed away shock instead of heat think of the advantages to a race car that wants to save every ounce. They call it an inerter or J-Damper. It’s directly stolen from lagiewka as he missed something on his patents.


    Another oddity with large acceleration. Rail guns. They don’t have an actual recoil force opposite the round firing that’s equivalent. There is NOT an equal and opposite reaction force.


    The above says,”…This effect is magnetic, instead of gravitational…”, they’re wrong, it’s the same inertia force. I submit that all of these are the same.

    In the 1950’s there was a LOT of articles about making space drives that were electromagnetic but right after that they completely disappeared and now if you say anything about a space drive you’ll be laughed at. Hmmm…wonder why? If you make one of these don’t go telling the Air Force you have one as you will probably disappear. Think of what a massive tech advantage in a war would be to have a really efficient drive that could accelerate without blowing a bunch of air out of a jet engine. It could win a war easy. They don’t want anyone to know.

    So maybe they are using the observations to “prep” people into the idea that “THE ALIENS ARE HERE”. Except…it will all be bullshit. Don’t believe a damn word. Think what they could do with genetic engineering today if you were ruthless about culling all those that didn’t work out. You could make some alien humanoid that was real. It would have been raised to not know anything but what they told it. Could be some fish looking alien.. So even if they pull out some strange looking humanoid there’s no reason at all to believe them.

    Let’s use common sense. If an alien race was smart and advanced enough to go all the way between the stars then surely they’re smart enough not to crash in a corn field in Roswell, New Mexico. And if they wanted to study us they could easily make nano-tech small devices we would never see.

    The last thing they would do would be to zoom around where we can see them while doing anal probes on humans and dissecting cows. If they were going to be seen they would just announce themselves on TV and land somewhere.

    And finally there have been warnings that the dark State would use the excuse of “alien attack” to force us to have a world government to fight them.

    Von Braun aid Dr. Carol Rosin said that Von Braun told her many times that fake aliens would land and this would be used to start a world government take over.

    Von Braun,”…And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We’re going to have to build space based weapons against aliens,’ and all of it, he said, is a lie…”

    Von Braun’s Legacy (with Dr. Carol Rosin)


    Dr. Carol Rosin is not some nobody she used to run Fairchild corporation.

    Sorry so long but I want to make it abundantly clear that there’s not any reason at all that we can’t make advanced craft purported to be ufo’s and it’s extremely likely that they are lying to us to set us up.

    Tell other people about this especially about Von Braun’s warning so they aren’t able to blow smoke up our asses and tell us more lies for perpetual war.

  13. We are talking about a government where everything has been censored/restricted/redacted under the guise of “national security” for decades and decades. I am talking about anything and everything that may possibly jeopardize any asset, or entity.
    Now, all of a sudden they show unidentified aircraft buzzing, easily defeating defenses, and playing havoc with the most powerful military in the world? Their justification for releasing the footage?

    ‘Whelp…these are cool…what can ya do?…uh hur!”

    Seriously…get bent.

    I spent 20+ years in a military that forced us crowd into a ‘tech proof’ walk in freezer sized box, leaving all mobile devices outside to watch a scratchy video of a bomb getting dropped on some unnamed, unidentified, indiscernible haji village fifty miles away…and now it’s all…honesty and transparency.

  14. What is more likely? (1) A government hoax in the tradition of the USS Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Saddam’s WMD, etc. for the purpose of justifying further utterly pointless Pentagon budget increases, if not something even more sinister or (2) Actual space aliens traveling to earth in defiance of the known laws of physics despite having no discernible purpose for doing so, whose presence is attested solely by video provided by the Pentagon and by testimonial from Pentagon personnel.

    Occam’s Razor says the more likely explanation should be taken as correct until proven otherwise, and that is clearly (1).

  15. Speaking of the UFO threat.

    I used to have a huge pile of UFO books and magazines. I had a book, published in 1973, I believe, titled; Situation Red: The UFO Siege.
    Even then, they were talking about UFOs as a threat.

    I think the actual secret about UFOs is that the government have no more idea about what they really are, than we do. Furthermore, there’s nothing that they can do about them. Which is the real and genuine threat; to their credibility and authority.

    As Harry Truman said; “There’s always flying saucers, and things like that, going on.” He blew it off and went back to business.

    Is this psyop? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.

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