Killing Gaza

This is what both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have supported because they are both cowed by Jewish billionaire donors, the Israel Lobby, the political establishment and its handmaiden the corporate media. They’ve set their rhetoric about “democracy” and “human rights” aside while Israel has expanded its settlements and seized control of more and more territory in the Golan Heights and West Bank.

Aren’t the libs supposed to care about human rights and the underdog? Why is it up to people like us and Max Blumenthal to criticize OUR GREATEST ALLY? Why is Joe Biden selling $735 million dollars of precision guided weapons to Israel while Netanyahu is doing this?

Note: This website was a ferocious critic of Trump’s Israel policy and MIGA for four years because it was wrong on principle.

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  1. I’m white, and an actual American, so of course I am at heart a Universalist Liberal. So I sympathize with the Palestinians based on Universal Principles.

    But also I want to see the Zionist-occupation regime in Palestine destroyed, because the Zionists occupying Palestine are the same as the Zionists occupying America. Literally, the same people – they have passports for both countries and they fly back and forth between the two lands they are occupying.

    The destruction of the Zionist-occupation regime in Palestine will weaken the Zionist-occupation regime in America – and vice versa.

    I’m not one to get all concerned about some secular white person that has an Ashkenazi grandfather, but anyone who identifies as a “Jew” is by that identification declaring that they are anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-European, and anti-White.

    So I oppose anything and everything “Jewish” – it is a zero sum game between Americans and Jews, also between Europeans and Jews, which means globally between Whites and Jews. I learned that from the Jews themselves and the Israeli work on game theory, frankly.

    That is the fault of Jews, not Whites. They started it, we will end it. They have only themselves to blame.

    Free Palestine, Free America, Free Dixie.

    • People ostensibly on our side who come out against the Pals are either incredibly stupid or a Jew shills. Those who claim indifference are also highly suspect.

      In ANY conflict between Jews and non-Jews you take the non-Jew side.

      • Any White person who wastes their energy on “pals” — who do not care at all about the persecution of Whites which ongoing globally, and would most likely consider you a degenerate infidel — is either displaying foolish and suicidal altruism or the incredibly stupid (and naive) belief that they can somehow strike down Jewish power and influence by posturing some sort of moral superiority.

        This overseas conflict has NOTHING to do with me. Period.

    • And these same zionists want to treat White Americans the way they treat Palestinians in the Levant. That is why the Jewish Biden regime is so intent on labelling normal Whites as “domestic terrorists.” They wouldn’t hesitate to just start blowing up White residential areas like they do to Arab residential areas in Palestine if they could.

      These Jews really cannot be reasoned with because they are not reasonable people. They are motivated by very deep centuries old resentments and hatreds that are foreign to most White people. Even after American Whites have treated Jews better than anyone could expect to be treated, with many Whites brainwashed by media and fake zio-christian churches into outright devotion towards jewry, they still hate us.

  2. Enoch stumbled onto a crude revelation. The Jews have beaten Prisoner’s Dilemma. As long as the Diaspora and the Religio-Ethnostate hang tough ruthlessly they’ll weather any challenge now. Criminal HQ and the various rotten smuggling outposts working in tandem with total impunity.

  3. These Jew wars are a black hole. No one wins. It’s a waste of time to get involved. There are better uses of time. I know many people that have gone all patriotic on them. Enlisted and did their part. None of them benefitted. It’s a never ending cycle with Jews and Moslems.

    Like the “tar baby”. Touch it and you can’t wash it off. It’s a complete fucking mess. Like seeing two blacks in a fight and you step in to break it up and end up getting hit. The Jews and the Arabs have been at this forever.

    • So here’s Ron, saying “don’t get involved. Don’t support Palestine.”

      Let’s see, Ron’s the one that smeared numerous people as “sodomites” then when Trump lost, when they were doing the “Stop The Steal” grift, he was complaining about how no one was supporting Trump and how bad Biden would be “for us.”

      This is a clarifying time, you can see who has what agenda.

      When Israel is in trouble, a huge amount of “goys” show up to say “no it’s not Israel, it’s something else!”

      Fascinating, this “movement.”

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