Republicans Suck Bibi Netanyahu’s Balls Without Even Being Asked!

Everything appears to be normal on the GOP side.

The current stance of this website can be summarized as follows: angry with the Democrats, optimistic about Republican voters, but far from persuaded to support Republican politicians who cling to the same old policy agenda, priorities and messaging. We’re not going to engage in backlash politics. In light of this, we are focused on articulating our own positions on the issues and rebuilding our own movement.

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  1. Suck up to those jews like a good goy, Ted and the rest of the treasonous republican cowards. If they cared as much about the US and its citizens as they do with Israel, we might get somewhere.

  2. “If Benjamin Netanyahu asked you to blow a goat on live TV, because it was necessary for the security of the state of Israel, would you hesitate?”

  3. In the past, going back to the Yom Kippur War in 1973 the U.S. president would reel in the Israelis after a certain point. In 1973 President Nixon threatened to cut off all U.S. munitions and fuel for Israel after they had successfully counterattacked Egypt in the Sinai and crossed the Suez Canal. Kissinger showed the Israelis SR-71 recon photos that contradicted Israel’s lies that they has not crossed the Suez Canal and they then agreed to a cease fire and withdrew from Egypt.

    A similar thing happened in 1986 with Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, President Reagan’s threats to cut off aid forced Israel to stop their attacks. Between 1973 and today there have been numerous times when Israel has backed down from some action because of threats, always behind the scenes of course to cut off aid, partially or in whole. No doubt if the President were to make a similar threat today the fighting would cease again.

    Dementia Joe is probably unaware of what is going on, he just reads the color coded cue cards and the teleprompter, the only skills he mastered after decades of being a petty, corrupt, scumbag politician. Now there is nobody in charge, no one to make a decision that this is enough and throttle back “Our Greatest Ally” by stopping the resupply of munitions. The Israelis know this and are pressing their advantage because the White House is just drifting with no one clearly in charge.

    This presents a great danger to the U.S., Israel and the rest of the world. As Israel pursues war against the Palestinians without end there is a danger that Arab countries like Egypt or Jordan will become unstable and their populations riot and the current governments may be overthrown. After a point Hezbollah may also attack Israel from southern Lebanon.

    This is the risk that is being run in the U.S. because there is a senile, corrupt, stupid buffoon nominally in charge. The current crisis in the Near East may suddenly get replaced by a much larger, much more dangerous crisis because of U.S. incompetence and subservience to “Our Greatest Ally”. If Hezbollah gets involved it will be too late to contain things, “Our Greatest Ally” will be demanding U.S. ground troops to fight in southern Lebanon for them and Congress would probably approve of it.

    • Israel would have been wiped out in the 1973 war if Nixon had not airdropped them weapons and supplies at a crucial time when IDF headquarters itself was nearly overrun by the Syrian army.

      • “Israel would have been wiped out in the 1973 war if Nixon had not airdropped them weapons ”

        Those weapons were intended for our roops in Vietnam. They were diverted to isahell, instead of going to Vietnam.
        American soldiers died, because jews had first priority on weapons.

  4. With these cucks and the demonrats as “elected leaders”, White americans deserve everything that has and is going to happen to them.

  5. 1.) When it comes to the Republicans at least Sen Ran Paul is in there and he would undoubtedly decrease foreign aid to Israel as that is in line with his Libertarian ideology. I voted for Ton Paul twice in Rrpublicans primaries and plan to maintain my Republican partyg status so that I may Stand With Rand in the future.

    2.) Towards the end of the 1973 Yom Kippur war Egypt was set to send large numbers of frogmen soldiers (marines) onto Israel’s coast. At this time Israel’s military was stretched very thin from fighting on multiple fronts and such an attack would be a decisive knock out blow to Israel.

    President Nixon learned of this and phoned Egypt stating that the USA would enter the conflict (potentially with nukes) due to needing Israel as an ally against the USSR. Egypt’s president responded ‘I do not want to go to war with America’ and cancelled the frogmen assault.

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