James Carville: Democrats Are The Anticrime Party

If this is the best defense that the Democrats can muster against the charge of being soft on crime, then they are clearly in big trouble heading into the 2022 midterms.

Wall Street Journal:

“From 1993 to 2019, crime steadily decreased in the U.S. Every president since Bill Clinton inherited a declining crime rate and left office with a further decline in crime rate, until Donald J. Trump came along. During Mr. Trump’s final year in office, violent crimes and homicides spiked. Yet if you tuned into Fox News, you’d draw the conclusion that the Democratic Party is opposed to law and order.

Crime is going to be an issue up and down the ballot in 2022, and many local politicians are already feeling the heat. Now that violent crime is on the rise, we Democrats can no longer afford to sit by passively while Republicans trumpet bellicose law-and-order talking points. If we don’t aggressively begin to own the crime issue and make Republicans respond to their own failures, we risk losing our slim majorities in Congress.

The modern Democratic Party is flat-out better on crime than Republicans. …”

Black Lives Matter is the cause of the crime wave.

Democrats are identified with Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Only 35% of Americans believe the George Floyd protests had a positive impact on society including only 38% of “Latinx” voters.

It is Democrats who are hostage to progressive activists who are waging the War on the Police. It is only Democrats who march in the streets shouting “Defund the Police.” It is Joe Biden’s guru Ibram X. Kendi who wants to Abolish the Police because the police and the entire criminal justice system is systematically racist. It was Democrat-controlled big cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia which acted on the slogan “Defund the Police.” It was Democrats who surrendered the streets to anarchists who created autonomous zones like CHAZ in Seattle and who painted “Defund the Police” on the streets of DC. These cities are now reaping the whirlwind that they have sowed.

How is Donald Trump responsible for the 800% increase in homicide in Portland? Is it Trump’s fault that Portland has been afflicted for years by non-stop Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots which continue to this day? It was Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland and Gov. Kate Brown and the Wall of Moms who coddled the anarchist brats who were rioting in Portland. They even joined them on the front lines where they fought DHS personnel for months who were protecting a federal courthouse. These people are homegrown radicals who were indoctrinated locally in woke progressivism.

Matt Lewis of all people won’t even defend this bullshit:

Yahoo News:

“First, though, some context is in order. Between the early 1960s and the 1980s, the crime rate doubled, peaking around 1991. It continued to fall for two decades after the passage of the 1994 crime bill, sometimes called the Biden bill, before the violent crime rate began slowly rising around 2015—mostly in a few big cities.

Last year, it exploded. As The New York Times’ Ezra Klein recently noted, “Early estimates find that in 2020, homicides in the United States increased somewhere between 25 percent and nearly 40 percent, the largest spike since 1960, when formal crime statistics began to be collected. And early estimates indicate that the increase has carried over to 2021.” …

But what if it does not recede or keeps rising?

The problem for Democrats is that Biden would be caught holding the bag, and the rise in crime would reaffirm long-held stereotypes about bleeding-heart liberalism. As was the case in the 1960s and ’70s, it would be perceived as a result of progressive policies, including (this time around) the decriminalization of marijuana, criminal justice reform policies that end “mass incarceration,” the rise of “mostly peaceful” protests, and the proliferation of homeless “tent cities” in America’s urban areas. The backdrop would be a liberal media that says violent protests are good and lodges a defense of looting. The message will be that we got soft and repeated the mistakes of the past. …”

Yes, the context here is critical.

The surge in both violent crime and illegal immigration began during Obama’s second term. Donald Trump ran on “law and order” in 2016 and it resonated and he was elected president because Black Lives Matter had already rioted in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Charlotte. Violent crime was already rising in several big cities. The “Ferguson Effect” was coined by the St. Louis police chief in an article in 2014. Donald Trump cultivated the macho populist image of being “tough on crime” in 2016.

Insofar as Trump deserves any blame for this, it is due to his embrace of criminal justice reform which was pushed by Jared Kushner, Sen. Tim Scott, Kim Kardashian, Charles Koch and the Democrats. The prisons were emptied of an unknown number of violent felons last year in the context of COVID and the George Floyd riots. It is largely Democrats who have crusaded to demonize and lock up cops and release prisoners. Republicans including Donald Trump were too cucked to push back against the mob.

Pedro Gonzalez nails it as usual:

American Greatness:

“There is a point in the history of a society,” wrote Friedrich Nietzsche, “when it becomes so pathologically soft and tender that among other things it sides even with those who harm it, criminals, and does this quite seriously and honestly.” The German philosopher of gruff pessimism speaks to the spirit of our time on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, which set off last year’s days of rage that ripped and razed communities nationwide.

In retrospect, laments CNN’s John Blake, “Floyd’s death did not lead to a racial reckoning.” Blake’s position is generally consistent with how the Left feels in America: last year did not go far enough. That may come as a surprise, however, to those with vivid memories of the riots that caused more than $1 billion in damage, making them the most expensive in insurance history. Therefore, it is worth revisiting the early stages of mayhem to glimpse what, to the Left, was only a beginning or a false start. …

As Minneapolis burned, riots erupted in other cities and the discord would continue to roil for days. Their sound and fury raged on in stark contrast with then-President Donald Trump’s silence and inaction. On the morning of May 29, key domestic policy advisors urged the president to stay his hand against rioters lest he appear racist.

By Monday, June 1, scores of Secret Service Uniformed Division officers and special agents sustained injuries from rioters throwing bottles, bricks, and Molotov cocktails in Washington, D.C. 

Breaking his long silence, President Trump suggested that day he might deploy the United States military to quell lawlessness, presumably by invoking the Insurrection Act conveniently signed by Thomas Jefferson in 1807 for just this purpose. Trump threatened to invoke that law in 2019 to remove illegal aliens from the United States. But then, as in this instance, the president’s bark turned out to be worse than his bite. He quietly sheathed the executive sword and settled then for deploying unarmed National Guardsmen in the nation’s capital. 

June 1 would be one of the most violent days in many cities. …”

Trump rode the backlash against Black Lives Matter into the White House, but once in office he flailed and tweeted and went along with what Jared Kushner told him that he needed to do to win reelection. He was maddeningly ineffective, but he was not the driver of events.

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  1. So are the Republicans when it comes to blm and Antifa. The Republicans pander and grovel to them just as hard as the dems. I guess it has to do with being afraid to be called racists.

    • The Dems who promoted the rioting and looting all damn summer last year are blameless per this low IQ hay seed? Would be frigging hilarious if it was not so stupid and a well planned lie.

  2. To be anti-crime is to be anti-black/brown. The colored people constitute the overwhelming number of violent criminals as everyone knows, especially frauds like Rev. Ibram X. Kendi, Rev. Al, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Saint MLK Jr. and all the other racial grifters and charlatans. Colored people are also overwhelming supporters of the Democrat Party.

    For the Democrat Party to oppose crime would be for the Democrat Party to oppose colored people. For the Democrat Party to oppose colored people would be for the Democrat Party to oppose itself. The Democrat Party cannot be anti-crime in any important way but they can talk, talk, talk as though they were opposed to crime all day long.

    The Republicans aren’t any better though. DJT proved this with his endless bluster, pandering and general do-nothing presidency. He talked a good game, that was all.

  3. Remember wilding? Remember that rich old Jew walking on Central Park South in a tuxedo getting knocked on his ass by some black kid? Remember the days?

  4. No Carville you mongy mr clean dumb looking son of a bitch!

    DemonRats are the Pro Crime party and republicucks are the shabbos goy party Get it right at least

  5. Dump is an expensively-suited turd who allowed himself to be controlled by his slimy kike-in-law. Not a leader. Not a man.

  6. Principled, anti (Black, illegal alien, Muslim terrorism) crime is always a winning issue for populist (White) Republicans – it once was for tough White Democrats like Chicago’s Mayor Daley Sr. And Philly’s police chief, mayor Frank Rizo.

    But, the key to making this issue work is to:

    Personalize the issue with both real bad guys and real good (tough White) gus like AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, NYC Mayor Guliani, Chiefs Bratton and Kelley.

    The most successful anti crime political advertising campaign was Lee Atwater’s “Willie Horton” campaigns.

    Lee Atwater erased a 20 point Dukakis lead in the pols over George Bush Sr by telling the truth that idiot MA Lib Dukakis gave an unsupervised weekend pass to a Black convicted murderer WIllie Horton or proceeded to do a home invasion and rape and torture a White woman.

    When pressed, MA Governor Mike Dukakis would never admit that the weekend furlough for convicted murderers was wrong or a bad idea in principle.

    This is the type of very clear, VERY PERSONAL issue, political propaganda that can reach the hearts and minds of regular people.

    In contrast getting policy wonks to site crime statistics doesn’t work, same as talking about economic conservatism, lowering corporate tax rates doesn’t work.

    Somewhere out there is some new Lee Atwater waiting to show his/our talents. It’s up to us to find him and promote him.

    J Ryan

  7. James Carville is just doing what he always does- distorting truth and being a blabbermouth. It is beyond outrageous to blame Trump for the crime spikes by mostly blacks with some white trash in Democrat cities during the domestic terrorist Blm riot and murder tours. It was all Democrat politicians who pandered to these barbarians. Think about how little time in jail these terrorists received?

    Trump wound up being rather soft on some key issues and his “suck up to blacks” tour with black peen lover, Kim Kardashian, of all people, made me think of the old days of Candid Camera and spoof master Allen Funt. Yeah, it was that ridiculous seeing Trump with Kardashian or hanging with Kanye.

    His prison reform garbage was a low in his presidency next to things like waiting 3 full years to start the wall. Luckily the Supreme Court squeezed out a 5-4 decision to use military funds on it.

    I think Trump has concentration issues which he has been accused of by others. That and his giant ego along with having Kushner as his key advisor was terrible.

    With all that said, look at Biden. He is a monster looking to blackball White America into this fake equity garbage. This is something Trump would never do. Biden@ is a disgustingly anti White president. Not because the old geezer believes it but because he feels he has to promote an anti White agenda to be reelected. His vile wife goes right along with it. The fake doctor Jill Biden. I hate when they call teachers a doctor.

    While Trump looked stupid and goofy sucking up to blacks, Biden is outright dangerous in pushing communist blacks into his administration. He is such a rancid man that he will do anything to get reelected, including destroying the suburbs.

    The whore media- 92% anti Trump- lies and covers up for this babbling, boring, long past his prime traitor in Biden. Trash from a handful of cities comes into our living rooms on television pretending to be ” news” but is nothing but a left wing Democrat machine filled with Jewish and black faces called ( cough) journalists.

    We have had a quiet coup decades ago in our means of communication. Throw in newer things like anti free speech social media and here we are.

    Until news and social media are dealt with to be truly balanced, Democrats will always have a massive built in advantage. That is how clowns like Carville still pop up or why Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, etc, are viewed as legitimate news people instead of mostly kosher approved slop.

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