Poll: The George Floyd Protests Were Deeply Unpopular

There are some interesting numbers in this new Ipsos poll:


“Only one in three Americans (35%) agree that the 2020 racial justice protests had a positive impact on society. A quarter (24%) have no opinion and two in five (40%) disagree with the statement. …

Only about a quarter (27%) of Americans support the “defund the police” movement with white Democrats (50%) being the most supportive. …

On the impact of the 2020 protests, fewer than one in ten (8%) white Republicans believe the 2020 protests were positive. Compare that to three in five (60%) white Democrats, over half (52%) Black Americans, and just over a third (38%) of Hispanic Americans. …

However, a clear majority of Americans (61%) also support increasing funding of the police. …”

Look at these numbers on the George Floyd protests last summer:

  • 35% of Americans believe the protests had a positive impact
  • 8% of White Republicans believe the protests had a positive impact
  • 52% of blacks believe the protests had a positive impact
  • 38% of Hispanics believe the protests had a positive impact

Progressive activists are the most likely group to believe the George Floyd protests had a positive impact. White Democrats are divided on the issue, but have a more positive view of the protests than non-Whites. 61% of Americans want to increase funding of the police. 27% of Americans support “Defund the Police.” The George Floyd protests unified the Right and helped Trump and divided Democrats.

A year ago, David Shor was cancelled for warning that violent protests would backfire:

It is pretty clear that White and “Latinx” voters were turned off by the George Floyd riots and have turned against Black Lives Matter.


By the numbers: Four out of 10 Hispanic respondents ranked the novel coronavirus as the topic they found most worrisome. Only 23% of whites felt the same.

Around 32% of Hispanics said they were more worried about crime or gun violence compared to 28% of white and 43% of Black Americans.

Nearly three out of 10 Hispanics polled ranked racial injustice and discrimination as their top concern compared to 59% of Black Americans. Barely 17% of their white neighbors felt the same.

About 52% of Hispanics believe that race relations have slightly or significantly worsened since the death of Floyd. Around 62% of Black Americans felt the same compared to 48% of whites.

The intrigue: Just 21% of Hispanic respondents listed immigration as their top concern — tied with climate change for the fifth spot.

The poll mirrors other surveys that found Latinos consistently placing immigration fourth or fifth behind issues like the economy, education, and health care, despite consistent national media coverage of Hispanics centered on immigration. …”

White voters are more concerned about political extremism.

Hispanic voters are more concerned about unemployment and education.

Black voters are far more concerned about racial injustice and discrimination.

White progressives and blacks are far most invested in the systematic racism narrative.

Note: Last September, we covered a poll that showed most Americans disapproved of the George Floyd protests.

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  1. Because of China-Fauci-Obama pox insanity and these riots, all Corporate/Globalist orchestrated schemes, last year was the worst year in Dixie’s life, probably since the late 1860s.

    The upside is that all this pain completely transformed the thinking of The Average Southerner, and it will never be the same again.

    Better times ahead, because The South is gonna rise again.

  2. Cultural Marxism is Capitalism

    Proof:‘the Captialist Pig Class funds Cultural Marxism

  3. 52% of blacks believe the protests had a positive impact

    The other 48% probably just feel that they didn’t achieve enough gains for blacks – thus they didn’t have a “positive impact” – but that the “protests” (aka riots) were still worth it.

  4. The unpopularity of BLM but the mass acceptance shows this is a secularized theology.

    For rich whites it’s cleansing/power legitimizing/guilt transferring ritual.

    Poor whites are the whipping boy for rich whites. While they hate it they’ll police each other not to let each other get too upset/raise any serious objections.

    It’s very sad.

    However I will bet we’ll see institutional push back to anti-whiteness as “wokeness” starts to claim more & more professional class.

    Poor whites will get the Palestinian/native American treatment. No one will care until it’s too late and then all their care will simply performative/social mechanism of control.

    *There used to be poor whites in Brazil as well, now they’re all middle class and up because all the poor whites either A) moved out of Brazil or B) bred into the Brazilian mixed race under class

  5. The marxists and the hard left in general always cloak themselves as the morally superior supermajority while in reality they are a small and very vocal minority of violent thugs. Since they face no real opposition due to government suppression of anyone with a dissenting opinion, the consensus is that they must not be opposed because anyone that dares is attacked or even imprisoned. As far as the riots go, they have not improved anything for niggers. ‘Police reform’ the woke crowd demanded and got has resulted in more nigger deaths than before the reforms. It is the same with the end of nigger slavery. After the crazed abolitionists got their way and the slaves were freed at the expense of well over 600,000 Whites dead, the South in ruins and sectional hatred at an all time high, it is estimated nearly a million niggers died or suffered illness.


    The left is so obsessed with getting their way they don’t care about the consequences of the ones they purport to fight for. it has always been that way with these spoiled retarded children.

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