Jacobin: Woke Merchants of Death

What is the Left?

It is getting harder and harder to ignore the disconnect between the people who associate “Left” with social democracy (people like Jimmy Dore or Secular Talk or Ben Burgis) or with liberalism (people like Thomas Frank) and woke progressivism (people like Sadie Farrell).

These conflicting visions of what “Left” means are naturally in extreme tension. The anarchist agenda of “no platforming” tramples all over the principles of free speech, tolerance, non-violence and civil liberties valued by liberals. The anarchist agenda of violently overthrowing the state is a massive albatross for the left populists and social democrats who are engaged in electoral politics.

You could say that all of these people are right. They are all on the “Left” in their own incompatible way. Wokeness is a school of leftwing thought which is focused on the transformation of consciousness, NOT on improving the material standard of living of the working class, which can be traced back to its ideological roots in modernism, postmodernism, critical theory and anarchism. These people are obsessed with racial, cultural and gender politics and dismantling “structures” of “oppression.”

We can laugh about Lockheed Martin having its top executives check their white privilege. The real question though is why has the political establishment embraced this version of the “Left” over other versions. Are you really a revolutionary when Citibank and Lockheed Martin are on your side? Maybe they are elevating this cultural virus because it is in their own interest to do so?

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  1. Mass murder of the Russian People in the Donbass

    in the name of the negro George Floyd

    Mass Murder of the Russian People in the Donbass

    in the name of homosexual pederast rights

    These are the Family Values of the Democratic Party

    These are the Family Values of the Bush Family

  2. There is a point in which left populism and right populism reach common accord. Witness some of the posts of Australian radical leftist populist Caitlin Johnstone. She is so anti-system and anti-war and anti-elite that it could have been written by a radical right populist!

    • A total leftard I know caught me reading Any Kno’s book and he expressed high approval. The 1920’s socialist movements seem to have been similar in left right convergence.

  3. I am a liberal at heart. I despise knee jerk reactions to controversial issues. Granted, sometimes knee jerk reactions are justified and valid. But I believe all issues should be openly discussed and debated soberly.

    Not a fan of censorship or punishing “thought crime”.

  4. The White privilege scam is starting to affect the higher ups now. I bet they never thought their jobs would be in danger.

    • The corporate elite are such greedy whores for their astronomical paychecks and golden parachutes, I predict there will be ZERO pushback even as they go extinct. They will be replaced; but unlike we the unwashed masses, they will leave with their pockets full

  5. How Democrats think:

    White Privilege=too many Native Born White Working Class Americans in America…

    Solution:‘import the highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting from China(‘Chinese=Corona Virus disease vector)…India…Muslim Pakistan….Korea….to vote Whitey into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America…

    Add it up:anti-white privilege=WHITE GENOCIDE!!!!

  6. You don’t mention Latinos. Cause you’re used to them so are not against them, even as Spanish is becoming US’s second language. Same thing will happen for those other groups in a few decades if they are here in the same or near same numbers as Latinos.

  7. Anarchists aren’t even left wing. I wouldn’t even call anarchism a political ideology at all. It’s just a manifestation of psychological/personality problems.

  8. Street level Anti-White screamers and thugs aren’t “revolutionaries”. They’re deluded and psychotic useful idiots owned by globalist corporations and NGO’s. Their owners use them to advance the goal of a world without Whites.

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