Anthony Fauci: It Is An Attack On Science

Anthony Fauci is correct.

If the lab leak theory is true and there was a coverup, then science is responsible for this disaster. You could say that science was also responsible for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The issue here is whether it is wise to allow people like Bat Lady to come to the United States and learn how to manipulate coronaviruses at the University of North Carolina to make them more lethal and infectious to humans. Should we be funding transnational gain of function research which was prohibited as recently as the Obama administration? Are the potential benefits of creating these Frankenstein viruses to study in labs worth the potential cost of doing so?

Maybe there should be limits on science? Maybe every experiment isn’t worth doing?

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  1. The MSNBC framing is precious. “Right wing” … “conservatives attack.”

    I’ve been saying it for years, we need our own media platforms. Even just 20 years ago the “mainstream” postured as “objective” and “non-partisan” but that is no longer the case. It is now all “advocacy journalism” which is a euphemism for “propaganda and indoctrination.”

    • For the last five years the jew-run media has pulled out all the stops and gone full-tilt retard because of Dronald Blormp. There is nowhere else for them to go now except down the drain.

  2. The a-bombs and virus were really engineering projects not science. Science is more hypothesis/ data collection / new hypothesis. I actually doubt Fauci has ever done any real science.

    • This weasel jew is trying to deflect responsibility from himself to any other place, as they all do.

      Science has no volition.
      Humans have volition and therefore responsibility.

    • I doubt “Doctor” Fauci has ever practiced medicine either. He’s just a career government bureaucrat. And a manifestly unscrupulous one at that!

  3. For some reason, Fauci has always reminded me of Peter Cushing’s portrayal of Baron Frankenstein.

    • Cushing was a cool, classy, witty gentleman. Fauci is a feeble-minded, neurotic wop. No comparison!

  4. Very simple, this was the entire lesson of the novel Frankenstein along with being the plot of several Star Trek episodes where the Enterprise encountered an alien civilization that destroyed itself tinkering with germs. At least Chernobyl only made a mess from the initial cloud it release and the radiation didn’t replicate itself and spread indefinitely. Tinkering with diseases along with “nanobots” are thinks sci-fi warned us about not to do, especially letting the careless Chinese do it. I’m familiar with the workmanship of mainland Chinese people, the are reckless and make all kinds of mistakes, definitely not a country I’d feel comfortable messing with such dangerous technology.

  5. The more Fauci goes on the MSM and opens his mouth, the hole he’s digging keeps getting bigger and bigger. Let him destroy himself.

  6. It wasn’t China. It was part of this great reset crap. And now Schwab is promising cyber attacks to bring about his great reset.

    Fauci is going to be sacrificed to protect Schwab and the great reset.

  7. Doctor FrankenFaucistein’s 2019 Monster, I presume

    So now we have confirmation of what many of us always suspected: That this pandemic was cooked up in a biological warfare lab and released deliberately in order to bring about a “Great Reset” and the loss of rights under color of fighting the very same epidemic released for that purpose.

    Many ordinary people said when asked about where this virus came from and for what purpose that it was to “cull the general herd and establish a New World Order.” They will not accept the death jab of vaccination with untested vaccines but rather take plenty of Vitamin D and veternary Ivemectin

    These people are independent minded and thus as the natural leaders are not going to go along with governments which created this virus, probably developed a vaccine or two to insulate themselves from when they unleashed it and no doubt has another virus in the chamber to fire when ready

    The big problem is that there is no where to trust to fix this problem deliberately created to make the present reality

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  8. You Bet jewr Life:

    Are you willing to bet your life on whether or not this virus was deliberately engineered to achieve a certain result? Or that another virus even more lethal cannot be created and unleashed? Or that mutations beyond all reckoning develope on their own?

    Will it take another set of e-mails found detailing that a vaccine to secure the lives of favored insiders was developed before Dr. FrankenFaucistein’s Monster was created and then turned loose in a wet market for you to “get it”?

    All irrelevant questions because it doesn’t matter whether you are willing to bet your life and those you love on this matter. Rather, your life and that of 600,000 US residents and those of 4 million others were just thrown away onto the trash-heap in order to get rid of Trump and wreck the economy.

    You are witnessing In Real Life Stephen King’s 1970s novel “The Stand”. Whether you choose to believe this nightmare is up to you even though you too along with the rest of us are involuntary ticket-holders.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  9. This pretty much proves my theory about Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce. I thought it was oddly suspicious that even with an amicable divorce, he was so eager to give her most of their family assets. I thought then, and still believe, that this was an attempt to hide any money made from the vaccines, especially since people were already suffering severe and even lethal side effects.

    I guess a lot more people than myself shared my skepticism that this was a Bezos type breakup because all the sudden Melinda starts accusing her nerd husband of being a PLAYBOY and expressing shock – shock, I tell you, that superpimp Jeff Epstein took him to Lolita Island.

    I think that that these vaccine PRODUCTS were developed through the GATES FOUNDATION (and their experiments in underdeveloped countries) with the help of financial backers from this and other countries before the NEED to BUY them was CREATED in China’s Wuhan Lab.

    And it enabled many of them to profit even as they stripped the West of any civil liberties they had to impose the “Great Reset.” And get Orange Man Bad out of office and teach wayward Working Masses of Asses the lesson they deserved about NOT voting for either establishment candidate, i.e. Hillary or Jeb!

    Bill Gates’ good buddy, good pal and Snake in Human Form, Dr. Fauci, and HIS equally corrupt boss authorized the Grants to explore Gain of Function viruses which they found with the assistance of Dr. Shi Zhengli who sought and found the bat guano that proved the heretofor unproved theory that viruses could be transmitted from animals to humans.

    There is not much we can do to the Chinese except recognize the folly of outsourcing ALL our industry to an enemy country and NOT learning from this mistake to move ALL our industry back to America under American control.

    I would recommend a carrot-stick approach which charges zero corporate taxes for any American based manufacturing and high tarriffs imposed on them just as if they were a foreign competitor if they do not comply. Revenue for the government can be made up with interest through sales taxes and income taxes.

    As for Fauci and the others, I think total asset forfeiture and prison where they are forced to take all three of the products they developed with booster shots every year for the rest of their lives would be the perfect punishment.

    That includes any politicians who collaborated or got dark money from the Chinese.

    My issues with the Chinese are that they are an American-made menace. But there should be absolutely NO MERCY for Americans who betray the country. Any punishment they endure is far too lenient as far as I’m concerned.

    • Re: “the Chinese are an American-made menace”:

      Oh yes, the Yellow MENACE.

      China is Chinese-made and existed thousands of years before the United States appeared The Century of Humiliation by Western imperialism is long over. China liberated itself and began to stand on its feet again in 1949:

  10. The Coronavirus aka Covid-19 was 100% invented in a lab and the Governments of the World (aka the New World Order) released it for the mass murder of the human race. Nothing more or less. Those Satanic scum actually was dropping it ….right before Automation puts 50 of people out of work. Covid-19 was a killing off of half the population before that happened. All so some politician can run for office and not talk about the future 50% unemployment rate that would have been in place. What we’re dealing with is the most sick and evil people on Earth. Who was behind all this will get a very special place in Hell….thank God for that. We should care for others…especially those who got sick / lost loved ones from Covid-19. We’ve all been caught up in a population deletion program….all because Automation is putting 50% out of work soon. Deo Vindice !

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