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  1. “Phil Torress” at Salon.

    Let me let you in on a little secret. The writers at places like Salon make minimum wage – a popular bartender makes more – and they are under pressure to get hits. They literally have to write an article in the morning and if it hasn’t gone “viral” by the end of the day they get in trouble.

    So they are trolls – that’s it. So calling anything and everything “racist white supremacy” and “far right” is meant to trigger some green haired SJW on SSRIs who will click the link and repost it to xir Instagram without reading it.

    Salon writes articles like “A** is the New P*ssy” about how all the cool kids are licking each other’s buttholes. That’s not a joke. Even their own commenters complained, “sure I’m all into sexual liberation but isn’t this just a good way to spread Hepatitis?”

    These are not serious people, you’re witnessing the last gasps of a dying industry desperate to stay in business a few months longer.

    But, yeah, they are driving more and more people away from the anti-white side, so great. I hope they keep it up, and I sort of hope they get hepatitis too.

  2. Fuck that. Atheists are worse than the fucking pagans.

    They can all go to hell.

    That graph above isn’t reality. The world is still full of disparate groups with incompatible worldviews. Rightwing theists, secular atheist fedora tippers, and pagan autistics can’t coexist.

    Since we outnumber both of them put together by orders of magnitude, I vote they get bogged, and we consolidate influence as the only ones that have anything in common with normie working class folks who are all theist or culturally Christian.

    This is like including right wing fags. No. They get the bog.

    They are toxic AF and need to go away. Convert or, its the bog for you. Charlemagne did nothing wrong imo.

    • There’s an old German saying: when you point an accusing finger at someone three fingers are pointing back at YOU.

    • (((IronicSuck))), you’re back????
      I guess it was finally safe to crawl out of your bunker in Tel Aviv and get back to hasbara shit talking right?

      • lol ironic sock account is weev…

        He’s mad because shitlibs are starting to apply their morality/politics [kinda] evenly to Israel and Israels future is more in jeopardy today than anytime in recent history.

        Weev was supposed to get white Americans to go out like Krammer. Instead in 2021 it’s Jews and Israel that looks unhinged

    • “Pagans” always were more tolerant than you murderous, kin-slaying Christians. Blood before religion.

      • Powell. Go to hell. Oh wait. You already have.

        ” …as C.S. Lewis put it in The Great Divorce, “[A]t the end of all things … the Blessed will say, ‘We have never lived anywhere except in Heaven,’ and the Lost, ‘We were always in Hell.’ And both will speak truly.”

        • You prove me correct with your self-righteous, self-assured post. At least I care about my people. You worship an invisible, unprovable jew-in-the-sky.

    • @IronicSockAccount

      No american is christian anymore and my guess is neither are you… Do you believe in biblical divinity ie the bible is literally the word of god? If not, I hate to break it to you,,, you’re an atheist who likes going to church.

      I don’t think I’ve ever meet a single american who actually believes in god/the bible without caveats.

      I’ve never meet a single american christian who will defend the bible in it’s entirety. And it’s extremely rare you’ll ever even find an american christian that’ll even defend the bible on spiritual grounds. Almost every American Christians defends the bible on either a rational level or a utilitarian level.

      The best argument for atheism is to let an american Christian talk for as long as possible and eventually they’ll tell you their support for Christianity has nothing to do with belief in Jesus Christ as lord and savior but their support for Christianity as a civic structure is for utilitarian reasons, eg atheism

      Nick Fuentes will tell anyone who’s willing to listen, he doesn’t read the bible or take biblical divinity seriously. But merely see’s it as useful vehicle for his political agenda ie blasphemy.

      You can say I HATE ATHEIST but find me a single american that’s actually willing to defend the divinity of the bible?

      You can’t.

      When pressed EVERY SINGLE american christian will make atheist arguments while arguing with an atheist eg their lack of faith in biblical text as Divine.

      If you don’t believe in the divinity of the bible then you’re just an atheist in denial and the bible is just your favorite self help book.

      Do you believe the bible was written and/or arranged by the Roman Senate for the betterment of Rome on a civilizationally level or do you believe any edits to the bible made by roman senators was actually god acting through them?

      • Ivanka- are you truly a woman… or just Denise in drag?

        Nice to meet you. But you (like most fools) don’t understand either Christianity or True Religion.
        The Bible is not divine… but the Word of God, is.

        And those who are truly Christians, are being divinized. It’s called theosis. You should try it sometime.
        Oh, wait. You blaspheme against the Holy Spirit by demeaning the Word of God.

        Sorry. Hell.

        • Arrogant, Evil bastard. You’re the type who used to torture and murder people for “thinking the wrong thing”.

        • Re: the claimed “divinity of the bible”:

          The canonical scriptures, and the extracanonical, are not God. The Word was in the beginning with God and is God, the true Light that lightens every man came into the world.

          • Gospel of John 1:9: “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

        • @Fr J+

          So in other words your a spiritual agnostic who likes Jesus Christ, that’s nice.

          why is that christians always turn to cheap bullying when called out on their bullshit? And who do you think that actually works on?

          Pro-tip: bullying only works when you have power. Christians, especially white Christians have no power. Therefore bullying is a useless tactic for you to deploy but go off king!

  3. I’m so sick of media drivel, fluff, filler, distraction.

    One paragrah by HW has more value than a bookself of tjeir vacuous drivel.

    • Name a single american christian who isn’t an atheist, eg believes in the divinity of the bible, ie the bible is literally the word of god.

      Do you believe in Jesus Christ on a utilitarian level eg it’s good for society/people need religion, then you’re an atheist.

      Or do you believe in Jesus on a spiritual level eg Jesus is a part of the same God that people of every religion are worshipping, then you’re agnostic.

      Or do you believe in Jesus as a Christian ie there’s only one god, and Jesus was his only son and the bible was written through people via god and is literally the word of god?

      My guess is you don’t stay kosher.

      Catholics got around this by offering an official catholic church interpretation of the bible… Which basically no american Catholics follow because it would still be to constraining for our modern lives.

      • Ivanka- you clearly understand NOTHING… like most women.

        Roman Catholics aren’t Christian- and probably haven’t been since @ 1100A.D., but most definitely questionable since Vatican Ewww. They most assuredly are not, since the Antipope Bergoglio came to power.

        Hope that helps…. dear.

        • Catholics are the oldest christians on earth. You’re brain has been fried.

          You’re wrong because only me and family are real christians. You can’t use any real world examples against me and my family’s secret sect of Christianity haha loser

  4. Hunter, you’re doing your #YangGang era delusional posting again. Make sense at least. Consider that people need to understand your posts!

  5. Since White Christians NEVER advocate for a white ethno-state…so the problem isn’t atheism.

    Whites were best as pagans. They cared for and defended their homelands far more, and for the right reasons, than today.

    Harris, Pinker, Wolf, and Dawkins are not far right. Not at all. Just because the left did attack some of them, doesn’t mean they are on the right.

    • I actually agree with this.

      However, there is no currently recognized analog to the paganism we used to practice, and the fringe that exist now who claim the mantle of pagan, tend to be fractious, faggotous (this is my word I made it up years ago, ask HW), and toxic.

      Similarly, modern atheists are constantly causing problems of cohesion by arguing and splitting every hair trying to root out the assumption of transcendent agency in any argument, that you can’t really be anything but frustrated by them. And they’re annoying about it.

      The only real “concensus” that exists in reality here and now is what remains of the culturally Christian worldview the vast majority of Whites share. This isn’t perfect, but it is a commonality of White culture that bridges nationalities and denominations and is a thread that connects us back through time to what we used to be.

      My reasoning for advocating the bog for the atheists and pagans is simply because they’re only interest is in severing that last cord from ignorance and spite.

      They are a danger to the collective White consciousness that is nascent, but ascending. Not because they are evil, but because they aren’t doing what they are doing for the benefit of the racial consciousness that will lead us to a new age of enlightenment, if any is still possible.

      The cohesive collective consciousness needs no distractions.

      They do what they do because of autism, which drives them to retard strength purity spiraling that only leads to chaos and infighting, and never a useful conclusion, which would be a system of belief that preserves and promotes White Identity, for the sake of White people, the species.

      The collective consciousnes may not be deliberately seeking Renaissance, but it has the potential to reach that incidentally because its a concensus.

      From that Renaissance would, I am confident, emerge a new cosmology and a worldview to explain it. The framework of a new religion that holds the people (White people) as worthy of preservation, unlike the secular postmodernist worldview we currently find ourselves stuck in.

      Or, we will be dissolved as a race by the brown flood, and we will at least be free from the autistic faggotry of the pagans and atheists screeching all the way to oblivion.

      Either way, Whitey gains solace.

      So, I vote they get the bog.

    • Put succinctly, my opposition to paganism and atheism isn’t based on disagreement about historicity of the one, or explanatory force of the other.

      Instead its based on the inherent flaw of both worldviews as objectively negative, or opposed specifically to Christianity, and reliant on Christianity for the identity of their worldview.

      Modern paganism doesn’t have a point, its just demonstrative iconoclasm and transgressive novelty, like gay pride parades. Its something people do in public to protest Christian norms (hence the meme of the ubiquitous Thors hammer necklace).

      Atheism likewise is pointless, as its intellectual realization stops beyond the arguments needed to convince people that God doesn’t exist. It never ventures to suggest, ok then what? It is satisfied with this misanthropic violence against peoples deeply held belief in the transcendent (misguided though it might be at times), because that was its only purpose. Anti Christianity.

      This is analogous to my argument against the tendency of our little fringe to embark on radical antisemitism as a worldview, looking for the Jew behind every curtain causing all the worlds ills. This too is inherently a negative worldview which is dependent on actual Jewish influence continuing to be inappropriately disproportionate, or perceived as such, for its explanatory force. This is a worldview that quickly descends into the same retard strength purity spiraling that you see from the autistic atheists and pagans and leads to such absurd behavior as TRS talking in detail about prussian blue and bad oven design for over a year on their flagship podcast, or that guy above who is calling me a Jew because he disagrees with me, and therefore I must be a Jew because Jews are disagreeable, or a hundred plus guys marching around a college town with tikitorches screaming “Jews will not replace us” to a confused and freightened populace who thought they came there to keep a statue of a hallowed cultural forebear from being desecrated, but really just came to get into street fights with fat blue haired cat people.

      The only worldview that is even capable of standing up to scrutiny, which bears out its logic with dignity and humility, while maintaining explanatory force and a definable positive mandate for collective action is one that begins as such:

      1) If: Its ok to be White

      2) And: We are being attacked and destroyed because we are White

      3) Then: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

      This is a struggle for the survival of a definable species of anthropoid, distinct and now endangered. This is a struggle that many species have been through, and not all have survived.

      We must adapt to survive, like all organisms. Not all of us will make it, this is reality.

      Its not just the Jews who oppose our survival. Everything does, thats the ruleset of natural law in which we exist.

      Our explanation for why it is that way is not important (Paganism vs. Theism), what is important is that we survive and thrive, because that is our purpose and fighting to survive is our right within the rules of natural law (purpose is totally missing from Atheistic worldview, which is gay).

      We don’t need a convoluted conspiracy of conniving kikes to explain whats going on and what we need to do about it.

      We dont need to spill beer and sacrifice small animals to appease the ancestors or whatever.

      And we don’t need to gleefully engage in misanthropic violence against peoples belief in a transcendent agency behind the ruleset of natural law.

      We need to understand who we are, and get on with the business of keeping it that way.

      I like White people preferentially to other people, and I want them to do better than everybody else (at other peoples expense if need be). I don’t need any other reason than because I’m White, because thats all the reason any other creature needs to prefer their own kind’s success.

      This is the way of things. The evidence for my wordview is common sense. The explanatory force for the above is confirmed daily by the struggle of all living things. As it has always been.

      Simple, final and beautiful.

  6. At the rate The Woke-istas are alienating folks, it is quite clear that they will become insignificant as the decade goes on.

    This is a very fortunate thing.

    • No it’s not a fortunate thing that the anti-Whites are in a position to flex their muscles. All this means is mainstream political discourse becomes left vs extreme left. The famous ‘Overton Window’ that Trump was supposed to shift rightward has naturally moved left.

      • @Ricky…

        I agree with you that it is unfortunate anti-Whites have so much power.

        It is, however, Good Sir, very fortunate that the ways they are choosing to flex their muscles is hurting their long term political prospects.

  7. The fact that Democrats now turn off Atheists is pretty crazy. I’d say that’s saying something for sure. Now even those people are against the far left. So what does that mean…more Atheists in the far right. I think we already know….the Christian Right will have even less influence and that’s very bad for Traditional Values and the White Race as a whole. Fact is the Christian Right should evolve and become Christian Nationalists. It’s the only way our Faith will survive and advance here in America and around the World. Deo Vindice !

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