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  1. Ron Unz convinced me. Whatever the virus is, it is likely a biological weapon and was probably accidentally leaked from Ft Deitrick, Maryland and possibly purposefully spread at the World Military Games in Wuhan.

    In August of 2019, Fort Dietrick was shut down by the CDC after “poor safety procedures” caused “contamination” of the local water supplies, and then there was an outbreak that was blamed on “Vaping Disease” which “just happens” to have the exact same symptoms at Covid-19.

    Fortunately it seems like the original outbreaks were much less than was thought. While masking and social distancing in places like NYC – and shutting down international travel – was probably a good and necessary thing, it also seems quite obvious that they greatly exaggerated the spread. The idea that some small town in Indiana had to be “locked down” appears to have been more about domestic politics than the actual virus.

    Anyone remember the Harvard virologist that was arrested, and his Chinese student was arrested carrying vials of “biological samples” to China? Yes, the student turned out to be a Chinese operative, and the Harvard professor was getting paid by some shadowy group. Down the memory hole – no one remembers that anymore, just like no one remembers Fort Dietrick and “Vaping Disease.”

    I’m sorry to have to say it again, but the Conspiratards Were Right.

    • Conservatives are always right because un like the leftist communist Marxist progressive democrats we don’t have a heads up our ass we don’t live in a bubble we research and we dig deep to get the truth, trump supporters and conservatives are the true anti-fascists ,Antifa is a moth ,I quote ,,Jerry nadler chairman of the democrat senate, so we the conservatives and President Trump supporters are the anti fascists of America

    • I called this the first week. ? Boomers thought I was crazy. Coronovirus was synthesized in a lab first about 15 years ago. Just a matter of time before Shlomo weaponized it. Bill Gates even slipped and “predicted” it about 5 years ago.

    • It is obviously a natural disease, not engineered, and obviously, logically, not deliberately or accidentally released, Capitalist “news” media’s anti-communist lab-leak propaganda, and also the coincidences of the closure of Fort Dertrick and local vaping pneumonia outbreak, and of the initial SARSCoV2 outbreak in Wuhan being traceable to U.S.-occupied hotel flloors at the world military games, and even the very early presence of multiple mutated strains in the U.S. whereas only one or two present in China do not convince me otherwise.

    • I’d wager against it coming from Ft. Deitrick; that was what China came up with when word got out that the Wuhan lab was being scrutinized. I’d bet on Wuhan, it meshes with China’s stated long term goals. But, whether it came fro Ft. Deitrick, or from Wuhan, it was obvious from the beginning that it came from a lab.

      In less than 2 weeks, India’s major biolab had broken it down and showed why it was not natural, and was not just disregarded, but verbally attacked by China. Anyone who has sat through a CBR/NBC 101 class could tell you that the bug did not become a pandemic from someone eating bats or pangolins, but the sheeple bought it.

      The question is: Now what? This is not the end, but only the beginning…

  2. The establishment went to bed with the CCP over the last 30 years and it has had absolutely devastating consequences for the American people. They desperately do not want this to be the poisoned fruit of their treasonous love affair with China.

  3. The League of the South is scheduled to have its annual meeting this September in Alabammy. Drs. Duke and Hill will be among the speakers. Will the inestimable HW also be present to deliver an oration worthy of Demosthenes?

  4. @BannedHipster

    I remember both incidents.
    I wouldn’t put nothing passed FEDZOGUSA.

    They thought that they could buy out the Chinese, like they’ve done with every other country that they didn’t outright invade and conquer. But they’re discovering to their chagrin, that the Chinese ain’t for sale.

    I used to ask at company meetings; “What happens when the Chinese want to be your masters, and not your subjects, anymore?”


    • A new NATURAL viral disease has been appearing in jungles of the Congo (Zaire) now, with symptoms similar to Ebola but it is not Ebola, and does not respond to Ebola therapy. If it reaches Kinshasa (the capital) or another city wth international airline connections it could spread around the world very rapidly. As long as for-profit international movement of people and goods continues – capitalist “free” trade — more new diseases will be appearing and spread around the world.

  5. Virology Lab theory was suppressed by the establishment last year for political reasons to stop it being used to exculpate Trump for his handling of the pandemic. And now that Trump has left office it is being rehabilitated for other reasons – China being the latest designated enemy of the permanent government class.

    • Only a draconian border policy could have stopped this in March February. The left never suggested the remedy. Only nationalists. And even then the libertarian priors fucked up that effort.

      The New Zealanders have a habit of biosecurity for their livestock, flora and fauna. They could pull off the trick but almost no one else could/would/did.

  6. The Chinese are the LEAST of our problems.

    The Incompetents In Charge of the United States are the problem.

    Any Chinese threat was Made by Americans who wanted to pay coolie wages rather than hire more expensive Americans

    I hope that, once they finish putting in the Chinese infrastructure, the Chinese nationalize every one of their factories.

    If I can’t get it here, I will be DELIGHTED to buy a formerly American now CHINESE factory in China.

    That’s how much I despise these traitors.

  7. “China being the latest designated enemy of the permanent government class”:

    It is not China per se but communism in China, or you may call it Chinese ethnonational socialism, which is such a threat to Capitalists. The same is true for socialist Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuel;a, Bolivia, North Korea, etc., all “designated enemies of the permanent government class.”

    • I think China’s non-subservience is the issue more than their economic model but I agree with your point about state socialism being an obstruction to economic looting and thus posing a threat to the neoliberal economic order just by existing.

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