Poll: Republican and Independent Voters Aren’t Familiar With Juneteenth

This poll doesn’t bother to tell us who supports making Juneteenth a federal holiday. It does show though that Republican and Independent voters aren’t even familiar with the event and what it represents. In the Gallup poll, we saw that those who were familiar with Juneteenth only knew “some” or “a little bit” about it and neither group supported the campaign.

Note: The fact that Republican politicians DO NOT represent the views of their own voters on cultural issues is the reason why they are so distrusted.

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  1. It took like 20 years after Reagan signed MLK fraud day into law for it to be a universally recognized holiday. Juneteenth got jammed through in a week. I’m guessing all Federal offices, banks and state agencies will be closed Monday.

  2. It’ll be a Rapeteenth day soon enough. A day of licence for all sorts of Black Rage.

  3. This holiday has no logical or moral basis.

    Why not?

    Because, with every stitch of our clothing, and, as well, almost all goods we consume, being made by 3rd World Sweateshoppe Labour, not to mention that a great deal of the foods we eat are producet by those who are barely compensated for what they do, I think it is a safe bet to say that the 1865 US Government proclamation ‘ending slavery’ did no such thing.

    No, all that happened was that the previous slave system was redubbed ‘Sharecropping’, and then ‘Migrant Labour’ and then ‘Free Trade’.

    Thus, we are left to assume that The Corporate New England Yankee United States’ Government believes that, if you rename something, to seem what it is not, then that fundamentally changes a thing.

    Do you believe that?

    I do not.

    No, Slavery is not only NOT dead, it is having a hayday, at this time, unlike it has ever before had in this country.

    The fact that you do not know your slaves, does not change the fact that you, me, and, indeed, everyone, is living here of the fruits of a massive corporate/globalist slave system.

    The previous system of slavery in The United States, oft misattributed to The South, was superior morally to this system, for two reasons –

    #1. Master had responsibility for the total welfare of his slaves, and, thus, there was a total human connection, and a chain of consequences, between production and consumption.

    #2. That slavery system called itself for what it was, without semantick chicanery.

    No, I do not believe that a migrant worker, who has come here because of a toxick interaction between the government of his country and this one, and who is working for pennies on the dollar, without social security or the right to vote, and who often has no access to medical care and lives in substandard housing, is ‘free’.

    Nope, he is a slave – a plain old Field-Nigger, to put it plain.

    This is what I will think of, from forever forward, about this new holiday.

    • Federal Reserve/Blackrock slavery is more on the gulag model. Slaves were an investment and cared for whereas Shlomo just wants us dead.

  4. And most Democrats and other Marxists haven’t a clue what Independence Day, Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day are, so, I guess, both sides are even.

  5. The Holy Roman Catholic Kevin McCarthy speaks for all of you Catholics. So does the Holy Roman Catholic Pelosi. LOL.

    @Brad If you were to get a chance to say a few words to Trump, and you always get only a few words. What would you say to Trump that would have the most positive effect?

  6. So What? No one posting here will do a damn thing but complain. How many open lots have you purchased cheap?

    Flyover Country makes frequent stops now, to “Own The Libs”

    Most are not Welome. Fend for yourselves.

  7. No worries! Americans are going to be brought up to speed on all the Black Worship days in a hurry. Tulsa and “Juneteenth” are only the beginnings of the Great Re-education.

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