Newark Mayor Ras Baraka: Harriet Tubman Monument Replacing Christopher Columbus Is “Poetic”

Is America steadily being Africanized?

CBS News:

“Almost a year ago, the city of Newark removed a Christopher Columbus statue amid the national reckoning spurred by the death of George Floyd. The city’s mayor, Ras Baraka, recently revealed the design of the Harriet Tubman monument that will replace it. 

“I think it’s a little better than what we envisioned,” he told CBS News in an interview on Friday. “I think that it’s going to turn out to be something great.”

Baraka said having Tubman take over Columbus’ old spot in Washington Park was “poetic.” As the nation continues to weigh the future of controversial statues, he said the monument felt like an opportunity to embrace history and Tubman’s roots in the Garden State. …”

The Independent:

“A bronze statue of George Floyd has been unveiled in NewarkNew Jersey, weighing almost 700 pounds.

Officials say it will stay for at least a year in front of Newark’s City Hall, where it was officially unveiled in a ceremony on Wednesday.

The city’s mayor, Ras Baraka, said he hoped it would inspire residents in the fight for racial justice, after a wave of anti-racism demonstrations following Mr Floyd’s murder in May 2020.

“George Floyd represents a lot more than himself at this juncture in history,” said Mr Baraka of Mr Floyd.

“Hopefully when people walk by it and they see it…hopefully it inspires them to become active in the struggles that are happening right here in Newark and right here in New Jersey.” …”

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  1. No, some urban areas may become africanized, but not most of America. Out side of those areas, nobody really cares what blacks think.

    • @Shadowbass

      Blacks think whatever the last authoritative sounding White person told them to. When it comes to political ideology, or any kind of abstract philosophy, outside of White society, they don’t really have any thoughts or opinions. They just dismiss it as so much crackerbabble/mumbo-jumbo, and move on.

  2. It’s like Hollywood. I’m seeing patterns here. Tubman’s Biography was written by a Shlomo about 1920. All we really know about her is that there are two photographs that may or may not be Harriet Tubman if she ever existed.

    • Some say John Brown thought Tubman was a man. I believe this was mentioned in the classic Oates bio of Brown.

  3. Our history, culture and heritage is being erased and we just sit idly by and do nothing. If I was them, I wouldn’t fear us either.

    • If you effectively did something, you’d wind up in jail. That’s why no one does. It’s the laws that need to be changed, starting with the “anti-discrimination” laws. We are rendered effectively powerless.

      There are no rich whites who even care. I am convinced of this. Anyone with a decent amount of money is a big anti-white sellout, or just so consumed with “fun” and pleasure-seeking, that their view of the world is really distorted. There isn’t anyone who cares enough to use their money to change things.

    • It’s pretty fucking sad. If George had simply been chilled out he’d have been released that day and back shooting up heroin at his nest anyway.

      • Cops shouldn’t have arrested him over some whiney shop owner that put his employee in harms way for $20.

      • “It’s pretty fucking sad. If George had simply been chilled out he’d have been released that day and back shooting up heroin at his nest anyway.”

        If it wasn’t him, they’d have found another one easily, to front the whole anti-white cause.

  4. Y’all think George Floyd’s statue comes with bad checks, alcohol, and drugs? What about his long criminal record? That included? We might as wells have a Monkey built as a Statue at this point. America for White Americans…period. problem solved. Deo Vindice !

  5. The face looks like the bust of Tamerlane. Chinese foundry? He looks like a slant.

  6. Persecuted blacks in Africa:- ‘there is no future for us here. We are being persecuted. We must escape to the West’.

    Persecuted blacks in the West:- ‘We are oppressed. We are victims. We will fight to the death for equality and to get laws changed’.

    Summary……..when they’re in the West, they’re happy to stay and use the race card and victim industry to their advantage.
    In Africa, there’s no whites to be ‘victims’ of, so escape to the West to address this……and then fight for ‘equality’.
    They’re prepared to fight for their interests when here, but won’t do it in their homelands. They make me sick.

  7. It’s inevitable. A heavily black city is not going to keep a Christopher Columbus statue. It’s hard enough keeping such a statue now in any place

    There is no doubt America is being Africanized thanks in good part to our Democrat cesspool media. But it’s also due to blacks growing in number. When mixed race is added to the black tally, America has to be about 15 or 16% black. This includes black hispanics and White/black mix. Mix that with Hispanics, most of whom vote Democrat and Asians, Jews and general weird leftist Whites and what you get is a black agenda.

    We will be seeing Harriet Tubmann on money, right? So it does not shock me to see a statue of her and an absurd 700 pound George Floyd idol in a city in New Jersey that has had high crime for decades. The mayor’s name alone sends a signal- Ras Baraka. All this just reminds me never to go there. I never have and I never will. Just like many people avoid going to streets with black names. Now we have upped the ante to black statues that will sit as reminders the city is a dump. Blacks love absurd token gestures instead of true problem solving. Pretend victims forever.

    The truth is Columbus saw backward people many centuries ago and it was a totally different time.Even Bill Maher got it right when he trashed communist woke culture saying: ” you people today aren’t better than the people from years back. You were just born at a different time.” So true. Billy boy with his Mendoza line batting average got that totally correct.

    Think about it. Trinkets given for Manhattan. Indians used to rip out the hearts of conquered victims. I am sure there is a whole list of odd and disturbing cultural things they did.

    People can wax poetic now and remove a statue of Columbus because they know we will never be living in such a society. So blacks and others get to complain about Columbus while riding White creativity and genius. Sweet.

    All this stuff helps Republicans. They are not great but they are certainly better than Democrats. It also sends out the urgent message that the White population needs to grow. Though goofy, Trump unlocked that door that no other president did in ages. Now suddenly huge amounts of Republican politicians want the wall finished and a change to immigration. The theory of duuhhh finally hit them. Without a strong White population, a Republican’s chance to win is about as good as winning as one in Newark or removing the 700 pound Floyd idol statue as well as the one of Tubmann. Neither statue will make Newark schools nice or will lower crime but what else do you expect from the black grift?

    On a side note I saw Jesse Lee Peterson, the black conservative get tossed off a black radical’s show for promoting ” White History Month” in July and basically flustering the communist black guy. It was hilarious. Peterson said ” July just feels White.” Lol.

  8. I don’t believe in “black conservatives”. It’s an oxymoron. Too many whites are more than willing to accept them on our side. That’s just the Republican thing to do.

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