Keith Woods: The Weak Conservative Response To CRT

My thoughts on the CRT rebellion:

  • In our circles, this stuff is basic and old hat. The CofCC was slamming “cultural Marxism” in the 1980s and 1990s. Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s book The Culture of Critique focused on critical theory.
  • CRT is a legitimate issue which we have always discussed in our circles. Conservatives ignored it for decades because it was “racist” and “anti-Semitic” to talk about who created it and why
  • Last fall, Trump seized on the issue as a hail mary for cynical political reasons to reconnect with his deflated base.
  • A bunch of Red States have banned CRT and that is good, but we know how this goes. These new laws will be challenged in federal court.
  • Earnest normies are genuinely outraged about it and it is a good thing that they feel under siege now for being White. This is an ice breaker that can be used to bring more people over to our point of view and we should capitalize on that
  • The usual grifters are circulating like vultures and see the new White backlash as their ticket back to power
  • These grifters want to astroturf a new Tea Party
  • These people can’t be trusted and we can already see them trying to redirect, harness and neuter this latest White backlash

In spite of all this, I don’t think these people are capable of controlling what was unleashed by the George Floyd riots and the rollout of systematic racism.


“Former top aides to President Donald Trump have begun an aggressive push to combat the teaching of critical race theory and capitalize on the issue politically, confident that a backlash will vault them back into power.

These officials, including Trump’s former campaign chief and two former budget advisers, have poured money and organizational muscle into the fight. They’ve aided activists who are pushing back against the concept that racism has been systemic to American society and institutions after centuries of slavery and Jim Crow. And some of them have begun working with members of Congress to bar the military from holding diversity trainings and to withhold federal funds from schools and colleges that promote anything that can be packaged as critical race theory. …

“This is the Tea Party to the 10th power,” Steve Bannon, Trump’s former adviser who has zeroed in on local school board fights over critical race theory, said in an interview. “This isn’t Q, this is mainstream suburban moms — and a lot of these people aren’t Trump voters.” …

It has increasingly become a major focus of the Republican establishment, which has sought to capitalize on the angst even as some officeholders have failed to define what critical race theory is and the threat it poses. (Critical race theory, for example, does not imply white students should feel guilty about past civil rights issues and is not taught in many of the schools where lawmakers are seeking to ban it).

Their efforts to elevate the issue have worked. …”

As I have explained at length, the new White backlash began during the George Floyd riots and has continued to gain momentum. We should respond to it by trying to channel it into mainstreaming explicit pro-White politics. We know from the polling that the appetite is there.

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  1. CRT was Critical Gender Theory back in the 70’s. Look at what that did to white families. They starting showing the pure bullshit hate drama Roots to school kids in the 80’s. Can’t remember any boomer parents upset about that. Naked bodies of starved, dead Germans? Nope. The Boomers truly didn’t give a shit.

    • They don’t now. They’re too consumed with their golfing, worshipping football teams, traveling in big RVs, buying new homes, and going on vacations. Nothing is wrong, for them. Everything is “just right” as long as they have their money to have “fun”.

  2. The Tory Party in the UK are going for a strategy that highlights how White Working Class Boys have been let down by the education system. Sounds like the strategy rhymes with this fake CRT complaint by Loudoun Parents. Except the Tory Party are using the WWC thing correctly.

  3. Ordinary people don’t see the connection between the elite faculty lounge and the education (and lack thereof) their child or their child’s peer gets at the local school. Who’s heard of Tamerlane a near contemporary of Columbus and how that bloodthirsty Asian psychopath forced Europeans to find sea routes to trade along, spurring on the Spanish and Portuguese to sail into the Atlantic?

  4. Calling Critical Race Theory anti-White is like calling a spade a spade. Why do Conservatives fall all over themselves trying to pushback?

    Populists should just brush them aside because they are dead weight. They won’t actually stand up and do the right thing.

    • No doubt the National Review, Fox TV and the geniuses in the Republican Party will first oppose CRT then say it needs to be debated although they are personally opposed (whatever that means) then will make the “conservative” case for CRT.

  5. (Critical race theory, for example, does not imply white students should feel guilty about past civil rights issues and is not taught in many of the schools where lawmakers are seeking to ban it,)

    Just wide-open lies.

    These Fux jews cucks, with that clip of the sheboon as the first speaker against (((CRT))) and the old White fart condemning it as “weverse waycism!!”…the pieces of shit are playing their old game of trying to capitalize while (((neutering))) at the same time.

    Of course the truth is that the Original America WAS created BY Whites FOR Whites – because being learned men, they knew that racially/ethnically-based societies are the only sane & lasting ones. But there is no residue of that sanity left in ‘Murcan gummint or other institutions: the “systemic racism” the kikes have incited the nigger retards against is now all against WHITES.

  6. It is all being done out of a hatred of Christ. It has been two thousand years, TWO THOUSAND YEARS. Why?

    • “It is all being done out of a hatred of Christ. It has been two thousand years, TWO THOUSAND YEARS. Why?”

      Here are some answers, Robert.

      1) Whites have been castrated ideologically to view themselves as NOT a Race- NOT a People, NOT an Incarnation of the Divine- this came about because of JEWS and the “New Frankfurt School.”
      This 28 minute video should show where ALL THE BLAME MUST GO-

      2) Because we were told these lies by Jews (who are Christ haters) for almost a century, therefore, we don’t see ourselves as the ONLY lawful beneficiaries, of the very laws WE enacted! We were made to do so via a false APPLICATION of our inbred sense of Altruism, for the ‘poor and downtrodden’ – all of which comes from Biblical notions, but applied WRONGLY. We were NEVER to give our bread (tax dollars, welfare, set asides, ERA, gay rights, etc. including reparations [?!] to the enemy- EVER! We were only, always, ever to care for ‘one’s own’ and leave the godless to their fate. [Eph.1:4 applies to the damned, as well as to the Elect].

      “Do good to the humble, but don’t give to the ungodly. Hold back your bread, and don’t give it to them, since by it they might gain power over you. You will encounter twice as much evil for all the good things that you have done for them. 6 The Most High also hated sinners, and he will repay the ungodly with punishment. 7 Give to good people, and don’t assist sinners. – Sirach 12:5-7

      2) We cannot do ‘race-as-biology’ or race-as-ethnicity apart from ‘race-as-theology’ – or as I called it a while back, “Neither Race Alone, or Grace Alone, but the Graced Race- ALONE.”


      “Tragically, not all Christian nations have remained faithful to the theological virtues enshrined in the New Covenant. In particular, the fate of the American Republic and Hitler’s Third Reich provide instructive examples of nominally Christian nations that failed to heed the clear warning sounded by the fate of Old Israel and suffered the consequences. National Socialism eventually subordinated both Christian theology and the richly variegated character of German ethnicity to a merciless blood-lust, demanding Lebensraum for Aryans at the expense of other neighboring races.

      In stark contrast, the original sin committed by the American Adam in his New World Garden 5 was to embrace the political theology of popular sovereignty. Spirit, water, and blood were brought down to earth in a one dimensional novus ordo seclorum. As successive stages of the American Revolution became progressively more radical, the unitarian principle of vox populi, vox Dei banished the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to the private realm of conscience. ”

      3) We must jettison ANY attempt at making the unique, covenantal nature of either our religion (Christianity), our culture (Christendom) or our Ethnos (White [Christendom] European) apply/belong/appertain to any other race. It is ours, ALONE. And all attempts to give it to anyone else, is the ultimate “Cultural Appropriation,’ and is a SIN in the eyes of God/ Christ. For He came to save who? Not the ‘world’ but ‘His people’ ONLY. [ Matt. 1:21]

      We must restore a White Christian Ethnostate, at any cost. Or, as the J-Left says, “By any means necessary.”

    • @Robert…

      Some other reasons, in addition to what Father wrote, are these…

      #1. Many Jews cite the fact that Chryst did not fulfill all the prophecies as reason to hold the view that HE is not Messiah.

      Jews will say, as will rabbis, that you cannot walk onto a used car lot, make a partial downpayment, then drive the car home with only a verbal I.O.U.

      (That analogy I have heard given for the notion of Chryst fulfilling prophecies and the notion of a second coming.)

      #2. More than a few Jews feel like Christians hijackt their faith in a very booby way that does not really understand how God revealed Himself through it.

      Many Jews feel like many Secular Gentiles do – that Christianity is an assembly of ridiculously unverifiable and impossibly hollow wives’ tales that were already overused by other faiths before Chryst came.

      #3. The vicious rivalries that existed between Jews and Gentile Nations around them, 2000 years ago, have not cooled off, and, Chryst being a symbol for White Gentiledom, they will strike at it, just as you strike at the battelflag of your opponent on a battlefield.

      People don’t realize that, as far as that time is away from us, from the point of view of our blood, it is just yesterday.

      Your blood carries much more in it than they currently like to confess – one of which is that it carries the spirit of your people.

      #4. Most Jews are like most Gentiles : they are a secular people, with worldly pursuits. They are disturbed by any notion that would deny them a full-throated pursuit of the things that they love and to which they aspire to have more of.

      Chryst is an unpleasant hindrance, or, at least, a hindrance reminder to all that.

      • “#4. Most Jews are like most Gentiles : they are a secular people, with worldly pursuits. ”

        Wrong. Jews sought out European, and the US to live in. Europeans, Americans, and Australians, never flocked to Israel. Jews sought the most high brow nations, such as Germany, and England.

        Whites aren’t seeking to destroy them, despite their constant insistence on it.
        Whites aren’t pushing for Israel to take in “their share” of nonwhite “refugees”.

  7. Nothing makes me more angry than disingenuous grifters stealing our issues to make some easy money. I have to stop thinking about it or my blood pressure will get too high.

  8. “A bunch of Red States have banned CRT and that is good, but we know how this goes. These new laws will be challenged in federal court.”

    Not only that, the CRT minions are working overtime to re-phrase their materials and devise methods of re-inserting them into the curriculum and the books published by Jewish controlled school textbook industry. . The so called Red States that have banned this can not just call it a day and go home.

    • Bingo! You can ban it but the agenda doesn’t stop. Only time release bug pellets has ever had an effect on this enemy. You can make them wash, you can make them work (kinda) but they still just want to kill you and watch your children get raped by diversity.

    • “A bunch of Red States have banned CRT”:

      A “critical CLASS theory” for public education would be universally banned by all states.

  9. This is my worry.

    I’m almost 50 years old. I’ve seen my share of this crap coming down the pike. Example… Back in the late 70s to early 80s, it was schools pushing “sex education”. Naturally the predominantly Christian majority of parents were concerned that this would circumvent their responsibilities as parents and teach children the mechanics of sex without teaching them about the responsibilities of marriage, family, and parenting. FFW to 2021 and you have an entire generation who are either birthing out of wedlock, experimenting with homosexuality, or suffering from “gender dysphoria”. The point is, all that backlash to public school sex education didn’t amount to much and the fears of parents were justified.

    Maybe this time the backlash will be different. I hope and pray that it is. But history has shown that once the elites decide that their latest pet idea is going to happen, most normies only put up passive resistance once the initial heat of the moment subsides.

    • This time is different.

      History has also shown that Marxist regimes tend to come down. Lot of people were almost 50 in 1991 when Soviet Union collapsed.

      I was 16 so I remember this time well. Now I am also almost 50 and I see those collapse signs again.

    • @Membro…

      Juri is right, Dear Memebro – this time is different.

      At this point we have become two countries, within one, in opposition to each other, and the government, which ought be endeavouring to smooth out the difficulties, constantly uses them to move forward their anti-White, anti-Christian, and anti-law agendae.

      And then there is the descent of the dollar and the disappearance of our manufacturing sector overseas, and, and dare I mention it : the constant influx of those from overseas.

      Nope, what we got ourselves here is a bonfire, with already numerous sparks seen at the bottom of not just one, but numerous highly-stacked woodpiles.

    • I’ve heard teachers say they have to get the kids away from the parents. That the parents are somehow tainted and ignorant. I don’t respect them at all, as a profession. Their job is to teach, not to indoctrinate with their political or their “moral” ideas.

  10. I don’t know much about this Christopher Rufo, but he is wrong about White Identitarianism. It is absolutely necessary for Whites in order to survive, but perhaps he knows this. He is celebrating interracial couples, which is definitely destructive to our people when they engage in miscegenation.

  11. “Conservatives” and Republicans will never advocate for Whites. They are Anti-White controlled opposition.

    • “Conservative” now, means very left of center. Conservatives embrace anti-white laws, race-mixing, worshipping the tribe, and giving nonwhites special privileges and money.

      So I don’t call myself, “a Conservative”, anymore.

  12. This CRT thing has been going on since the 1980’s most places under one name or another. Parents are just getting wise to it because the kids were distance learning from home where the parents noticed it!

    • Spot on. Another thing that the powers that be are frantically trying to cover up is that very significant percentages of public school kids have actually performed better on academic metrics on the three Rs without going to to brick and mortar skoo. Simply amazing what not having to deal with groids and other detritus up front and close at skoo can do.

      • I neglected to point out that large amounts of Federal funding for publik skoos are based on how many students are actually seated in a desk at the brick and mortar skoos. This has got the publik skoo edukrats and “teachers” very concerned.

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