Facebook Now Encourages Its Users To Report “Extremists”

Is this the United States or East Germany?

Who is the real “authoritarian” here? Is it Trump or the political establishment which is trying to destroy him? Did Trump create a surveillance state like Mark Zuckerberg or censor books like Jeff Bezos?

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    • That’s right. But don’t celebrate too enthusiastically, or we will come down hard on you. Remember, regulation is freedom.

  1. Jews who control literally everything, telling us that they control almost nothing. Classic. Next up, whining about the Holocost.

    • My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Mandelbaum, was the first adult I ever caught lying to me; and because of her lie, for the first time in my life I was sent to the principals office and received a swat.

      No doubt, my parents and other teachers might have lied to me previously. But this was the first time I had caught an adult in a lie and the first time I knew I had been unfairly punished because of that lie.

      Years later, when I had had more life experience, I realized, because of her name, how an adult could lie with such ease.

      Similar experiences subsequent to that first one taught me that if you use as a rule of thumb “Jews lie,” you can save yourself a lot of grief.

  2. A lot of crazy old ladies, and teens who have watched too many “sniper-seal-special forces” movies will get in trouble.

  3. There’s this idea that Trump wasn’t really President. Trump was President, and policy was made by Jared and the Jews, and part of that policy was internet censorship. When did they ever oppose internet censorship? That WAS Trump’s policy. Even allowing himself be censored is probably something he’s willing to trade on.

  4. They should also have included these gems: “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”, “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”, “honey, I love you, I’ll never throw you down the stairs again…”, “I didn’t inhale”

  5. “Some groups say the problem is immigrants, blacks, and Jews.” But the most powerful of all groups, our Ruling Class, says the problem is whites.

  6. “Extremist” .means anyone who advocates for White survival or is even remotely Pro-White.

  7. Say youre a normie, apoliticial, or even very liberal. You have some right-wing friends on Facebook. What is you DONT report your wingnut friends? Doesnt that make you some kind of thought criminal too?

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