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  1. I haven’t had a beer in probably a month and what set me off is sort of unrelated to because it stress but seeing this ex sportsball commentator stupid libtard face was the final nail in the coffin I forgot this mental case existed his blumpf is hitler rants are still legendary autistic

    Keith bitchmade Olbermann and Anderson Pooper are the npc outraged libtards personifed

    • Olbermann’s “Special Comments” during the Bush Presidency were a genuine joy to watch. Seeing a liberal like him so unhinged from reality was one of the key moments during my youth that firmly established in my mind that I was a man of the Right. He once said about Bush, “you’re a Fascist! Put it on a t-shirt that says ‘fascist!’” Its no wonder he lost his shit during the Trump Presidency. If the son of Mr. New World Order was a “Fascist,” then Trump might as well be Thanos.

  2. Proposition states can’t do without spies and snitches. You can’t have “Diversity” and freedom.

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