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  1. This is more like a song to an Alzheimer’s patient who no longer act the same way than a celebration of one’s country.

  2. An impressive hymn of the civil religion, with full lyrics, “Let Tyrants shake their iron rod….”

    • Good song, but I can’t help but shake the feeling it must be sad for them that live as otherwise proud white men from the North. All they have is the colonial history and the War of Independence to be proud of, and for what? So that in less than a hundred years their states could invade the South and kill hundreds of thousands of proud white people for – by their textbooks own admission – the highest of all callings, to make sure all bipeds can be free for 13du50 forever? We may have lost the second War of Independence, but our our people fought it to stop the slide down the slippery slope into this world we currently detest. I thank God I’m a Southerner every day, and that’s why I don’t sing these Yankee songs or salute their Yankee flag, no matter how much the JooYerkTimes says it’s a symbol of white supremacy.

  3. Keith’s patriotic instincts are good & natural, but he’s just too damned dumb & willfully ignernt to understand that ‘Murca’s “heroic” meddlings in the world wars were the direct cause of so much of the ruin he rightly decries: that was when we became the golem of the fucking kikes, who repaid the blood sacrifice of our duped young forefathers by usurping their country, labeling they as anti-semitic racists, and dispossessing their great-grandchildren.

    America will either become White-controlled again, or it will die.

    • @Curri
      I was in France about 8 years ago, and can concur with the article. What’s happened in the 8 years since, I’d hate to think! Let’s just say I doubt the French percentage of the population has increased in that time. Not that you’d know………the gubmint doesn’t take stats on race(I just can’t imagine why!)
      The public has a right to know what is becoming of their nation, but as they’re being betrayed, I guess they never will.
      I guess they’ll sell the idea that French culture and traditions will continue somehow……….. with a majority consisting of Africans.
      I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how diversity actually benefits us. I’m ready to listen…..

    • Oh no! A nation founded by a Germanic tribe might have been part of Germany! Well, thank god that millions of White lives were expended to prevent such an atrocity!

  4. Whatever the future holds, it’s good that normies are finally getting a glimpse of what Leftism and minoritarianism really are. If normies don’t understand their intended place in the future by now, there is no hope for them. They aren’t going to get better healthcare, worker protection, etc. from the coalition of the fringes. It’s more likely that their health will be in danger and they will be unemployable if the current political situation is not destroyed completely and replaced by a pro-white government.

    It would also help if idiots like Toby Keith would drop the exceptionalism and false history. If the U.S. could have minded its own business and bern a normal country, I doubt that we would be in this situation now. At least he’s singing about giving Whiskey to horses. I wonder what he and Hank, jr. think of their Jew friends in the entertainment industry now? They have to feel at least a little used.

  5. Conservatives have finally woken up to the fact that they lost. Their brand of patriotism and love of country is done. They’re no longer the mainstream and now they can’t deny it. 60-year-old Toby Keith is sad and angry about it and is expressing it. The fact that he felt compelled to mention how he isn’t racist says a lot.

    I wonder which Jewish executive forced him to have all those dark people?

    By the way the song itself sucks. Just loud flag-waving and bragging about how wonderful the US is and how it’s saved the entire world and blah blah bah. The song ends with him asking what will the world do when America is gone. This entire attitude is why boomers have so spectacularly failed to conserve anything. However with that said I do feel a genuine sorrow for the people who feel the way Keith does.

    • Nobody forced him to have dark people. Boomers love that stuff. They get misty eyed thinking about Martin Luther King and their great grandchildren becoming mixed race. That’s what they mean by “America.” The song itself is a glorification of that sort of boomer mythology. It’s like a “right wing” version John Lennon’s “Imagine” (the boomer anthem).

      • Great post. I agree. The whole idea of the rainbow, every neighborhood will have a family of every color. It’s BS, and we know it doesn’t work, because Whites get the short end of the stick, and have to support everyone else, and their programs.

  6. The comments underneath are quite telling. The US is going to have to dismantle the nuclear arsenal before there’s another black/non-white Commander in Chief. Don’t let a new HNIC have that sort of leverage and blackmail over a smaller European country. Even this candid and painful song message had to say something about saving France from Germany. You’d think Keith might have figured out the problem by now.

    • I don’t think the US has functioning nukes anymore and nobody outside of Israeli intelligence has the codes if they did work.

  7. Seems like everybody’s pissin’
    On the red, Whites and blue
    Happy Birthday America
    A country run by the jews

    • Heebs like everyone pissing
      On the head of whites like you
      Happy Bris Day America
      A country run by Jews.

  8. The fact that the rahrah Americuuuuh stuff in entertainment for whites that is a thinly veiled hold-over from 9/11, and a hold-over from the late stage Cold War/Reagan era, and a sillier, reborn form of the Greatest Generation WW2 sentiment (while entertainment for urban hipster and minorities is all America Bad Evil Racist Die all the time) just proves all the more that the slimy claws of the Eskimos are behind it. Standard Kosher Sandwich stuff.

    • What’s annoying is that Keith has to blame the French for something. What did the ethnic French do to hurt America? He should have just said all the Jews would be wiped out now if the US had let Uncle A exterminate them.

  9. Thanks for saving France from becoming Germany and turning it into Africa instead. What would Europe ever do without their greatest ally, America?

    Boomers are trash. I am very glad that Toby Keith’s America is finally dying.

    • “Thanks for saving France from becoming Germany and turning it into Africa instead.”

      I guess the Germans should aldo thank the Americans for becoming Africa, also. All of Europe should do the same.

  10. I still love Toby Keith. This “progress” will happen whether we agree with it or not. Trying to make our racialist views mainstream via Trump, the fraud from New York is why we are actively targeted now.

    I have not been back to the mulattos house, but neighbors have. She made a normie out of them.
    Culture wars are a dead end. Economics is all that matters at this point, which increases birthrates.

    • I abhor “Country Music”. It’s sing-songy, and it all sounds alike. At least long ago, they were musicians. Now, they wear a cowboy hat and “sing”…what are they gonna do, go out and rope some cattle? The whole cowboy hat is a theater prop now.

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