Breaking Points: Proof Undercover Cops Present On January 6th


There was at least one FBI undercover employee present at the Capitol Siege.

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  1. The Endgame for the Native Born White American Working Class Historic Majority:

    1)Chattel Slaves on Lebraun James’ Plantation


    There are no other options if the Democrats have their way…

    No one is coming to rescue us…

    I hope NFL Tyrone Ball was worth it…..

    Here is how the 2020 Nov 3 POTUS ELECTION was stolen:the passage of the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL Immigrant Increase Act……The election was stolen in Oct 1965……You need to start dealing with this…

    • Boom. Yup. Great comments, Patrick. The stupid Republicans have had literally 56 years to change the 1965 Immigration law that literally changed a nearly all White country to a 3rd world one in many cases. Throw blacks in with a slow but steady rise in numbers and the insane, bought off, cowardly Republicans pretend if they can just ” reason” with non Whites they will win. Well, they get dunked on every time with this philosophy.

      States like California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, etc. would be in the ” potential win” category all the time for Republicans if the suicidal 1965 law was never signed or at minimum, it reversed. Now we see those states in the immediate lose category simply due to demographic changes.

      It’s crap like this why I consider my older years living in another country. Add on things like absurd costs just to own a home here, going from the greatest creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation; a literal evil shit stirring media; a dying national cohesion and the 24/7 lies, cover ups, half truths for one black created hell hole after the next. The media can’t get off the term ” gun violence” Gee, how about “black gun violence.” I’m for gun control……for blacks!

      I also detest the massive wage inequality here. I was reading about the hot head pitcher for the Dodgers, Trevor Bauer, now in trouble for potential sexual assault and I literally read three times to make sure I was right regarding an obscene 3 year, 102 million dollar contract which is paying him 34 million per year to pitch once every several or so days. Disgusting. And just another reason I went from sports nut to goodbye on it all. America is ready for a big fall for so many reasons.

      • Always good to hear of a White ditching sports. Massive income inequality is a common feature of 3rd world countries, and this one is headed that way.

  2. I couldn’t believe the deep state would do anything this embarrassing but I was clearly wrong. Images of the Kosher Critters cowering under their desks has been replaced by media lies of “armed, deadly attack on our capital!”. I guess it has always been this way and they know it. They make mistakes and use their media to steam roll the narrative. JFK, RFK, TWA-800, 9/11, Sandy Hook… If this fails they use they courts to sue anyone that steps out of line noticing.

    • I think your insane…JFK and RFK forced negro beasts on teenage White Southern Females at 101 first Airborne bayonet tips….The meeting in the Oval Office between JFK and RFK on the phone with a Deep South Governor is documented on film!!!…JFK and RFK made the threat of military intervention…..The Muslims did 9/11 you retard truther….

  3. Simply assume every “Politically Incorrect” organization has been infiltrated by the Uncle Sugars Alphabet Agencies now that the Marxist Bolsheviks are in power.

    Keep your big mouth shut, guard your six, know your AO well, and keep your circle very small and tight as hell. We are in for a wild ride. The time will come when we as a people have NOTHING left to loose.

    • “…now that the Marxist Bolsheviks are in power”:

      You must be hallucinating if you see Bolsheviks in power. Unfortunately, there are none in power. You are apparently fully indoctrinated, biased, brainwashed, against socialism which is congruent with Christian faith, whereas the usury system is not.

      • Blinken is a fucking straight up Bolshevik whose grandparents were just off the boat from Stalin’s purges for murdering and torturing millions of white Christians. That was apparently tookuch for even Stalin. Now he oversees the entire “Justice” Department. If you don’t think we are in trouble you are insane!

        • No. He is what he is: a Neoliberal, the other side of the Neocon coin, warmongering, fully capitalist-imperialist, set to destroy every trace and vestige of socialism in the world – in “hybrid war” to make the world safe for unlimited usury – and for blood lust and the sense of power.

        • It’s a Jewish derived criminal mentality, not an ideology. They don’t have to follow some aspergers book definition of “true marxism” to be proud of their background as crazed bloodthirsty revolutionary kikes.

          • Learn accurate history. The anticommunist forces, including contingents from the U.S., were especially bloodthirsty, and the revolution would never have succeeded by just campaigning and voting in elections.

            Look at what happened in neighboring Finland and other countries where peaceful popular communist revoltions were brutally crushed. This is an excellent historical series on the brutal crushing of democratically-elected Finnish populist socialism:

      • If you believe Bolshevism means anything other murderous kike then you’re a fool. Marxism is a mirage there’s no there there. It is a ludicrous fantasy but the deadly kikes are there, and they have plenty of people who think of themselves as followers of Marxism or derivatives of similar filthy kikes as their servants.

  4. This article by Dugin illuminates even better, how utterly fucked we are, as a nation.

    ” So, logically, there had to appear an inner enemy. This was theoretically necessary in the development of ideological processes after the 1990s. And the inner enemy arrived just in time, precisely when it was most needed. It had a name: Donald Trump.

    [Being labelled from the very moment of his appearance in the 2016 American elections, Donald Trump started to play an extremely important role – that of the enemy.]

    He incorporated the border line between liberalism 1.0 and liberalism 2.0. He became the midwife of liberalism 2.0, helping it finally be fully born. Initially, there was the weak idea of trying to link Trump with red-brown Putin. Such caused real damage to Trump’s presidency, but, ideologically, it was inconsistent. Not only because of the absence of real relations between Trump and Putin and Trump’s pure ideological opportunism, but also because Putin himself, who looked like a “National-Bolshevist” consciously opposing global liberalism, is in reality much more of a pragmatic realist. Like Trump, he is a ratings populist, and also like Trump, he is more of an opportunist with no interest in ideology.

    The alternative scenario of presenting Trump as “fascist” was also ridiculous. As it was overused by his political rivals, it did cause trouble for Trump, but it too was totally inconsistent. Neither Trump himself nor any of his staff were “fascists” or representatives of any far-right tendency long ago totally marginalized in American society and existing only as a kind of libertarian fringe of kitsch culture.

    So, dealing with Trump on the ideological level (and not only in propaganda, where all methods are accepted if they work) liberals were obliged to define his position otherwise. And here we approach most important point of our study. Trump was and is a representative of liberalism 1.0. This was discovered to be precisely the main – and this time really inner – enemy of the new liberalism. If we put aside all the foreign regimes that oppose liberal ideology in their political practice as not posing any serious problem, instead being but casual, inarticulate obstacles on the way to the inevitable triumph of liberal progress, there remains only one real enemy of liberalism – liberalism itself. In order to proceed further, liberalism had to make an inner purge. ”

    WE MUST SECEDE, (as always was our right) and form a White Nationalist, Christian, mono-racial nation, with a gold-backed monetary policy, NO USURY, and NO JEWS.

    Just to give yet more light on this sorry state of things, Here’s Mathis’ 7/4 column:

  5. It doesn’t matter, the media will still blame Jan.6 on White supremacists/ insurrectionists/ domestic terrorists.

  6. It looks like the Capital Police are going to be the new (((Secret Police))) as they seem to have been designed to only be accountable to the Speaker and are above normal rule of law. You can bet the Speakership will never again fall out of control if the ruling cabal.

  7. There was no “failure” or “incompetence” on the part of the feds: it all happened exactly as they planned it to. Many Oaf Queefers who were at “1/6” (such date labels are designed by the feds & their whoremedia to give “terror” events a significance greater than they have in the minds of sheep) are rotting in solitary looking at decades in prison – but the founder who incited them, Elmer “Stewart” Rhodes III, remains unindicted & free as a shitbird.

    Hmm! Why do you think that’s the case?

    • I don’t think it was the optics they wanted but it didn’t matter in the end. They got their Reichstag fire anyway.

  8. Alot of undercover saboteurs and paid actors on jan 6

    Never forget the fed boomer ray epps who fat Alaska was neighbors with I’d link you the video but youtube keeps deleting it

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