Tucker Carlson: The NSA Really Was Spying on Me

Conservatives still haven’t processed the significance of these changes:

  • The “intelligence community” has been weaponized against the Right
  • The public health establishment was weaponized against the Right
  • The military is being weaponized against the Right
  • Corporate America is being weaponized against the Right
  • Progressive district attorneys who pick and choose what crimes to prosecute and who look the other way at leftwing chaos are being weaponized against the Right
  • Big Tech has been weaponized against the Right
  • The law itself and the judicial system is also being weaponized against the Right
  • Banks are being weaponized against the Right
  • Book publishing is being weaponized against the Right
  • Payment processors have been weaponized against the Right
  • Public schools are being weaponized against the Right
  • Universities have long been weaponized against the Right
  • Sports are being weaponized against the Right
  • Consumer brands are being weaponized against the Right
  • The media has long been weaponized against the Right
  • BLM and Antifa are private militias which are sponsored and protected by the Democratic Party which have been weaponized against the Right

You’re invited to believe these institutions are still legitimate.

It is not a “conspiracy theory” when all of these institutions which are controlled by PMCs have been hijacked by people who despise you and who really are out to get you.

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  1. This is the same thing they did with the alt right and antifa. I have no doubt that a lot of the doxings of people at Charlottesville or other alt right people were “leaked” from the intelligence agencies to antifa. It’s not like it is difficult for them to just send some info over to unicorn riot or whatever.

  2. Why would US intelligence agencies be hostile towards their most successful de-radicalization agent? I highly suspect this story is just the CIA attempting to legitimize Tucker Carlson in the eyes of the dissident right. It’s a one party system, always has been. Actors like Tucker Carlson are put out there to make you think there is some kind of battle of ideas going on. There is not.

    • I’m with you here. Tuckah is an inner circle baby blood drinking, foreskin eating shill just like afro haired crypto Mark Steyn and fat pig Rush Limbaugh. This doesn’t mean he is wrong just controlled opposition.

    • You may be right, but I’ve noticed TC never shills for Israel like Bongino, Ingraham, Hannity, et al. That tells me he ain’t so bad.

      • It’s Fox News. I wish he were real trust me. I hope I’m wrong but nobody gets to that level without pledging to the Demon.

      • @Spahn he just said that the Communist Chinese have control over this government. No sincere journalist could make that statement without laughing afterwards

    • Normie republicans are considered “extremists” now by the state, so they don’t view Tucker as deradicalizing.

  3. Secede. I’ll say it now, just as the American/Russian Martyr, St. Tikhon Belavin said, 100 years ago:

    “Anyone who calls himself a Christian, cannot support this Jewish Government.” – whether Bolshevik, or Bidenite. They both are of Hell.

    St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

    Christus Vivat
    Christus Regnat
    Christus Imperator!
    NO King but Jesus. No Christendom but White Europe.

    • Me thinks your all in for this monarchy, cause this be what your “religion” be all about:: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23629443-when-a-jew-rules-the-world

      “Ethics V Omnipotence.
      The omnipotent deity of the old order translated as power absolute, nothing that happened in the nation was outside the will of the all powerful God. The priesthood would select from among their class an almighty leader, a leader upon whom the priesthood would ordain the same attributes as the deity.
      To question the leader or the bureaucracy that would surround him was tantamount to questioning God. A leader in this system is the Man-God.
      This is a system of absolute dictatorship, which of itself cannot break free from the self imposed chains, such civilisations always end in destruction as the laws become obscene, either from within or from an outside force.“ ~ s. young
      Thirteenth Tribe

  4. Re: “weaponized against the Right…against the Right…against the Right…”

    Much ado about nothing, because the so-called left wing is also right. The Beast has two wings, both of them conservative, conserving the system by disinforming, dividing and ruling different target audiences while giving the illusion of democratic choice. Fox News versus MSNBC, etc. Tucker versus Maddow, really what’s the difference?

    The system determines the (s)elections (not by a conspiracy, just the way that capitalism naturally works) and not only in the U.S. but many other places, such as HAITI. The U.S. managed to put Brazil’s choice Lula behind bars for doing nothing wrong except being socialist, and installed the fascist Bolsonaro who says he will probably disregard the result of the upcoming election if Lula runs who would win by a historic landslide. The U.S. still won’t acknowledge Castillo’s victory in Peru, and is working hard to determine the result of the election in Nicaragua: https://www.telesurenglish.net/opinion/Nicaragua—Varieties-of-Neocolonial-Solidarity-20210707-0022.html Both the so-called left and the right wing of U.S. politics, and Fox News and the rest of corporate media all agree on the essentials.

    • The “embattled” Right and the so-called left that is “weaponing everything against the Right” both agree on the essentials, only their styles and audiences are different, and they really complement each other, supporting, conserving, the same system. The essentials that both Right and so-called left agree on include “the beliefs or presuppostions that the US and its allies are a force for good in the world, that Western culture is morally superior to others and that capitalism promotes optimal economic and social outcomes. These ridiculous false beliefs are fundamental tenets of Western intellectual life and public discourse. They make possible the kind of psychological warfare repeatedly unleashed against governments that obstruct the wishes of Western corporate elites and the governments they own. An important component of Western psychological warfare shaping the moral dimension of any given disinformation assault is the essentially class based solidarity with the target country’s imperialist proxies. This neocolonial solidarity operates in reactionary and progressive varieties, both claiming a Western monopoly on freedom, democracy and defence of human rights. Both essentially agree that governments resisting Western demands deserve to be attacked one way or another. The reactionary variety, prevalent mostly among the business and financial classes and related professionals, insists on abandoning international law in favour of intervention based on Western dictated rules. The progressive variety, prevalent mostly among non profit organizations, academics and other socially oriented professionals, agrees but is more diffident about the means of intervention deployed, demanding alibis to satisfy susceptibilities over humanitarian and human rights concerns. The right wing variety generally favors aggressive, overt or covert military-based solidarity with armed opposition rebellion, while the progressive variety favors smart-power coercive measures prioritizing solidarity with some version of opposition civil society or popular movements….” https://www.telesurenglish.net/opinion/Nicaragua—Varieties-of-Neocolonial-Solidarity-20210707-0022.html

    • I would reverse that. Israeli intelligence spies on everyone and the NSA gets whatever scraps the Israelis want them to have.

  5. This is serious business, because Tucker Carlson has named names, and has witnesses. This isn’t some silly internet conspiracy bullshit. Carlson is the real deal. These are crimes that must be prosecuted.

  6. I thought I was listening to Alex Jonestein when Carlson said it.s the Chinese that control this country.

  7. When the country is so divided it’s perplexing why all of its major institutions are ideologically monolithic.

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