The Average Voter

Guess what?

The average voter is a social conservative and economic moderate.

Note: This is a conservative leaning polling group.

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    • Yes. Give more money to every other group. Date and marry nonwhites. Avoid marriage and pop out as many “racially mixed” babies as they can. Or, better yet, adopt one from Africa or Haiti.

      I won’t call myself a conservative anymore.

  1. When has the Republican Party ever cared what their voters want? They know their voters will keep voting for them no matter what, so they will do what they always do once they get office. Tax cuts for billionaires and all your taxes to Israel. Trump’s Israeli handler Jared confirmed what everyone already knows is true, when he said there is no reason to listen to the Whites in flyover country, because they will vote for us anyway.

    When your child is naughty, do you reward their bad behaviour so they will grow up to be evil? And yet, the Republican Party has been double crossing its base forever, and no one ever thinks to vote third party. I see the same behavior with social media. Zuck, Googleberg, and Jack Dorsey, treat their users like trash. Their users whine about it, and yet, they can’t bring themselves to ever leave. It is battered wife syndrome.

    You don’t take over the Republican Party with votes because they don’t care about about their voters, you take it over with big money and corruption.

  2. This hardly matters. When a high school dropout with a room temperature IQ can cancel out your vote, the system is broken.

    • Powell, you get ALMOST there, and then you stop…. I’m not criticizing, I’m trying to help…

      “When a high school dropout with a room temperature IQ can cancel out your vote, the system is broken.”

      Look at the pic at the top of the article.
      On the one side, a white male; on the other, a female (we can’t tell the race, per se)
      and this is the first sentence in the article:

      “The American Electorate is 56% culturally conservative and 52% economically liberal.”

      Juxtapose the pic with the sentence, and you’ll get what I’m driving at.

      IF WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE AT ALL (note the caveat- AT ALL?)

      We’d solve a LOT of the problems created by women (no, not the battle of the sexes- I Tim. 2:14, after all!) IF we made Christian Headship extend to ALL things, as Scripture clearly states. [Col. 1:20]
      Whites would RULE THE WORLD, as we are meant to do.

      Merely stand by your woman, and tell her how to vote. Create a MAJOR LAWSUIT over Christians voting as members of a “Free State” and drive a wedge between the State and the Kingdom….

      And teach your women, you are LORD.

      (now watch all the pussies start screaming about ‘equal rights.’ EFF IT. Either obey, or be damned.

      • @Fr John+ How come none of you Christians are suing? Maybe if some of you guys gave up your Disney vacations, you could.

        Because this isn’t about religion, it’s about race.

        • Pilot- ‘You Christians’ implies that:
          1) You are not one.
          2) You think we are a monolithic bloc.

          As to #1- the Church Fathers put it as simply as possible: ‘YOU have no right to criticize us. You are either a) against God, and therefore, the Enemy, or b) sunk in your sins and offenses and in no position to judge, because guilty yourself of the same sin(s) you accuse US of!

          As far as #2 – We once thought ALL Americans were ‘American’ – then came an Orange Man coming down an escalator in 2015, and we soon began to see the masks slip, and have continued to see the masks slip, for the last five years. And yet, we were told by the Obamanation that “Diversity was OUR Strength” or that we should ‘Trust the Science’ in more modern times.
          And suddenly, we realized WE WERE NOT ONE NATION, but MANY COMPETING SECTS, (BLM, ANTIFA, LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ. ) or religious CULTISTS, (the Prick crowd, Fauci-ites) and ‘denominations’ (Dems, Republitards).

          Perhaps my analogy doesn’t get through to you, or perhaps it does.

          Point being, those who ‘say they are Christians, and are not’ was made clear by Jesus Christ, the God Incarnate, when the Edomitic Mischling [sic] Jews (i.e., the Pharisees, Caiaphas, even Saul of Tarsus before his conversion) said they were ‘Abraham’s children’ and Christ called them demons in human form (John 8)

          IF just the SBC would shake off the animals (Negroes) in their midst, purge (excommunication) their heretics, and command their women (GCB – Good Christian B-words) to submit to their Husbands, we MIGHT- just MIGHT stand a chance.

          But, as it is, we’re having to deal with cowards and Race traitors like you, who don’t seem to get one simple factoid.

          If you are WHITE…you are Christian. No other option. No other ‘feelings.’ No other allegiance. Your race is the first step toward being of the Body of Christ- which is a Caucasoid Body, theanthropic though it may be!!!!

          • I don’t acknowledge a Jewish God. Big difference between me and you.

            I agree about race traitors. This is all about “race” (or species), not religion. The Jews aren’t going after us, because of religion. This is about being WHITE.

            It is your religion that keeps people worshipping the tribe and treating them so special. If people united under being white, they wouldn’t be manipulated. They wouldn’t be told their God commands people to take care of the Chosen people. They wouldn’t be told they had to take every person into their country and support them and put up with crime.

            It’s all a myth, put on our people, originally to take down Rome, and for them to gain power over our lands. Wake up.

  3. This is basically where I am which is good to hear. I assume the majority of people are against these interventionist wars and against the military industrial complex too!

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