NY Mag: We Are Two Nations, Divisible

I agree.

We should get a divorce from the Acela Corridor and West Coast. The Confederates were right. Slavery wasn’t cause of disunion. It was only the issue that polarized the country at the time. Sectional divisions have endured and have grown more toxic over the last fifty years.

New York Magazine:

“On Independence Day, which fell on Sunday this year, I found myself as an elder at my small mainline Protestant church lofting up a prayer for “our nation, on its birthday, that we may overcome the conflicts dividing us and find peace and reconciliation.” I’m sure similar sentiments were expressed in many worship services on July 4, not to mention in op-ed columns and in private conversations at BBQs, community events, and family get-togethers. Many, if not most, Americans crave relief from a conflict-ridden and volatile political climate that has grown steadily more intense in recent years, starting even before Donald Trump’s election.

But in retrospect, my pious hopes for unity were just that. And while I do pray a benevolent God may keep us Americans from ripping one another apart over our political and cultural differences, it’s time to recognize that they are real, not contrived; deep-seated, not superficial; and an authentic reflection of divisions in our population, not an invention of manipulative elites, politicians, or the news media. Embracing this fact is important, as history shows; avoiding legitimate forks in the road could lead the country into a wilderness of false compromises and a failure to address significant problems, just as happened when we initially put off dealing with the issue of slavery. …”

BTW, I have always believed this.

Whites are not homogeneous. The race issue is stirred up by shitlibs who live in big cities on the coasts for political gain. It has alwayd been subordinate to this larger cultural divide.

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  1. Slavery was the excuse the expand Jewish control of the economy to the South by force. Killing 700,000 young white men was a feature not a bug. Half the slaves starved to death after the war so that tells you how much concern Uncle Shlomo had for them. Start with “everything my government tells me is a lie” and you will gain wisdom fast.

    • Re: “the excuse to expand Jewish control of the economy to the South”:

      Talmudism was already firmly entrenched in the South, even more than in most of the states north of the Line. Charleston, SC, aka “New Jerusalem,” was the main centre from colonial and pre-British colonial (Santa Elena) times until New York finally took first place after the War.

  2. I think genetics plays a far bigger role than that book is willing to admit. It would be interesting if genetic scientists followed lib migrations back to Europe and the UK, to see if they come from common areas. It wouldn’t suprise me if they found fracticidal wars in Europe have been following their mass migrations going back thousands of years. I read that artificial intelligence can be shown a person’s face, and it can tell their politics. That is DNA, not culture.

    • I would bet most of the Tards were brainwashed here but it would be interesting. No doubt europeans have heritable behavior traits. Maybe suicide is one of them.

    • “I read that artificial intelligence can be shown a person’s face, and it can tell their politics. That is DNA, not culture.”

      I wouldn’t doubt this. We know that leftie and rightie brains are different. Physiognomy is connected with race, and different races have different tendencies.

  3. WE should be two nations divided. Those who want nationalism can live in the south, those that want diversity can live in the north.

    • Many of us in the North don’t want diversity. You have more of it down there, anyway. Wish you guys could get it through your heads that the main divide is now urban/rural.

      • Powell, it’s urban/rural, it’s black/white, it’s Christian/Pagan, it’s het/sodomite, AND it’s North/South.

        Go back all the way to Adam’s two boys- Cain and Abel.
        1) Abel was Adam’s son, Cain was Satan’s. (this is noted by the Celtic church, CI’s, and a host of other traditions) What happened?
        Cain Slew Abel. [ Jews slew Christ, North slew South, Blacks slew Whites, etc. ad nauseam…]

        2) Then we had Seth, and Cain lived among the non-Adamics (for, even if you go back to the LXX chronology of 6000 B.C., you STILL have pre-homo sapiens races of hominids out there, and the ‘sudden’ (i.e., Divinely Created Adamic Man)

        3) Jacob/Esau – Which was God’s favorite? Yup One family, two sons, one Elect, the other, Not.

        4) Israel/the Nations – same difference, but now it’s one RACE vs. ALL the others

        5) The two ‘houses of Israel’ make the fight even more local [ Judah vs. Israel- i.e., North vs. South] IGNORING the non-Adamites… a point we Christians seem to overlook, time and time again.
        6) Ezra vs. the race-mixing returning tribes – yup, purity of race is Godly… oh, and don’t forget the 10 ‘Lost’ Tribes!
        7) John Hyrcanus and the admission of the Esau/Edomites into the Body Politic of Israel, @ 150 years before Jesus. Setting up the Pharisee/Jew vs. Judean/Christian dichotomy.
        8) The Jews’ ETERNAL disenfranchisement at Calvary/Easter Sunday. Elect vs. Damned
        9) The EASTERN (read, Southern- orthodox christian) vs. Frankish Western (read, Yankee Unitarian Northern) Schism in the Holy Roman Empire.
        10) The Civil War (wash, rinse, repeat, from above) ……

        Do you see a pattern? A scenario that we continually NEVER seem to learn?

        1) We MUST be a mono-racial nation. This disenfranchises ALL non-Whites.
        2) As a mono-racial nation, we MUST root out traitors, race-mixers, sodomites, and other anathemas.
        3) Even then, we STILL will have the Wheat and the Tares… but at least we will have OUR OWN problems, and NOT the ‘nations round about us’ to allow the Deicides (Christ killers) to destroy us, simply because they ENVY our race, religion, and rights.

        For ‘if the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free, INDEED.’- St. John’s Gospel

          • That isn’t racism “from the Church’s perspective.” That’s racism from one particular liberal bishop’s perspective. In that same article, he advocates for liberal religious pluralism (a heresy in Orthodox Christianity) and praises the French revolution.

          • Mr. Procoto-logist- Yuor presumption that I do not possess a mind opened by the Holy Spirit, and imbued with the life-giving energies of the Holy Trinity, is the hubris of the unregenerate.

            Moreover, the entirety of the Eastern Orthodox are imbued with Novus Ordo heresy, going back to the Calendar Schism of the 1920’s and the Sergianism that made martyrs of millions of Russians. The WCC counts such Pseudo-dox on their rolls.

            If I were an RCC, (and believed that God loves all hominids) I’d say I’d pray for you.
            If you even addressed me as an Orthodox layman (assuming you to be one, from the links you gave) should address a cleric, I’d be more charitable.

            Fr. Seraphim Rose said, ‘In the end, ALL the churches will serve Antichrist.”
            Please, don’t follow a heretical assembly that presumes (like the GOA does with Iakovos of unhappy memory) that certain clerics are ‘saints’ because they marched with MLK, but rather, that your deeds are righteous and in accordance with Scripture and Tradition.

            Just a cursory read of the recent “Bases of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church” would show you that nationalism and Christendom are one and the same when incarnated in each individual people and race:

            ““In everything that concerns the exclusively earthly order of things, the Orthodox Christian is obliged to obey the law, regardless of how far it is imperfect and unfortunate. However, when compliance with legal requirements threatens his eternal salvation and involves an apostasy or commitment of another doubtless sin before God and his neighbor, the Christian is called to perform the feat of confession for the sake of God’s truth and the salvation of his soul for eternal life. He must speak out lawfully against an indisputable violation committed by society or state against the statutes and commandments of God. If this lawful action is impossible or ineffective, he must take up the position of civil disobedience…” – op. cit.

            And the HERESY OF PHYLETISM is NOT about seeking one’s own ethnic uniqueness, or loving one’s own history as a mono racial ‘Volk’ … but rather, Phyletism is a Heresy when it is USED for any nation to seek to IMPOSE THEIR ETHNICITY ON ANOTHER’S…… via means such as the Byzantine Liturgy on all of Christendom, say?

            “Indeed, from its beginnings in a petty colonial rebellion to its latest incarnation [in Obama’s Transnational Republic,] the American Revolution has waged continuous religious and civil war on established trinitarian ideals and traditions in state, church, and civil society. The colonial rebels effectively turned their rowdy assaults on the established authority of throne and altar into a symbol of liberation for all mankind. Within a few years, what began as a parochial battle to preserve the particularistic liberties of the freeborn Englishman became a permanent (and ongoing) crusade to vindicate the universal rights of man, first, on both sides of the Atlantic and, since then, around the world…” – Andrew Fraser, ONE-DIMENSIONAL MAN: RACE AND THE TRINITARIAN THEOLOGY OF CHRISTIAN NATIONHOOD, PART II

            Yeah. Log out of eye.

      • Correct on both points.

        Every state is conservative in the rural parts and Democrat in the metropolitan areas, small cities and college towns.

        However both divisions although voting for different parties want to conserve the same system. Neither is revolutionary.

  4. @ good story, we have divorced ourselves from the other side a long time ago, I feel no kinship with them. we are not the masters, of the house our forbears built, if we want a tomorrow for our young………..

  5. I’ve always said this country is untenable and it just becomes more obvious by the day.
    The whites that want multi culti Jewish democracy can live with those folks and the rest of us can go our own way.

  6. @ they have brougjt d.trump back into the mix, no salvation with the republicans, don’t be distracted with this ploy on their part, the republicans, their hands are stained red with southern blood,

    • Trump is done. As was noted in that article (by Dugin, I think) I quoted yesterday:

      “DJT was the person who brought about Liberalism 2.0, because HE was Liberalism 1.0.”

      He is no longer our friend, until and unless Ivanka and Grima Wormtongue Kushner disown him, and he, them.

      Oh, and DJT getting rid of all the KIKES he does business with… which means, the whole of NYC.

  7. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The massive racial transformation of America

    America splits into a White Nation and a nonwhite Nation

    Followed by the two separate Race Base Nations slaughtering each other over scarce water resources and other scarce resources…..followed by Chinese and Iranian Military occupation of Post-White Nation of California…

    The remnants Historic White Nation will be nuked…burnt…slaughtered….enslaved……onto White Genocide……

    This the Crystal Ball look into White Folks future…and it’s right around the corner…

    Was NFL Tyrone Ball worth it….did you enjoy sniffing NFL TYRONE’S jockstrap?…You cucked faggots….

    The 1960s Counter Culture destroyed post-WW2 White Women….

  8. Even if there is secession, we would still be vassals of the American empire because the coastal cities control the money, resources, and military. It might actually be worse than it currently is because the relationship wouldn’t be moderated by even the pretense of rule of law. We would move from the realm of domestic policy to international relations, and that would open up even more options for these elites to attack us. Sanctions, color revolutions, political assassinations, coups, etc. You can just look at the American empire’s actions in Latin America and see that it wouldn’t free us from their influence.

    The American elite just needs to be completely displaced. That’s the only real solution.

  9. @ revelations 18:4 KJV, And I heard another voice from heaven, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues.

  10. @ A declaration of independence, a declaration of feality, to JESUS CHRIST., Most sovereign, our sovereign king.

  11. @Hunter Wallace the American experience is a failed experiment. The Confederacy was directly linked to Americanism as its goal was to dial back to the founders who were champions of the Enlightenment thinking/ and classical Liberalism. The Enlightenment/ Liberalism is why we are in the mess we are in now. So both the American Revolution and the Confederate Revolution should be despised and rejected as the problem. I suggest talks by Jay Dyer and Alexandr Dugin regarding this. I favor Dugins 4th political theory as the best option for the World today. You sir are wanting to return to failed political theories. Liberalism whether in the classical sense or modern sense should be discarded.






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