AFT Head: Critical Race Theory Is “Accurate History”

Oh really?

Howard Zinn and James Loewen and the 1619 Project are just accurate history? CRT is the historical equivalent of evolution in biology? I don’t think so!


“Teachers and civil rights activists are organizing and preparing to go to court to stop conservatives’ efforts to block curriculum about institutional racism.

Why it matters: “It is the modern-day Scopes trial,” American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten tells Axios, recalling the 1925 case over teaching evolution.

Legislators in nearly half of U.S. states in recent months have passed or introduced proposals to constrain lessons about how racism has shaped the nation’s history and political and economic systems.

Conservative groups also are driving recall campaigns against school board members around the U.S. …”

Vanity Fair:

“The head of the country’s second largest teachers’ union ripped conservatives on Tuesday, calling the right’s ongoing panic about critical race theory a flagrant attempt “to stop us from teaching students accurate history” and pledging to take legal action to protect teachers impacted by such efforts. “Culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism or discrimination as [critical race theory] to try to make it toxic,” American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten said in a virtual speech to union members, according to the Washington Post. …”

Before you even ask, Randi Weingarten is a Jewish lesbian.

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  1. “White people are devils is accurate history.” I’m glad these evil beings are making their malice so blatant. That might wake up even the most clueless normie.

    • I don’t mind if the curriculum looks at great men like a Robert Clive, John Smith, William Jardine, Charles Napier, Napoleon, Rhodes, Columbus…as long as it looks at them. The danger I foresee is that teachers simply airbrush them out with whitewash. The danger, for the school marms, of looking at these greats is that a young man may privately dig into the stories and emulate the example of these geniuses. What I learn from the opium war or Jamestown or 1492 is how to win. How not to lose.

    • Our Anti-White enemies are moving too fast for their own good. Regardless, they can reasonably expect “conservatives” and Republicans to do damage control for them.

  2. Watching these idiots pretend that this isn’t what it is, and that everybody else is too dumb to know it, is amazing to watch. This is what every one thinks it is. They are burning bridges with the public all over the place. Not real smart. They will need parents good will eventually for some other stupid thing they want. And they will have burned all their bridges for the dumbest latest ideological fad, following mr Kendi, the Jim Jones of Wokeness, right off a cliff ..

  3. They live such sheltered lives. No eight hour days, plenty of perks, generous holidays off, generous pensions that they can collect at forty, and be supported for the rest of their lives without a worry.

    They constantly complain about how much money they make, even to the students.
    It’s like you complaining about your pay, to a customer or client.

    They basically cannot be fired, even if they are the worst teacher in the world. The system encourages the lowest level of standards. So if a student doesn’t care about learning or is slow, the whole class is at that level, and no, they don’t teach at so many different levels in the classroom. That’s a joke, and “gifted classes” are not about learning, it’s just more socialization and fluffy busy activities.

  4. That kyke killed Gods only son. She did, her blood is responsible and they want to do it all over again my dear Christian friends, to you.

  5. It’s all excuses for black failure. So now they simply want to get into deeper detail about White racism or grossly exaggerate it to cover up for black and brown failure in the classroom.

    Of course Weingarten is jewish. I did an Lol on the lezbo thing because I did not know that but it’s typical. Then they wonder about anti semitism. Lol. Even more hilarious is just wait until the Democrats do the full tilt to a black, brown and Moslem party. Only jewish money and an aging White old guard is keeping – just barely- the ” new” Democratic Party at bay. When trash like Pelosi, Hoyer, Biden and similar over the hill goys retire, get defeated or pass on, the great shift of the Democratic Party to not just an anti White party but an anti Jewish one too, will speed up rapidly.

    Right now Jewish Democrats ride the anti White wave because they hate Whites and Christians. But when the shift truly focuses on them it will be like, ” Oyyy veyyy, the whole country hates us honest Jews who are just looking for justice.” You know the routine.

    Meanwhile America will focus on this Crt garbage as our students slowly get destroyed by countries in Asia and Europe again. Critical Race theory crap is all a sideshow because blacks and browns are failing at Science, Math and English and the schools are basically prison cells for 7 hours a day.

    Diversity is a strength. Yeah, when you ask why and how you just get some garbled garbage as an answer. You know you are getting old when you remember the ” melting pot” theory taught in schools instead of creepy and anti American ” diversity and multiculturalism” which is meant to divide and create hatred against Whites while being a pilot fish off White creativity.

    I also find it funny how communists like Weingarten want ” truth telling” for this stuff but no ” honesty” on black criminality, welfare stealing and basically plopping out future criminals with no end in sight. Also no honesty in what the jewish Talmud says in producing jewish supremacism.

    • There’s only two explanations for black failure. White racism or black inadequacy on a biological level. The teachers can’t write off the zulus without making their own income stream null.

      • Then we are done as a country, Captain. If it’s just bucks that is the definition for all things in the classroom and even in media, we need a do over or total implosion because no way is this racket of blaming whitey going to last forever. I see even normie parents are having their fill of critical race theory.

        Remember when Iq was discussed in the open pretty regularly? Or at least a general discussion. Now the left always labels it” debunked” or ” pseudo science.” Ya sure. Just go around the world or even to various neighborhoods in America and you will see wide disparities in intelligence.

        Now Democrats and the left in general play this game of ” it does not matter what population lives in a given area, it all comes out the same.” All such a lie and everyone knows it. Thus the issue of raising Iq is never even dealt with and society crumbles further due to it. Instead of dealing with the intelligence issue so desperately needed, we get cheap slogans like, ” diversity is a strength.” The latest robberies, murders and assaults in the hood tell me otherwise.

  6. CRT is aligned with the dominant ideology, so these teachers are very safe in their jobs. Actually, they know that their anti-White activism will probably result in positive media coverage and professional advancement. The larger issues are these: do parents have a say in what is taught to their children? Do they have a greater say than union bosses? Unions packed with race activists view schools as indoctrination camps for young minds; they’re playing the long game. Dissident parents have the entire Zeitgeist stacked against them.

  7. She certainly got hit with the ugly stick multiple times, didn’t she? Perhaps she could marry The Buttplug and her “wife” could marry The Buttplug’s “wife” to get straightened out about the facts of life? Just trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    • “She certainly got hit with the ugly stick multiple times,”

      That’s the outside.
      If you could see her black hole soul, you’d scream in horror.

    • She fell from the tip top of the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down, she didn’t miss a solitary twig. The only thing that even comes close to her level of hideousness is Wookiee Goldberg, whom I consider to be the living epitome of Medusa. I’ve long thought that Medusa’s head of snakes bore a remarkable resemblance to dreadlocks. Other contenders for World’s Ugliest Woman Celebrity would have to include Sandra Bernhard, Barbara Streisand, Grace Jones and Caitlyn Jenner.

  8. I can’t watch the videos because it will spike my blood pressure by 60 points. I’m betting all these brainwashed, self hating Whites and jews live in majority White neighborhoods.

  9. That American Federation of Teachers goblin is 100% Ashkenazi jew.

    Every. Single. Time. Isn’t a meme, but the unadulterated truth.

  10. The CRT fight is shaping up to be more like a one-sided bloodbath that democrats will win easily (just as they win everything else).

  11. I did a quick search of Randi Weingarten. I was shocked to find out she is a deeply Orthodox woman who also is a high profile Zionist. She teaches diversity and the evil of whiteness in America but for some reason finds it to be Gods work in Israel. It is weird how that works out

    • Of course. It’s one thing for me and another for you, goy.

      Hypocrisy and outright lying are central to Judaism.

  12. Weingarten looks like the Snuffleupagus. I could definitely see her snorting a line of ants.

  13. Literally EVERY thing the ubiquitous jew gatekeeper scum like this fugly-ass kike dyke say & do is aimed exclusively at destroying Whites. They know full well that niggers are hyper-violent ineducable retards who only serve their purpose of ruining the educational environment for White students; that’s why they were the diving force behind Brown v. Board, and now (((CRT))).

    They should have their hairy flesh ripped off in strips by red-hot tongs.

  14. Government at all levels is Anti-White. Why would you expect Government indoctrination centers, aka public schools, not to be Anti-White as well? CRT is an incremental step down White Genocide lane. “Conservatives” will make a lot of noise but do nothing to stop it. It really will be up to “normie” parents.

    • “Mrs.Trotsky & her petty-anti-White-horse-sh*t-BAND”,playing at your local PUBLIC “school” yard ANY day SOON!?!

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