The Race To Sustainable Abundance

You trust Nanny Bloomberg and his fellow progressive oligarchs, right?

This is really about saving the planet and the climate and creating a “sustainable” future. There are no ulterior control freak motives which are flying under the green flag.

Project Syndicate:

“DHAKA/NEW YORK – The global race to achieve net-zero greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions as soon as possible is also a race to realize a new kind of abundance: of public health, vibrant nature, good jobs, greater equality, and more opportunity. To build this world of plenty, we must simultaneously speed up our fight against the causes of climate change and build resilience to its effects. And we need to do it now.

As three of the nine Global Ambassadors for the United Nations’ Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns, we are working to mobilize cities, regions, businesses, investors, and the public behind major efforts between now and 2030. The aim is to halve GHG emissions, regenerate nature, and ensure that the four billion people most at risk globally can withstand the effects of climate change and thrive in spite of them.

We all have different backgrounds. But we agree that the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating health and economic effects highlight our responsibility – and create a unique opportunity – to imagine a more prosperous future for both people and planet. …”

The urbanite bugmen faggots over at Vox are trying to sell you on chickenless chicken this morning. Back in May, they concluded that eating a chicken sandwich was a moral catastrophe.


“If you’ve ever had a Beyond Burger or Impossible Burger, you know that plant-based food companies have figured out how to make fake beef that tastes pretty beefy. Their success is reflected in the fact that many foodies now consider their products not only tolerable but trendy.

Yet when it comes to chicken, plant-based meat companieshave really struggled to make a convincing substitute. That’s largely because replicating the structure of chicken muscle — which has a fibrous quality, with strands that pull apart — is much harder than creating a ground meat lookalike. Beyond Meat has tried to mimic chicken in the past, releasing chicken strips back in 2012. But reviews were mixed, and the company pulled the product a few years later.

Now, Beyond Meat is ready to try again with a new product: Beyond Chicken tenders. Hundreds of restaurants across the US — mostly small regional chains — launched the product on their menus starting July 8 (you can go to this locator to see if it’s available near you). And this time, the company may have finally cracked the code. …”

Let them own nothing and eat bugs while we amass huge fortunes, mock their traditions and teach their children to hate themselves and mutilate their genitals.

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  1. You want to reduce CO2 to near zero? Add chelated iron off the continental coasts. These asswipes know it’s all a lie. They make me SICK just looking at them

  2. ” fellow progressive oligarchs”

    Who jet around in their fuel guzzling jets, spewing CO2 into the upper atmosphere.
    Visiting their many homes, that are maintained year round, with heated outdoor pools and spas.

  3. “Nanny Bloomberg”

    Nanny, Nanny ???


    ‘Nanny’ implies a benevolent caregiver.
    He is neither.

  4. Cicadas as food on an industrial basis is beyond retarded. What do you do? Pick them out of storm drains? Set up a farm and have one harvest every 17 years? Anyone that even suggests cicadas as a “green food” alternative should be dismissed as an irredeemable moron.

  5. Ask a Chinese. The Chinese with their wet markets they find eating bugs disgusting. “What about all the diseases”, they say.

    • It’s actually the opposite. Unless you are eating parasite vectors, like snails, the further away the organism is evolutionarily the less likely you are to pick up diseases.

    • It’s pretty much guaranteed that the average Chinese person will be eating better than the average American within 10 years, if they aren’t already.

  6. None of these “global” warming or climate change fraudsters are nothing but hypocrites like Al Gore who flies everywhere he goes and lives in a mansion. They want you to abide by the rules while they break them all.

  7. I’m a social conservative, but an environmental progressive. But in my case, I’m consistent. The world is being trashed and polluted……..and CHINA is the No.1 culprit.
    I have no problem with meat consumption, so long as the death of the animal is humane and quick, and doesn’t lead to extinction or ecological destruction. The fatty acids that moderate meat consumption provides the brain helps prevent certain degenerative brain conditions later in life such as dementia.
    The environment should never be a Left vs Right issue. Rather, we should just follow the science. It’s currently our only planet.

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