Nick Fuentes Gets Kicked Out Of CPAC

It has become an annual tradition.

Nick Fuentes has been kicked out of another CPAC event in Dallas. Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner addressed the event in drag and was ridiculed by activists opposed to conservative elites trying to astroturf “trans” while simultaneously grifting off their base and passing anti-trans bills in state legislatures.

After studying this issue, I think Fuentes has the right approach here. By showing up and trolling CPAC, he is putting a spotlight on the gargantuan divide between the Republican base and Conservatism, Inc. There is no support among the Republican base for “trans” or police reform or amnesty for illegal aliens or tax cuts and cheap labor for Google or Juneteenth or the Platinum Plan and so forth.


“SACRAMENTO — Reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner said Friday that she’s leading all contenders in the Gov. Gavin Newsom recall despite polling and fundraising totals that suggest otherwise, addressing California political reporters in her first campaign press conference.

Jenner said she plans a statewide bus tour in the month before the Sept. 14 recall and dismissed a major May poll showing that she was fourth among GOP hopefuls with only 6 percent support.

“Honestly, I’m not concerned about the polling,” she said, dismissing the survey as outdated. “I guarantee you that I am in the lead.” …

Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, is advising Jenner. Asked if she wants Trump’s endorsement in the recall, Jenner demurred. “No, I honestly, I’m not looking for [it],” she said.

“I’m an inclusive Republican,” she added. “To be honest with you, I don’t fit in that box.” She said has not met with Trump or discussed her campaign with him. …”

Conservative elites DON’T represent the Republican base.

These people have tried to push Bruce Jenner on what is left of Republican voters in California and even with sky high name id it has fizzled. No one supports this shit. Even Democrats are evenly split on it. It is a smart move to show up with a bullhorn and draw attention to this fact.

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  1. Conservatism is pathetic. This is a good political tactic, though. Go to conservative events to disrupt and heckle them. Every conservative event should be met with a sea of hecklers that overshadow the event itself, calling them all losers. The best thing the groypers did was when they went to the TPUSA event and made Don Jr. and his old botched plastic surgery victim mistress cry. Unfortunately, Fuentes reined them in because he was shilling for Trump.

    As an aside, it’s funny that FOX has their own token gay black Don Lemon ripoff.

  2. Post-1965 Immigration Policy

    Vote Native White Working Class

    Into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority

    Within the borders of America….LEGALLY..

  3. CPAC was particularly low energy this year. Even the longtime boomercons are starting to check out.

  4. Interesting that Dem respondents have a more negative view of capitalism than of billionaires (44% to 29%) when the latter are a product of the former. Has it something to do with the existence of ‘woke’ billionaires?

  5. I’ve been watching CPAC coverage this afternoon and so far it’s been a pretty dull, uninspiring event. Very unenthusiastic responses from the audience, especially when a couple of Israel First jews took the stage to demand the appointment of a Federal antisemitism czar. Lots of affirmative action women and minority speakers warning about the evils of socialism. The Left has absolutely nothing to fear from these wimps.

  6. I’m glad someone had the guts to call Bruce Gender by his real name. The shitlibs will be crying inconsolably for the next two weeks over that!

  7. I think I’ve come to agree that Fuentes can be valuable, politically. He can be used as a reference point. I live in southern California, and I’d like to be able to reference a Hispanic being banned from CPAC, labeled a holocaust denier by the SPLC, etc. I can also reference CNN firing Rick Sanchez several years ago for pointing out Jewish political power.

    We can use Fuentes.

  8. I distinctly remember eating a bowl of cereal many many years ago, and Bruce Jenner’s image was on the cereal box, arms up over his head, in some Olympic event.. I remember thinking something is just not right with that guy, just not right. So now he is a prominent fag. Trust your gut instincts. I have similar feeling about J.D. Vance. Sum Ting Wong with that guy.

    • @Thim

      I too noticed the distinctly fruity scent emanating from him. He didn’t talk or gesticulate like a fag; it was that pageboy haircut he stuck with over the decades.

      As for Vance, he’s gone from “cognitive elite” Ivy Leaguer smirkily shitting on the White Appalachians like the ones he was raised by (who were to be sure junkie dregs) and prescribing them Bootstraps, to pandering to them & other White working-class voters. That tells me he’s just another hyper-ambitious snake who’s not quite as smart as he obviously thinks he is.

  9. Conservatism IS transgenderism, the “base” will come around to it just like they did with the gays.

  10. It shouldn’t take Nick Fuentes to point out the absurdity of the trans thing. I don’t even think he pointed that out while he was there.

    Some normie guy who was there called out Bruce as “she” left, though

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