Eric Kaufmann: Canada Is The World’s First Woke Nation

In Canada under Justin Trudeau, you can see all of America’s festering cultural problems in an exaggerated form unshackled by the restraints of the Constitution. It is like the Pete Buttigieg presidency.

The Telegraph:

“Canada, with the exception of French-speaking Quebec, is becoming the world’s first woke nation. That is, wokeness is increasingly becoming its identity. To glimpse what happens when a nation is captured by John McWhorter’s “religion of antiracism”, look no further than my country.

Earlier this month, activist mobs pulled down statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II on the grounds of the Manitoba provincial legislature. From Victoria in the West to Charlottetown in the East, statues of Sir John A Macdonald, the closest thing Canada has to a founding father, have also been toppled or removed. The wave surged in mid-2020 as a copycat response to the Black Lives Matter protests.

As the result of the supposed discovery of mass graves of indigenous schoolchildren on church property, claims never properly verified by the media, nearly 30 Catholic churches have been torched or defaced in the past week. The response from the country’s woke prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has been tepid and late, even describing the actions as “understandable”. Meanwhile, protest from conservative politicians and media has had little cut through due to the relative weakness of conservatism compared to Britain or the US. Despite the rebukes of conservative premiers in Alberta and Manitoba, there has been nothing to match the decisive action to protect heritage taken by leaders like Emmanuel Macron in France or even Boris Johnson in Britain. …”

If you haven’t read Eric Kaufmann’s book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America, please do so. It is essential to understanding the rift between modernists and traditionalists that has been widening since the 1910s. He really needs to update it to take the story from the 2000s to the 2020s.

Note: More Catholic and Anglican churches have been torched in recent days.

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  1. I’m not sure Kamala Harris and a President with Alzheimer are an improvement. West coast tech doesn’t need federal legislation to cancel and deplatform people they don’t like. Most of this ideological garbage comes out of American academia and then invades the rest of the western world. Trudeau is really just prancing air-head who rushes from a gay pride parade to the nearest Salafist mosque without skipping a beat. He’s just a dumb guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing but just dutifully follows the dominant ideology.

  2. Woke is smoke, a mere smokescreen that hides and distracts from Canada’s rapidly increasing economic inequality and participation in every imperialist war. Corporate media (including Fox News which includes the Carlson show) never tells you that.

    • In a Shlomoshlong sucking competition Canaduh wins easily. Even Rothschild controlled Sweden stayed officially neutral because war with Germany was too hard a sell.

      • Ah but what was Sweden’s Official stance in the Napoleonic Wars? That’s the real question!

        ….or it isn’t because World War 2 happened forever ago to the point that it may as well been the Napoleonic Wars. You shouldn’t judge nations for being on the “wrong side” in WW2 in the 21st century.

        Did you know that many of the officers in both the American Civil War and World War 1 were obsessed with the Napoleonic Wars and tried to relive them? They were some of the worst commanders in either war for that reason.

        Let’s all keep our heads in the present facing forward.

        • @Outlandet,

          No. World War Two ended in the average length of one lifespan. It is still obviously relevant, as it is invoked ad nauseam.

          The nations that were on the wrong side of history in the European Theater of Operations still pride themselves on defeating NSDAP Deutschland.

          It reasonable that some in those nations have seen the errors of governments in WW2, but they will receive no absolution.

    • That’s the way (((central banking))) works. Even one exception to Jewish usury and it all fall apart. Look what the Germans did in two years.

      • Then we need to secede, and cut off the Talmudic snake of usury at its’ head, and call it for what it is- JEWS, Katie.

    • Sadly, I believe the only positive future for European-ancestried peoples on the planet will be found in the societies of the former Soviet Union and their satellites. Among other reasons, those societies were shielded from the blooming of Frankfurt school ideology. Currently, Hungary with Orban and Russia with Putin form the bulwark. When I was a youth and young man in the 70s and 80s I never would have dreamed I would one day write these words: Thand God for the Soviet Union!

  3. We read that history is a show, and that sometimes the producers give it away by saying something in earshot of their ignorant actors, or sometimes the painted canvas backdrops fall and the audience can see the brick wall they were draped on.

    There’s a book on the Canadian 1942 Dieppe raid (Terence Robertson. Dieppe, the shame and the glory. Little, Brown, 1962). In it is a description of a vicious urban street battle in downtown Dieppe. Some of the Canadian troops broke through and got as far as a river near downtown. They were both exhausted and fired up. They saw a canal boat with what seemed to be their countrymen in civvies sunning themselves on the roof and drinking calmly right next to a firefight. They quite rightly asked, “Who the hell are you guys?” They didn’t get an answer, and were soon captured by the Germans and sent to Stalag.

  4. The only Canadian I have ever met was a girl going to our school. She was okay and was shocked and repelled by the actions of blacks in the USA. She did not know things were like this since she had before only been exposed to Canadian TV propaganda.

    I have written about this previously where she was very vocal on her outrage while the native American anglo girls were uneasy over her outrage. And yes anglo girls born in the USA are native Americans for obvious reasons.

    • Canada only allows high IQ immigrants, so they don’t actually get many blacks or latinos. Their immigrants are mostly Asian and they associate “immigrants” with these populations.

      • Dart,

        Thank you for that information. Intelligent immigrants are a bigger threat since that can serve as a justification for a people’s destruction since it treats a country like a corporation. Integration, immigration, and interbreeding are more likely with another race who has some brains and do not commit much crime.

        The only thing worse than interracialism (so-called multiculturalism) that does not work is interracialism that does work.

        • That is true and is the problem in places like Canada. The immigrants are less viscerally offensive because they behave well and don’t commit crimes, but over the long term that just allows them to take over more easily. For example, Vancouver is now casually referred to as “Hongcouver” because it has been taken over by Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong since the 80s or 90s.

        • @Cristina,

          Excellent analysis. Did you deduce that yourself? Your critical thinking and logic skills on display.

          • November,

            Yes. I have never seen in print anyone blatantly using what I call the three I’s to destroy a people–integration, immigration, interbreeding or the concept that multiculturalism that works is worse than when it does not work but it is so obvious that I am sure others have thought of it as well. I just have not encountered those thoughts before.

            So how did I think of them? I just thought the way the Enemy thinks. How if they cannot ram through their agenda at first they sugar coat it. I also have noticed that racially American whites capitulated a long time ago. That means that the behavior of blacks helps promote more segregation than otherwise.

            It is ridiculous that it is black behavior and their racial love and self interest that benefits whites. But whites in the USA are truly a conquered people.

          • November,

            I could not resist this one. At two minutes in the so-called Fascist salute. It is actually the Bellamy Salute but the American conservatives and liberals kind of just ignore that we do it.

          • November,

            By the way down below where I condemn scientific racism I am not condemning the reality of race or it’s differences and inequalities but only the overemphasis on intelligence. The vaunted 100 IQ of whites in itself has not protected whites in making some of the most ridiculous decisions possible.

            Any action that goes against your legitimate self interest should never be done. Yet seemingly only whites do such actions.

          • @Cristina,

            As you have pointed out in the past, in its doctrinal form, the Catholic Church is fascist, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. It make complete sense for them to use that form of hierarchical organizational flowchart.

          • November,

            Our core Faith is not compatible with a modern republic especially the USA one.

            Like our defined dogmas supporting Church and State united-guess what Church we mean? We do not believe in freedom of religion except for us. Even my grandmother’s American catechism says there is no Right to Freedom of Opinion since error has no rights. The Baltimore Catechism. 1954.

            As an aside it was either in that catechism or the 1917-1983 Code of Canon Law or both that stated if the State forbade interracial marriage in certain countries then the Church in that country should also forbid such unions. If I remember I will look at those books when I am in our main home in Mexico where we have a large library.

            We consider individualism to be a sin. Even a liberal Pope Leo XIII had to state that officially. Laws are made for the common good/society as a whole. There is no such thing as individual rights/freedom beyond say the right not to get murdered etc.

            At the signing of the Treaty with Mussolini in 1929 the Pope said that Fascism is Catholicism and that whoever is against Fascism is a Bolshevik.

            Post WW2 Fascism is not fascism but only the glorification of international capitalism and corporations. It is a sick form of heresy and the idolatry of capitalism and money. The powers that be probably came up with this new definition to continue to condemn the name fascism and to let runaway capitalism off the hook without naming the culprits.

            I wonder if there is one Fascist country on earth by traditional definitions. As for the modern definition of Fascism then yes I think there are many fascist countries. The USA for sure and Mexico partly so.

          • @Cristina,

            High and above aver group intelligence is lessened when paired with a lack of wisdom, common sense, and race first cohesion.

            Supposedly, the Chinese, Japanese, Singaporeans have a mean IQ higher than Europeans, and what they lack in abstract thought and creativity, they make up in intra-ethnic collectivism and traditional cultures.

            When I write, think, or speak about fascism, it’s in its original form, philosophy, and execution. Certainly, not in what the gaslit progtard left of today considers fascist. For example, Trump was never a fascist. He probably disposes true fascism as much or more than fagtifa, yet the marxist golems called and considered him one.

            I agree with Eric Striker’s take on anti-fascist, conservatives, and the church.

            Anti-fascism taken to its logical end will result in pedophila and other paraphilias. Anti-fascist “intellectuals ” have admitted it to be true.

            Conservatism doesn’t have the intestinal or ideology to halt the advancing Neo-Bolshevik red terror.

            Contemporary mainstream Christian churches are “woke,” and the traditional churches in the end will genuflect and adhere to the ruling ideology, even if their adherents are unwilling.

            Only White political fascism can defeat jewish power.

          • November,

            The modern false definition of fascism I despise as idolatry of money. By the modern definition of fascism Donald Trump is definitely a fascist. However by the real or traditional definition of fascism Trump is no more a fascist than is a rabbi.

            I support traditional Fascism which is Catholic especially from Franco. Salazar and Mussolini I support somewhat less.

        • “Intelligent immigrants are a bigger threat since that can serve as a justification for a people’s destruction since it treats a country like a corporation”:

          Yes, like a corporation, not a real country. In an atomized, cosmopolitan capitalist system, which may be called a country but is not a real country, there is selection of mates for intelligence regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, etc. – especially for a certain kind of intelligence, the kind of intelligence needed to gain or maintain economic supremacy. Race, ethnicity, creed, tradition, etc. are of secondary or no concern, everything except perhaps physical appearance being subordinated to wealth and wealth-gathering ability.

          But a people’s NATURAL tendency, n a REAL country, is to marry their own kind.

          • anonymous,

            You have written the truth. I do not believe in scientific interracialism any more than I believe in scientific racism. No people are superior in all categories. If some groups have higher IQ’s than my people and they do then I give them credit but that is all. My people are a family–the good ones, bad ones, the smart and the dumb.

            Their IQ’s are less important than wisdom, bravery, loyalty, and kindness. Intelligent fools are a dime a dozen.

    • Cristina, I know alot of Canadians and they are the same as your girl schoolmate. You would think them Midwesterners if not for the accent. Normal people who loathe this nonsense are in the majority but media makes us think otherwise combined with those in power who use the police to remove anyone objecting to church burnings or looting. It is a total inversion of how the real world should be

  5. What is most shocking when you see these videos and listen to the voices is that the culprits in the leadership at least are all women or gay effeminate men. The only thing this tells me is their greatest accomplishment is keeping us censored and afraid to organize. Charlottesville saw to that and January 6th hammered it home. You also see a large overrepresentation of Indians and Middle Easterners also mostly women.
    Having dealt with cowards on a daily basis I know that if there were five or more of us present not a church would be burned or a statue torn down.

    Then again if we were there the police would find a reason to arrest us because this is official policy and the degenerates work for the ruling class

  6. I just watched the included clip and see that of course Fox news gets super Zionist and grifter champion of Canada Ezra Levant to comment on the church burnings. And to no surprise his opening line is “well it’s not Kristolnacht” both diverting the attention immediately to his own tribe while also staking their claim to chief victimhood for eternity.

  7. Did he ever close his mouth on the day he wore the pink shirt? That must be really tiresome. Is it even possible to go around all day like that?

  8. I’ve noticed in the last few days that the jewS kikemedia is also trying to “smear” evangelical Christians by linking them with “White supremacists”: a report about the 1/6 patriotards having a prayer in the Crapitol cited as “evidence”.

  9. Most Canadian whites are as comments describe.
    The military is also above 90% white and holding.

    Most expect quiet assimilation and are naive.
    The liberals are arrogant but starting to get scared.

    Minnesota with healthcare & Natives.

  10. @ there is a slight.streak of moral snootyness to the Canadian character, they are still loyalist, sentiment.

  11. Re: Canada “Woke” smoke:

    Covered by smoke, Canada now joins the U.S. eagerly in the hybrid war attack on Cuba. Justin Trudeau proves he’s not “Castro’s son.”

    Biden says today the U.S. “stands with the people of Cuba,” as it blockades and sanctions them, occupies Guantanamo and attempts to overthrow their democracy to re-establish a Batista-style puppet state. Haiti will get a new Doc Duvalier soon, Nicaragua will be given a new Somoza (Nicaraguan elections are coming up and the U.S. election meddling and sabotage machine is in overdrive) and a new Caldera (Guaido?) will keep the Venezuelan people subjugated so we can take their oil (the world’s largest reserves) and create a huge corporate cattle (beef export) industry on what was peasant farmland.

    Don’t be lulled to sleep or blinded by woke smoke, the Empire’s war to end all wars, to make the entire world safe for plutocracy and free from democracy is rapidly accelerating.

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