The Southern Cross (1861)

Some things change.

The treachery of Eastern metropolitan elites, however, is the one great constant of American history. The gravest mistake in history was agreeing to live under the same government with them.

St. George Tucker’s The Southern Cross appeared in the Southern Literary Messenger in March 1861:

Oh, say can you see, through the gloom and the storm
More bright for the darkness, that pure constellation?
Like the symbol of love and redemption in its form,
As it points to the haven of hope for the nation.
How radiant each star! As they beacon afar,
Giving promise of peace, or assurance in war;
‘Tis the Cross of the South, which shall ever remain
To light us to Freedom and Glory again.

How peaceful and blest was America’s soil,
‘Till betrayed by the guile of the Puritan demon,
Which lurks under Virtue, and springs from its coil,
To fasten its fangs in the life-blood of freemen.
Then loudly appeal to each heart that can feel,
And crush the foul viper ‘neath Liberty’s heel;
And the Cross of the South shall forever remain
To light us to Freedom and Glory again.

‘Tis the emblem of peace, ’tis the day star of hope;
Like the sacred Labarum, which guided the Roman,
From the shores of the Gulf to the Delaware’s slope,
‘Tis the trust of the free and the terror of foemen –
Fling its folds to the air, while we boldly declare,
The rights we demand, or deeds that we dare;
And the Cross of the South shall forever remain
To light us to Freedom and Glory again.

But, if peace should be hopeless and justice denied,
And war’s bloody vulture should flap his bloody pinions,
Then, gladly to arms! while we hurt in our pride,
Defiance to tyrants, and death to their minions,
With our front to the field, swearing never to yield,
Our return like the Spartan in death on our shield;
And the Cross of the South shall triumphantly wave
As the flag of the free or the pall of the brave.

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  1. Yes we can. How? Stop focusing on what THEY are doing and focus on what WE are doing.

    For the most part, politicians have done nothing but promote voting and grievance. This has been a losing strategy since the 60’s. The same kinds of people who would not give us the time of day on the streets or at their country clubs keep us crippled with no broadband & arrested then denounced by those same politicians.

    How White people continue to be baited with this nonsense is beyond me. We are better and smarter than that. We act like we are not, and this has been more depressing to me than liberals.

    Where is Josh Hawley these days? CPAC is a national joke. The harlots who were supposed to bring suburban White women back are a punchline. My email is full of grift for money to support the grift-Tech lawsuit. When I unsubcribe, 3 other grifting emails re: the MAGA Tech Lawsuit show up.

    When does it end? When we start voting (or not voting) in our financial interests and stop with BS “rugged individualism”.

    There is a very good poster on another forum about the collective loss of intelligence (I’d say common sense more than intelligence) – and he gets maybe a dozen replies over 10 years.

    • Hello Vickey;

      I believe it ends when the Regime collapses because of its inherent contradictions. The “conservatives” couldn’t even conserve the natural, pre-Christian institution of marriage and the family yet never lose the energy to grift off the latest Regime outrage. The Regime however is built on quicksand and must fail.

      It’s the White people, the founding stock and later assimilated European immigrants who make every institution work and the Regime is waging war on the very people who make the country function; that is the main contradiction.

      The Regime acts as though they can have a first world country when third world people are promoted miles above their competence such as the Negro Secretary of Defense, Gen. Lloyd Austin. The country is failing an inch at a time until the deluge then everything falls apart. We are rapidly approaching that inflection point when the Regime’s gross incompetence will be made manifest and destroy the legitimacy of the Regime.

      What comes next will be up for grabs. That is why the Regime is flooding the country with third world wogs, they hope to retain power through sheer numbers if not competence.

        • Vickey- Not to put you on the spot, nor to doubt your sincerity, but as I mentioned in a prior post,
          Would you (as a woman) be willing to go into a voting booth, with your husband at your side, and do EXACTLY as he says, in overseeing you voting as his spouse? And be willing to challenge that right of his, in court?

          In other words, do we work together as a Race, a Family an ‘Oikos’ [Household] or are we still enamored of our atomistic ‘freedoms’ that divide us continually?

          Does Biblical headship of teh Man over his family play any part in your worldview?
          Or is this all just whistling in the dark (not just for women, but for cowardly men who wouldn’t have the cojones to even ASK if their wives would LET them lead… that’s how idolatrous this nation has become.)

          Just asking.

  2. Up for Grabs is the most terrifying thing I’ve heard.

    Thank God for JB. That is all I can say with confidence.

  3. @ we cannot rely on schools and churches, they are politised and compromised, we must!!! Educate our own young.

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