Andrew Sullivan: The Radicalization of Liberal Elites

I distinctly recall Andrew Sullivan’s sheer terror before Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. “Fascism” was on the march and was coming to power in America.

“I have long had faith that some version of fascism cannot come to power in America. The events of the past year suggest deep reflection on that conviction. A political hurricane has arrived, as globalization has eroded the economic power of the white working classes, as the cultural left has overplayed its hand on social and racial issues, and as a catastrophic war and a financial crisis has robbed the elites of their credibility. As always in history, you still needed the spark, the unique actor who could deploy demagogic talent to drag an advanced country into violence and barbarism. In Trump, America found one for the ages. …”

Sullivan thought the cultural left had overplayed its hand in 2016.

He was right about that. He was completely wrong about Trump’s “fascism.” In reality, we got a reality television show presidency and a personality cult centered on a demagogue and the usual conservative policies combined with inept governance. It ended in a grift and a fiasco for all involved. Donald Trump was a just an opportunist and a narcissist with good marketing instincts, not a “fascist.”

The Trumpian fascists never came for Andrew Sullivan. Instead, it was his woke progressive allies who indicted him and found him guilty of “white supremacy” during the mania last summer. The people who struck the death blow against liberalism had already burrowed inside its institutions like the New York Times and the ACLU. In our new progressive era, it has been well established that Sully, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Thomas Frank, Jimmy Dore and the rest of their ilk are “white supremacy.”

Andrew Sullivan:

“It’s a question I get a lot on Twitter. “When did you become so far right?” “Why have you become a white supremacist, transphobic, misogynistic eugenicist?” Or, of course: “See! I told you who he really was! Just take the hood off, Sully!” It’s trolling, mainly. And it’s a weapon for some in the elite to wield against others in the kind of emotional blackmail spiral that was first pioneered on elite college campuses. But it’s worth answering, a year after I was booted from New York Magazine for my unacceptable politics. Because it seems to me that the dynamic should really be the other way round.

The real question is: what happened to you? …

What is it? It is, I’d argue, the sudden, rapid, stunning shift in the belief system of the American elites. It has sent the whole society into a profound cultural dislocation. It is, in essence, an ongoing moral panic against the specter of “white supremacy,” which is now bizarrely regarded as an accurate description of the largest, freest, most successful multiracial democracy in human history.

We all know it’s happened. The elites, increasingly sequestered within one political party and one media monoculture, educated by colleges and private schools that have become hermetically sealed against any non-left dissent, have had a “social justice reckoning” these past few years. And they have been ideologically transformed, with countless cascading consequences.  …

Look how far the left’s war on liberalism has gone.

Due process? If you’re a male on campus, gone. Privacy? Stripped away — by anonymous rape accusations, exposure of private emails, violence against people’s private homes, screaming at folks in restaurants, sordid exposés of sexual encounters, eagerly published by woke mags. Non-violence? Exceptions are available if you want to “punch a fascist.” Free speech? Only if you don’t mind being fired and ostracized as a righteous consequence. Free association? You’ve got to be kidding. Religious freedom? Illegitimate bigotry. Equality? Only group equity counts now, and individuals of the wrong identity can and must be discriminated against. Color-blindness? Another word for racism. Mercy? Not for oppressors. Intent? Irrelevant. Objectivity? A racist lie. Science? A manifestation of white supremacy. Biological sex? Replaced by socially constructed gender so that women have penises and men have periods. The rule of law? Not for migrants or looters. Borders? Racist. Viewpoint diversity? A form of violence against the oppressed.  …”

There is a lot to unpack here.

My first question would be … what are the consequences of this worldview? What happens when it starts to dawn on millions of White people that progressive elites have decided to cancel their rights and liberties? Given our turbulent politics, how will they respond to this shift in elite opinion?

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  1. American Multiracial Democracy=Native White Working Class voted into a smaller smaller smaller percentage of the US Population in a giant toilet bowl full of shit with a nonwhite majority population of three billion………and growing very rapidly….

    The open goal of post-1965 Immigration Policy=import millions of nonwhites LEGALLY so they and their US born nonwhite children can vote Native Whites into a very small demographic percentage of the total US population. is onboard with this…….

  2. Progressive White Liberal Democrats want to physically liquidate the Native White Working Class…White Genocide is very real…..very very real….

  3. Sullivan wants fair treatment from the Jews. He is entitled to the same amount of just and fair treatment that Christ got. Nothing more nothing less.

  4. Anal Sex Andrew Sullivan

    Anal Sex John Brennan

    Both want more

    Hindus and Sikhs..and Pakistani Muslims

    LEGAL Immigrants

    Into America

    To vote the White Working Class


    a despised White Racial Minority

    within the borders


    post-white toilet bowl America…the multi-racial rivers of shit

    Toilet Bowl…..

    Homos love the smell of


  5. Andrew Sullivan above wrote that the United States was a successful multi racial democracy? And that the woke people are attacking liberalism? I do not think he has learned anything nor can he. The USA only worked when it was vastly majority white where until a couple of generations ago it was 99% white and black with a few orientals and some Indians who were either on the reservations or white people with some Indian blood.

    The vast majority of blacks lived in their own neighborhoods. My grandmother born in the USA before WW2 never saw an oriental in her life until a vacation to San Francisco in the late 1960’s.

    Sullivan wrote that the war is against liberalism? No. It is against what is remaining of tradition. Liberals support the Wokies more than conservatives.

    The denial of reality that many whites have or pretend to have is disgusting. The Democrats are right in that the USA was built on white supremacy which even in it’s mildest form existed unofficially until relatively recently.

    For some conservatives to pretend that “identity politics” is new is ridiculous. My father for part of his college career went to an USA university. In the book it mentioned negro voting blocks in the North and South. It also said that in the late 19th century some rich white people in Texas went to a black leader gave him money and he handed them a box with the black votes.

    People in the USA have always had identities and the politics that come with it. Some white person saying otherwise is a liar or a complete fool.

  6. Totalitarianism is the unavoidable consequence of a multiracial empire. Here is a good article pointing out that “wokeness” was baked right into the “Civil Rights” movement right from the beginning, and that it’s root source is the U.S. government:

    The political elite began thinking of themselves as world rulers after WW2 and during the Cold War, and it was almost inevitable that their own nation and people would become just another colony to exploit, the main colony, in fact. (Both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the immigration reform act of 1965, the two laws that destroyed the nation, were pushed through by emphasizing the international optics of such efforts.) Anti-racism is the new racist colonialism, it’s all about keeping white people subdued while they’re being ruthlessly exploited and ultimately dispossessed. It’s all about the bucks and territory and power, there’s no moral component in it whatsoever except among pathetic, self-loathing, little leftists. It’s just power politics and racial exploitation, remember that. Without white acquiescence to racist robbery the whole system would fall apart. That’s why they cannot be allowed any group interests.

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