PBS Newshour: Ok, Boomer. What’s Behind Millennials Growing Resentment For Their Predecessors?

I have a unique take on this issue.

It is not the fault of the Boomers. It goes back to the Lost Generation. The degenerate culture that triumphed in the 1960s and 1970s which we call the counter-culture was the second wave of modernism. It was when modernism hit a critical mass in American popular culture which was made possible by the spread of television and the expansion of higher education after World War II.

The Baby Boomers didn’t create this self-absorbed, anti-traditional ethos which they have become identified with. It was already here trickling down from cultural elites and worming its way into the educated and professional classes in big metropolitan areas. This garbage arrived here from Europe in the 1910s shortly before World War I and has been snowballing since as far back as the 1920s.

As for the Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z, the only real difference across generations is how far this ethos and mindset has put down roots and penetrated our culture. It has only gotten worse. The first half of the curve was the Losters, Greatest Generation and Silent Generation though.

The seeds were sown by Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Malcolm Cowley. They were the progenitors of it in this country. Jazz was a slippery slope to Lil Nas X.

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  1. The problem with boomers is just that they’re the first generation that was completely brainwashed from childhood by TV, and they have almost no ability to challenge their ingrained worldview.

    • (((Feminist novels))) did a pretty gud job before that. Neither generation protected their children from Jewish doctors and dentists or gave a shit about their own children’s future.

    • “boomers is just that they’re the first generation that was completely brainwashed from childhood by TV”

      That idea can never be given enough weight, its truth is so deep.

    • Congratulations for doing such a wonderful job helping to destroy the White race for the jews. How great to cause people to hate their parents and grandparents, you should go to the nearest small hat, kneel like biden, and ask for a few shekels. I don’t see niggers, spics, chinks, or muslims hating their previous generations, this seems to have been reserved for dumb Whites like you.

  2. ” It was when modernism hit a critical mass ….. by the spread of television”

    That nails it.
    TV was the critical tool in implementing our social destruction.

    (Actually, those who controlled the networks.)

  3. Most younger people probably understand that boomers are not exclusively responsible for postwar America’s terminal decline. But they are (correctly?) perceived as being an exceptionally selfish, immature, ungrateful and entitled generation.

    • And statist. Pension and flag worshipping until the end while the occupational government gets ready to genocide their children and grandchildren.

      • Ah yes, our wonderful pensions. You might do a little research before mouthing off. Over 70% of pensions have been stolen from those greedy boomers, leaving most of them dependent on Social Security. And even then, with the pittances they live on, 30% of them still help their children and grandchildren financially. How very fucking selfish of us, and we’re we immature getting married, getting jobs, and having children. Look at the clowns walking around today with those stupid cell phones glued to their faces or with their pink and green hair and tell me we’re the immature ones. Our young men, so very selfish and immature, we drafted for that senseless war in Vietnam, and over 50,000 of them died there. So, fuck you soyboy.

        • Mr. Mouse. As a boomer myself, believe me, I can identify with your disgust. But isn’t that what the JEWS want? For us to H8 our children, and the next WHITE generation? Isn’t the anomie, and faux superiority of the ‘kids’ with their freshly-minted diplomas/Toilet paper rolls, just as bad as our inability to say, ‘We have sinned and done that which we ought not to have done?’

          I was lucky (I guess) in that my parents were (on average) ten to twenty years older than my classmates’ parents. So, even though I am a boomer, my parents came from a time before the Depression. I was raised RC, and that, too gave a stability and order to my upbringing… unlike the Methodist milquetoast, or PCUSA predilection for the good life, or the PECUSA peculiarity of being ‘country club Republicans’ who peopled the ‘almost Ivy-league’ first college I attended.

          I still remember watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan doing “Hey, Jude” as a tween,and asking my mom, ‘Are those guys on drugs, or something?” – as if it were a BAD THING. Because it was…

          Point to make: IF we are at each other’s throats, we can never throttle the black… or the Jew, when the time comes (and it’s a comin’….make no mistake about that) for retribution, and NOT reparations. Because WE are not guilty of the crimes (((they))) accuse us of. But they are IMMEASUREABLY GUILTY OF CRIMES AGAINST US and our CULTURE…and our GOD.

          I try every day to point out to our kids (who even though homeschooled, STILL imbibe this Jewish poison- because it’s literally in the air around us- i.e., COVID fear-mongering mentality) that their race, their people, their culture, and THEIR GOD is the only saving grace for the future. I seem to finally be making headway, as the come out of their Ivy League ghettoes, into the real world.

          But to be at each other’s throats as White against White, is to do the Jews’ genocidal work for them. Thanks, but I’ll pass on that Cain and Abel scenario.

      • “Pension and flag worshipping until the end”:

        Many local government budgets are consumed with pension obligations that keep growing, so there is pension envy, in those who have little or no pension and pay taxes for those with good pensions. The capitalist work incentive is to get more than others, not to share with and help others. Everything is unequal.

  4. “This garbage arrived here from Europe in the 1910s shortly before World War I and has been snowballing since as far back as the 1920s.”

    Hunter, you are ignoring the radical Protestant cults that emerged with the Second Great Awakening in in the 1820’s. That zeitgeist was the direct forerunner of the 60’s counter culture, featuring many of the same things like free love, vegetarianism, new agey mysticism and self-help philosophy. Much of the 60’s culture was just lifted straight from that tradition. The radical liberal culture we are fighting comes from the the Anglo-Protestant liberal tradition and not, for the most part, from modernist intellectuals of the early 1900’s, many of whom were ultra-right wing, white supremacists, fascists and anti-semites.

  5. @ the millenials, are smart enough to know as a generation, they are screwed but coming of age in post christian america, they know not scripture, therefore most of them have no knowledge or understanding., Of what time it really is, they are a cursed generation, they will see Babylon burn with fire and brimstone.

  6. Boomers can’t be totally blamed, there was no internet to look things up like the generations have today. The boomers only had the MSM which they thought was being honest to them.

    • A lot of truth, in that statement.
      TV was that altar in every household, occupying the most honored place in its own side of the livingroom. People watched with the most silenced reverence given any god.

      • “People watched (MSM on TV) with the most silenced reverence given any god”:

        Except for those with real life experience and common sense that contradicted the propaganda on TV.

  7. Ironic (((Farnsworth))) doing that piece. She must be pushing 90. Not really part of the discussion.

  8. Yes & amen. The more you learn about the early 20thC the more you can see this coming a mile away.

  9. White cowardice basically. They can’t bring themselves to oppose the religious orthodoxy of multiculturalism/multiracialism in part because they believe in it themselves, and in part because of fear of the system. So rather than speak in terms of an oppressive, genocidal government and organizing against it they throw their grandparents under the bus. Nobody’s going to get dinged by complaining about something as nebulous as a generation.

    It’s worth pointing out that only white people do this. Well, actually there are a lot of people who are not technically white who push this meme as a divide and conquer policy. And there are plenty of white cowards who are desperate for any straw that will allow them to avoid a browbeating from their masters and having to acknowledge their real status in the system (pretty much all of white conservatism, for example). Correctly pointing out that their problems are due to a genocidal culture and government might lead to confrontation, something they want to avoid at all costs.

  10. Hunter is absolutely correct here. Boomers were given credit for things like the civil rights act and Hart cellar etc … Boomers couldn’t even vote at the time. In 1965 the oldest boomers would be what around 15???

    Mainstream history gives boomers the credit though to continue the myth that America’s 1960’s counter culture revolution was an organic uprising.

    Boomers didn’t pass ANY of the legislation that came out of the 60’s. We can thank the silent, greatest and lost generation for that. As they were actually of voting age and in power at the time.

  11. “Generations” are not monolithic; there were plenty of conservative Boomers, and there are plenty of conservative/racially aware young people, But most people of whatever age are just befuddled & atomized, made deliberately ignorant of their own history by the kike usurped educational/media/entertainment/political complex. When I was a kid, EVERYone gathered around their One-Eyed Kikes every evening to hear “Uncle Walter” deliver the “straight dope” in his comforting, pseudo-avuncular way. And why not? Was he not on tv? And didn’t that obviously mean that he represented solid, trustworthy Authority? After all: people on tv couldn’t lie. Why, it just wasn’t ALLOWED!

    That’s the power of the total control the god damned jews & billionaire scum are re-establishing right now after the brief 25-year window of internet informational freedom that proved so dangerous to their long-laid anti-White plans.

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