Lewis & Clark Monument Toppled In People’s Republic of Cville

Yesterday, I asked whether the destruction of Virginia’s heritage will stop at the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville. Where will the line be drawn? Why wouldn’t Thomas Jefferson’s monument be vandalized and toppled next and Monticello be razed to the ground over “white supremacy”? Are there any limits to woke supremacy or does everything have to go?

After I logged off for the day, progressive activists in Charlottesville wasted no time in toppling the Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea monument, which was down before sunset in the People’s Republic of Cville. It is the wokest city in Virginia. As we said for decades, the campaign against Confederate monuments was simply the opening shot in an all out war on American heritage by progressives. We have been vindicated by their actions and conservatives like Rich Lowry has been humiliated and proven wrong.

Daily Progress:

“The last of the city’s contested statues left its pedestal off West Main Street on Saturday afternoon after Charlottesville’s City Council voted unanimously to remove the statue of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Shoshone interpreter Sacagawea during a special meeting earlier in the day.

The statue of Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea departed the intersection where it has stood since 1919 at around 2:45 p.m. aboard a flatbed truck.

The crew had some difficulties removing the statue from the base because of a structural issue. The whole removal process took about an hour and a half.

The statue was taken to Darden Towe Park in Albemarle County, where the Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center is located. …”


“Saturday marked a day of sweeping changes to the landscape of Charlottesville, Va., as local officials removed three statues seen by many as symbols of perpetuating racial inequality in America.

Early Saturday morning, the city took down statues of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Then, during an emergency midday meeting of the city council, officials unanimously voted to remove another statue featuring Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Shoshone interpreter Sacagawea, which was taken down Saturday afternoon.

Public outcry over the statue of Lee became the backdrop for an August 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in which white supremacists descended on the city, ultimately leading to the death of one counterprotester. …”

Hindsight is 20/20.

In the summer of 2017, those of us who traveled to Charlottesville for the Unite the Right rally who came from Red States like Alabama or Tennessee where we are accustomed to law and order and equal justice and safe public events DID NOT understand the magnitude of the shift that was going on after Trump’s victory in these woke progressive cities like Charlottesville, Portland, Seattle and Berkeley.

We were still under the impression that things like federal court orders mattered and that the police were there to ensure safe and orderly events and that the Constitution protected all citizens equally throughout the land. There have been demonstrations over Southern heritage for twenty or thirty years now and virtually all of them had remained peaceful. The League of the South had just held two similar events in New Orleans and Gainesville, FL in the summer of 2017. There had also been two peaceful demonstrations in Charlottesville before Unite the Right which led us to believe our rights would be respected.

In retrospect, an early warning sign that our event was doomed was the chaos at Charlottesville City Council meetings. I remember how the city council meetings were violently disrupted by progressive activists that summer before the Unite the Right rally. It wasn’t normal. I was concerned about it, but I still expected the event would be safe with such a huge state and local police presence. The idea that the police and the judicial system would be weaponized against the Right was still new at the time.

In Richmond, it wasn’t just the Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart monuments which were vandalized and toppled on Monument Avenue after George Floyd’s death. Woke progressive activists also toppled the Christopher Columbus monument, set it on fire and tossed it into a lake. They’ve also gone into Hollywood Cemetery to vandalize graves.

Note: Do they still have the equestrian monument up of the negro with dreadlocks on horseback in Richmond? I haven’t been back to the area. There is nothing of value to see there anymore.

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  1. The clean out of university faculties of big brain conservatives like John Gray and David Starkey is wot done it. There’s no great academic left in the great universities willing to take a bullet or knife nor indeed suffer a public burning for truth. I might add that this removal process is also shitting on dozens of gifted white sculptors. You know they put up a statue of a nigger in place made by a white guy working in a bronze foundry and credit Deshawn X Ibrahim MFA with the design.

    • Does MFA in this case, mean “Mother-F*ckin’ Assh*les?”

      In the bLACKs’ case, yes it do.

  2. For the record I don’t agree with any of this historic monument removal, defacing, and destruction.

    Fake, synthetic “leftists” should respect the historical value of existing monuments, and try to erect their own monuments nearby (at their own expense) expressing their different “values,” a sort of free speech with monuments. New gods of updated U.S. civil religion juxtaposed to the old gods of the same U.S. civil religion. I guarantee even with many millions of dollars spent the new monuments would be of much less artistic quality.

    The U.S. faults “radical Islamic” proxy forces that it created and supports (and pretends to fight) for defacing or destroying historic Buddhist and pre-Islamic monuments in the Middle East.

    • I make an exception for Greco-Roman and Roman Catholic nude statues (public pornography) and statues of Talmudistic celebrities including the probably Sephardic Crypto-Catholic slave and treasure seeker Christopher Columbus.

  3. McAuliffe?? Racism, or social ostracisation was a very effective tool used by civilized societies to curb abhorrent behavior. Hold the blood responsible for the misconduct of the few. Should the blood be held to account? Should McAuliffes’ blood be held responsible. If no, then should Jew blood be held responsible for the murder of the innocent Christ?

    • Lewis and Clark kicked ass but honestly I’m tiring of everything being named after them like nobody else even existed. Maybe this is not such a problem back East.

  4. The shitlibs are going to be busy for quite a while trying to find and purge every last vestige of those evil White racists Lews & Clark, and their Red accomplice Sacajawea, etc. out in the Pacific Northwest.

    • “@ why are we in the same country, with people like this?”

      1)We never needed to be.
      2) They aren’t ‘people’ in the Biblical sense.

      3) Lincoln was correct, in this at least.

      “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably and in such slow degree as that the evil will wear off insensibly, and their place be pari passu filled up by free white laborers. If on the contrary it is left to force itself on, human nature must shudder at the prospect held up. We should in vain look for an example in the Spanish deportation or deletion of the Moors. This precedent would fall far short of our case.” – A. Lincoln

      4) Send the Nigs back to ‘Fricka.’
      and, to quote one of the Left’s own, “by any means necessary.”

      5) Or secession. OR BOTH.

  5. The New American Religion. “Racial Equality”. Salvation is achieved when Whites are ethnically cleansed and erased from history.

    • @Powell,

      Holocaustianity is still the West’s State religion. Wokeness is the Mormonism if the early nineteenth century.

    • If whites are ever cleansed from society and erased from history the rioting savages will simply turn against each other, like the bloodyhirsty cannibals they are.

  6. “the Constitution protected all citizens equally throughout the land.”

    You were sincere, you projected your sense of justice onto others.

    DON’T project your virtues.

  7. The Democratic Party

    “onto the physical liquidation of the subhuman White Working Class…pronto…”

  8. Yea it was those dang Democrats. Gosh if only we had Republicans in office how things would Ohhhhh Soooo change!!!! Not!!!!! The Republicans are nothng but a bunch of Jews, Capitalist Pigs, and politically correct Whites that have no purpose. You wanna stop the problem? Dump the Republican Party and become a White Nationalist!!!! Deo Vindice !

  9. Hey Hunter,
    I just saw that a statue of Brig. Gen. George Rogers Clark in C-ville was taken down this morning. The WaPo article reporting this kept referring to him as “Rogers Clark”, not even bothering to use his full name. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/charlottesville-statues-removed/2021/07/11/a539169e-e25b-11eb-a41e-c8442c213fa8_story.html
    This is quite sad to me, as I live near Louisville, where Clark spent his post-war life. Clark died at his sister’s 700 acre plantation Locust Grove, now inside the bounds of Louisiville. Locust Grove is now a city park and the circa 1792 mansion is open for tours. This year, for the 4th of July, on the porch at Locust Grove where G.R.C. is believed to have passed away from a stroke in 1818, they had a Negro woman dress up like Frederick Douglas and give an anti-slavery speech.
    America is gone. There is nothing about America worth saving, except the memory of our ancestors.

  10. I hope that in the very near future, the Woke target reticle will shift to The District of Colombia. There are monuments to White Supremacy there in abundance. Raze them all to the ground, and replace the “National Mall” with a Woke Judeo-Masonic Shopping Mall. This will be the appropriate monument to the Actual Ruler of amerikwa…King Jew. Perhaps they will allow a few more statues of nigger criminals.
    Perhaps one of Kween Sheboon…that disgusting Charlottesville negress.

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