Axios: Haiti Calls On U.S. To Send Troops

Absolutely not.

We’ve been there. We’ve done that. It didn’t work.


“Haitian authorities have asked the U.S. to send troops to the country to help protect critical infrastructure following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

The latest: Elections Minister Mathias Pierre told AP Saturday the troops were needed because local police didn’t have enough resources, saying: “We’re asking for small troops to assist and help us. … As long as we are weak, I think we will need our neighbors.” …”

If we send troops into Haiti to stabilize the country, it will return to shit as soon as we leave. Then we will be blamed and guilt tripped for its chronic dysfunction. We’ve already done this twice under Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton and the U.N. has been trying to “stabilize” Haiti since 2004.

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  1. “Absolutely not.”

    Amen, amen, amen.

    That wound be intervention, that would be cultural domination, that would be *gasp* colonialism.

    • . . . that would be White Supremacy, the worst sin it’s possible to commit in the Church of Wokeness with Nosferatu as Chief Priest and the ADL as arbiters of doctrine in all things. I hope they get eaten by their colored pets someday.

  2. “assist and help us. … As long as we are weak, I think we will need our neighbors.”

    Gibs, gibs, gibs ……..

  3. At this point there are probably more Haitians in the US than in Haiti. Those who aren’t here yet will arrive soon enough, one way or another. It’s our responsibility to care for them, even though all the races are equal to each other and there’s also no such thing as race. Except when Whitey is guilty of racism.

    • Fuck ’em. Blockade Haiti, close the embassy, let them fend for themselves, no more White oppression, turn black genius loose. Don’t forget, “All Men are created Equal” and I know it’s true because it says so in the Bible, or the Constitution, or the Mayflower Compact, or the Book of Mormon, or my Ford repair manual, or the NYT and WSJ or the guy on Fox TV told me, I just don’t remember now.

  4. Send UN troops. 15 years ago a Nepalese blue helmet took a crap in a stream and Haiti has had cholera ever since. Maybe guinea worm can get introduced this time. AIDS seems to also have been introduced by the UN.

  5. Negros always needs Whites to fix their problems and than they turn on us when the fixing is done.

  6. Oh the irony…..
    Nah……..let the equal ones work it out for themselves.
    Surely they don’t want us evil, waysist YT’s there?

    • There is no such request. Haitians DON’T want ANY more U.S. troops, or U.N. troops, or special forces or foreign mercenaries to set foot in Haiti! They don’t want to be “stabilized.” What the U.S. wants to stabilize is the oligarchy that runs Haiti, to continue doing business as usual.

      Meet eight of the superwealthy lighter-skinned Sephardic mulatto oligarch businessmen who (along with the U.S.) run Haiti, and somehow manage to keep squeezing millions and billions of dollars out of the bone-picked place:

      Note well that two days ago, BEFORE the “request,” the U.S. had already sent two military plane loads of special operations forces to Haiti. Even before the assassination (puppet replacement operation) went down some U.S. and U.S.-allied forces were filtering in. Three years of anti-oligarchy street protests and finally a general strike were coming to a head and a puppet-presidency replacement had to be carried out at once before full-scale revolution or unacceptable election results would happen. Fanmi Lavalas ethno-socialism must not be allowed to rise again and set an example for other enslaved peoples.

  7. Around the time of the great war, the Haitians killed one of their presidents or prime ministers or whoever, dismembered the corpse and paraded it around the capital of Haiti. These are the kind of people we’re dealing with.

    • When the blacks overthrew the French administrators in 1790s, they would parade around with a WHITE baby that had been impaled on a spear. They used the babies corpse as a standard.

    • Re: “the Haitians killed one of their presidents or prime ministers or whoever”:

      You neglect to mention that Sam was the U.S.’s brutal enforcer puppet, helping U.S. bankers and other businessmen exploit Haiti, and the year before he was lynched by the enraged public, he had allowed the U.S. to steal all the gold reserves of Haiti.

      What really happened “around the time of the great war” was the U.S. invaded Haiti, in 1915 – and the U.S. military occupation continued for DECADES afterwards – to protect, establish and support U.S. business “interests,” in other words, imperialism!

      • I dare you to lie to us and tell us these people would, or could build a clean, safe, and prosperous society if whitey would just leave them be.

  8. The race that build the über advanced civilization of wakanda surely doesn’t need the assistance of us backward Europeans. They have got to be trolling us.

  9. This is a black run country which began its rule by slaughtering the entire White population of the island. Of course “conservatives” never bring this up because it would be “racist” to do so.

    • Slave imports were so cheap at the height of the French plantation economy that it was more profitable to work them to death and buy new ones than to care for them and breed them like horses like U.S. planters did.

  10. Today, the U.S. government and mainstream media is selling a story blaming a reformist-populist or ethnosocialist-mnded Haitian doctor for the assassination. The story might be true, or partially true, but the Haitian people aren’t buying it. Demonstrations outside the U.S. embassy show where they think most of their troubles originate, which is completely true.

    In March, U.S. ambassador to Haiti revealed the U.S.’s plan to “put aside” Moise, and here she hints at how the U.S. wants the (s)election of a new puppet president to proceed:

    Meanwhile mainstream media is amplifying the attack on the unnamed spectre of Hatian ethnosocialism with a headline story that “thousands” of Cubans are rising up in protest against the “failures” of communsm.

    The U.S. that pretends to be reluctant to send troops WANTS to send troops. The last time a U.S.-puppet Haitian president was assassinated by the people, the U.S. occupied Haiti with troops for DECADES. “Moïse, a right-wing politician who was widely despised, was the hand-picked successor of Michel Martelly (…) who was installed as president following the direct interference of the US State Department led by Hillary Clinton into Haiti’s elections in 2010 and 2011. Both Martelly and his successor enjoyed close ties to representatives of the US-backed Duvalier dictatorship, which ruled the impoverished country with an iron fist for three decades until 1986. Washington supported Martelly and Moïse because they made clear their determination to abide by International Monetary Fund-dictated policies aimed at upholding the interests of the imperialist powers. However a possible military intervention is packaged, its aim would be to deepen the already horrendous levels of exploitation of the Haitian masses by the local ruling elite and its imperialist patrons. The Washington Post has already begun a propaganda offensive for a fresh military occupation, declaring in an editorial following Moïse’s assassination that “swift and muscular international intervention” is required. Haiti is “at risk of anarchy,” the paper wrote, which “poses an immediate humanitarian threat to millions of Haitians and an equally urgent diplomatic and security challenge to the United States and major international organizations.” Although the Biden administration has said it has no immediate plans to send in the military, a US-led international intervention is already under way. Washington has vowed to deploy FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials to Port-au-Prince, ostensibly to help with the investigation into the Haitian president’s assassination. The aim of this deployment will not be to expose, but rather to cover up, the real sponsors of the assassination of Moïse and their likely backers within rival sections of the Haitian ruling elite. Sections of the ruling elite had a fallout with Moïse over the latter’s attempts at remaining in power as a dictatorial figure and using his control of the state apparatus to grab a bigger share, for himself and his cronies, of some the most profitable sectors of the Haitian economy. This included his challenging of the monopoly historically enjoyed by the country’s richest families over public works contracts, the distribution of fuel, and cell phone networks, which has resulted in exorbitant prices for the impoverished population and outrageous profit margins. Behind the cover of “helping with the investigation,” US officials will no doubt be engaged in a combination of arm-twisting and bribery to cobble together some sort of power-sharing agreement between the various factions, equally venal and corrupt, of the Haitian ruling elite that are engaged in a bloody struggle for political power and the wealth and privileges that come with it. The hope of the foreign policy strategists in Washington is to establish enough of a political truce in Haiti to enable the holding of another round of bogus elections later this year, so as to maintain the fiction that the poorest country of the Western hemisphere—the result of over a century of US imperialist domination and plunder—is on the path to democratic renewal”:

    • “Demonstrations” outside the U.S. Embassy weren’t about “protesting” anything, they were Haitians trying to get a visa, any kind of visa to get the hell out of Haiti immediately. This exact same scene is played out around the world at U.S. Embassies and consulates.

      Go to the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Bogota, New Delhi, Cairo, Managua, Djakarta, Johannesburg or any other place in the third world where the U.S. maintains an embassy or consulate. You will see a line a mile long of these third world types trying to get a visa, any kind of visa to come legally to the U.S. Legal entry to the U.S. minimizes the chance of deportation later vs. illegal entry thus a visa is highly desired. That’s what the Haitians were doing, looking for a legal ticket out of their shithole country.

      Regarding robbing Haiti of its wealth, what kind of “wealth” could that country possibly have? There are no known mineral resources, agricultural production is not sufficient to feed the country, they are an international welfare case i.e. gibs on steroids. The only national asset of any value that threw off cash flow in USD is their cell phone system which that scumbag Bill Clinton did manage to rob through their slush fund/fraudulent charity scam many years ago.

      If were possible to magically transport Haiti to position ten miles off the coast of Africa we in the U.S. would be much better off. I don’t know about the Haitians though.

  11. No troops. Nothing at all. Let’s all be astonished as the talking apes implement true “ethno socialism”. $20 says it will include lots of voodoo & cannibalism.

  12. The Haitian rebels killed white French colonials and mulattos as well. To this day there is a small group of mixed race types who own whatever wealth remains in that country.

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