Police Chief Leads “Stand Up For A Safe Oakland” Rally

I don’t wish death on anyone.

This is what we said was going to happen though. We said there was going to be an explosion in violent crime in mostly poor and black neighborhoods because of the War on the Police.

Note: Progressive activists showed up in Oakland to protest the grieving black families.

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  1. Lee Fang doing the typical foreigner act. Blame whites for racism and right wing hooliganism. And then also blame whites for far left anti police nonsense. That is all I took from this

  2. Blacks are so hopeless. They talk about gun violence and needing more police. Then they vote 95% for Democrats who hate police and are pro criminal. The mind numbing stupidity has no end.

    The comedy act of so many cities having a black police shows who the criminals are. Whites are always slobbering and pandering to blacks and it’s done what exactly?

    I laugh when you will see a pompous European sometimes discussing crime in America. The only difference between America and many of these European places is simply we have a 16% black country ( when mixed race folks are added in) and many of these European places have 0 to 2%. That makes a massive difference.

    Places like London and Paris in Western Europe have seen large increases in crime over the years the more black and brown it’s gotten. I can assure you many of those White people living there now understand completely why America in its various cities has crime issues.

    It does not mean an all White place will have no crime but it will be much less. Just like it’s an accepted fact men are more violent than women and folks act accordingly due to it, it is long past time for society to accept blacks are more violent than Whites and Asians. At least such honesty can then truly work on reducing black criminality. Starting with attempting to raise black Iq and doing all we can to stop them from having so many kids is a major start.

    Notice when we speak of lowering the amount of people on the planet it’s almost always some lunatic leftist White woman saying no to having kids to ” save the planet” as some African woman is having 7 of them? The same can be said of lack of recycling in the third world. ” Saving the planet” is a White people concept. You would be waiting a long time for Africa, the Middle East and Central America to do it on their own.

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