FBI: Snitch On Your Friends and Family Members To The Police State

This is straight out of East Germany.

Report your grandpa before he has time to act!

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  1. When Christian Russia and homosexual pederast America have a nuclear exchange triggered by a confrontation in the Black Sea…..the vicious and SATANIC Institutions of WHITE GENOCIDE will no longer be………And this will be the Great Reset….

    The Homosexual Pederast Democratic Party wants to mass murder Christian Russia and the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Christian Majority……

    It would only take a limited nuclear exchange with Christian Russia to vanquish the Homosexual Pederast Democratic Party. It will mostly likely be triggered by a Sheboon US Navy Commander…Annapolis Grad…who orders shots to be fired at Russian SU-24 in the Black Sea as her destroyer impinges very close to Christian Russian territorial waters. Vladimir Putin will give the order to sink Sheboon commanded destroyer. Christian Russia has a red line…

    One way or another, it will come to end….Or you can allow them to rape your children….Devout White Christian Slavic Man Vladimir Putin will never allow Bill and Hillary Clinton to do this to the precious children of Slavic Christian Russian…..White “Men” in America were more interested in NFL Tyrone Ball for decades…cucked faggots….

  2. If anybody bothers to read this instruction what is linked in the tweet, this is very much diversity oriented. So their main concern are brats and their diversity.

    What is correct. Their own home grown monster is coming after them. Greta Thunberg gave direct warning.

    “”…As a result, young people all over this planet are no longer falling for your lies….””

    All over the planet means Middle East and other interesting neighborhoods too. And Greta did not said a single word about Trump supporters. Her warning was aimed directly on current elite. As we know, communism has long history using foreign fighters.

  3. My friend Jonathan has been exhibiting tell-tale signs of a racial supremacist mindset and subversive behavior. I think I will report him.

    Should I refer to him as Jonathan, or Mr. Greenblatt?

  4. From the Epoch Times: Rep. Dan Bishop (R-Texas) wrote: “These people protected Hillary, abused NSA surveillance databases against Americans, used known, unreliable DNC-funded propaganda to spy on Trump, perpetuated the Russia hoax, & lied to the FISC repeatedly. And now they tell you that you should spy on your family.”

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